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{Free Giveaway} Win a $50 Shopping Spree to The TomKat Studio
October 05, 2010

FREE Giveaway!

Halloween is upon us and it just got a lot more exciting!

How would you like to win a $50 credit to the fabulous TomKat Studio?

It could be yours to spend any way you like, simply by submitting your homemade Halloween cupcake pictures in to the website!

You could spend the credit on cute little cupcake toppers like these...

Or festive wine markers like these...

Or a table full of printables like these...

Awesome, right?!!

For your chance to win, simply submit pics of your homemade Halloween cupcakes!

It will be a great way for us to share some Halloween cupcake inspiration, AND you just might be the lucky winner of a TomKat Studio shopping spree!

Each cupcake submission will count as one entry, and you may enter as many times as you'd like!

You MUST enter your name with the submission in order to receive credit for the entry!!!

Be sure to tell your friends to enter, too!

One winner will be chosen by on Wednesday, October 20th.

Want more chances to win? Okay, you talked me into it! {wink!}

To earn some extra shots at the big prize you can...

1. Become a follower of our blog, then leave a comment on the blog letting me know that you're joining the fun!

2. "Like" us on Facebook, then leave a comment there letting me know you're participating in the giveaway!

(But remember, these extra chances only count if you've submitted cupcakes).

Woohooo!!! This is gonna be fun!

So, let's get started! Get those entries in now!

Good luck! :)

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, etc., feel free to shoot them my way. I love hearing from you all!

Thanks and see you soon!

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