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The Birthday Buzz-- Wicked-Good Halloween Party Ideas, Recipes, and More!
October 09, 2009

Ready for a Wicked-Good Time this Halloween?

Me too! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so it becomes a pretty big to-do at our house!

This month, I'm sharing with you some super spooky ideas to help you scare up some fun at your house.

Don't be a-fraidy cat...come on in and see what kind of stuff we've scared's going to be wicked fun!

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

Okay, so the in the last newsletter you got to see our creepy but cute Halloween cupcakes, which became so popular that they shot right up to the top of the Google search results!

This month we've got even more great stuff! Take a peek:

Halloween Desserts: Halloween is all about tricks and treats, and you can never have too many treats, in my opinion! There's a nice mix of cute, creepy, and creative goodies here! From sweet little ghost cookies to pretty gruesome bloody witch fingers, there's something here for everyone.

Teen Halloween Party Ideas: With four teens in the house, I'm quickly learning what's cool and what's not! These little "lessons" helped inspire a teen party that will scare up some fun! If you've got some teens to entertain, be sure to check it out.

Teen Costume Ideas: What good would a teen party be without costumes? Find some frightfully fun ideas on this page.

Just for Kids

Girls Halloween Costumes

Boys Halloween Costumes

Kids Halloween Party Invitations

Fun Halloween Favors

More Spooktacular Stuff...

Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween Party Foods

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween Party Supplies

New and Exciting Site News

For a while I've been wanting to catch up with the times of technology and start up a designated party blog.

Well, after long's happened!

Check out the brand new
Passion-for-Parties Birthday Party Blog!

So, why is this exciting for you?

For a couple of reasons.

First, you'll get ideas and updates that may not necessarily make it onto an actual page of the site...

...and secondly, because you can subscribe to the blog feed and get all of these fun ideas delivered right to your computer!

For those of you already subscribed to the site feed, the blog feed is independent so you'll need to subscribe to that one separately.

For more information on what a feed is and how to subscribe, click here.

Spread the Word!

If you like these ideas, share them with a friend! The more the merrier!:)

If this was passed on to you from a friend and you want to get in on the fun, you can subsribe now for this free monthly newsletter!

Well, that's it for this time!

As always, if you have any ideas, questions, comments, etc., feel free to shoot them my way. I love hearing from you all!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Haunting!

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