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Big Announcement: We're on TLC's new TV series Craft Wars!
June 26, 2012

Big News!

Are you good at keeping secrets?

I have been keeping a VERY big secret for a VERY long time, and have finally been given permission to spill the beans!

It's big news, you might want to sit down. Ready?

I'm going to be on TLC's new TV series Craft Wars!!!

The series premieres TONIGHT, June 26th at 10PM EST/9PM CT, on TLC, and will air every Tuesday through the summer!

My lead partner in crime, Nikki of Nikki, in Stitches, and I will be on an episode later in the summer, but start tuning in now so you can see what all of the hype is about!

I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed!

To add to the fun, me, Nikki, and some of the other contestants will be hosting a Twitter party during each episode, so you can chat with us live during the shows as the excitement is unfolding! Isn't that so cool?!!

Be sure to follow me @passforparties and #CraftWars so you can join in the fun!

For even more info about the show, check out my new post on the blog today.

One More Thing...

Just one more thing before I sign off...

If I could give each of you a great big squeeze through this computer screen, I would.

Your support of me and my business has been completely overwhelming and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I have accomplished more things on this journey that I ever could have dreamed were possible, and it's all because of YOU.

Thank you!


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Until next time...Happy Celebrating!

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