birthday party ideas

Back to School Party Ideas

back to school party ideas

Nobody wants to see summer vacation come to an end, but with Back to School party ideas like these, heading off to school will be a lot more exciting!

The kiddos will have a blast playing school-themed games and creating "yearbooks" with pics and special messages from their friends.

When they work up an appetite, adorable little goodies like cheese stick pencils and grape bookworms will make snack time a ton of fun.

The kids can even play with their food as they use typical lunch foods to create their very own lunch box monsters.

Take a peek below for all of the details, and to find out how to send summer out with a smile!

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back to school party invitations

Simple notebook paper and crayons set the perfect stage for these cute little customized invitations.

Choose what you'd like your invitations to say, then print as many invitations as you'd like...all for one low price.

Personalized invites have never been easier or more affordable! Get started on your custom Back to School invitations here.

Take a peek at the matching printable party collection while you're's adorable! ;)

Shopping the back-to-school section of your local dollar store will provide you with just about everything you'll need to jazz up your party area!

Here are some easy ideas:
back to school party decorations
back to school party decorations

  • Construction paper chains make an adorable garland for the ceiling.
  • Crayons strung together on twine serve as a super cute bunting for the party table.
  • Pencils glued around tin cans or vases are the perfect setting for a bouquet of flowers.
  • Colorful composition notebook covers, construction paper, or even notebook paper, when secured together, make a festive and creative table runner.
  • A simple, printable banner (pictured at top of page) adds color and atmosphere to the party. Find our "School Rocks" banner here.
  • Chalkboards are a terrific tie-in to the theme and work great outside the front door, to list the party menu, or just to have available for the kids to doodle on.

Back to School Party Activities

When trying to come up with fun Back to School party ideas, deciding on activities always seems to stump people the most.

We're here to help! Take a peek at these entertaining ideas that the kiddos will love!

  • School Book Balance: Make a "balance beam" by sticking duct tape to the floor. Have the kiddos walk to the end of the tape and back, while balancing a textbook or a stack of storybooks on their head. For older kids, add the number of books, then have the kids walk backwards at the turning point. Offer prizes if they make it back without dropping the books.
  • Pencil Pick-up Sticks Tournament: Have the kiddos break into groups and play pick-up sticks...with pencils! The winners from each group can break out into a championship game.
  • school party food

  • Create Yearbooks: Stack pieces of construction paper on top of each other and fold in half to create a "book," making sure that you have enough pages in your book to match the number of kiddos at your party. Punch holes in the spine of your book and tie yarn through the holes to secure your book together. Prior to your party, photocopy a picture of each party guest enough times to be included in every yearbook that you'll be making. If this isn't possible beforehand, take a pic of each child as they arrive to the party, then have a helper print the photos on your home printer while you have the kids engaged in another activity. Provide glue sticks, crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc., and have the kiddos decorate the front of their yearbooks and glue a picture of each friend inside their books. Then the kids can pass the books aroudn and leave special messages or drawing for their friends. These make a great party favor!
  • Play with Your Food! This activity goes against everything Mom and Dad tell you to do, so you know the kiddos are gonna love it! Set out a variety of lunch items...different types of breads and lunchmeat, cheese, raisins, bugles, mini pepperoni, bugles, carrot sticks, celery sticks, blueberries, etc., and have the kiddos create their own "lunch box monsters" for lunch. Mustard or mayo are great for helping things stay in place, and cookie cutters are a fun way to change the look of the creatures the kiddos create. Encourage them to experiment...they'll have a blast!!

Back to School Party Favors

back to school party favors

I love party favors that are personal and practical...something that will remind the kiddos of the fun they had and won't end up in the trash an hour after they get home.

These suggestions for back to school party favors fit the bill perfectly!

back to school party favors

Inexpensive pencil boxes or brown paper lunch bags jazzed up with our personalized labels serve as the perfect containers for all of these school-related goodies!

Our lunch box notes double as a way for the party host to say thank you to each guest.

  • Crayons
  • Glue or glue sticks
  • Flash cards
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • School-themed stickers
  • "Smarties" candy
  • Yearbooks (the yearbooks that the kiddos make as an activity serve as a special party keepsake)

Back to School Party Food

school party food school party food

The food possiblities for this party are just too stinkin' cute, and our adorable little chalkboard tent labels are the icing on the cake!

I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest that were way too adorable to pass up, so I decided to give them a whirl.

The pencils are cheese sticks, fitted with a bugle chip and topped off with a raisin. I used mini pepperoni's secured together with a dot of mustard to secure them to the cheese. Inspiration credit and instructions can be found here.

The bookworms are soooo easy to make. Simply skewer grapes onto a wooden skewer, then dab some frosting onto mini chocolate chips for eyes. Such a cinch and totally adorable! Inspiration credit and instructions found here.

Throw in a juice box, and apple, and the "Lunch Box Monsters" that the kiddos make as an activity and you're good to go!

back to school cupcakes

A simple batch of cupcakes topped with super cute back to school printable party toppers serve as the perfect school-themed dessert.

No cake decorating skills required! Just whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes, add some of your favorite frosting, then stick a party topper in the middle. Soooo easy!

Not a baker? No problem! Grab some ready-made cupcakes from your local bakery and you're all set!

Primary-colored cupcake liners tie the cupcakes in to the rest of your party decor and look really cute with the party toppers.

Printable party toppers are available as a free download here, and are also included in our Back to School printable party collection.

back to school party supplies

Some solid-colored tableware combined with our printable party collection are all that you'll need to pull off this Back to School party!

Mix and match plates, cups, and napkins in primary colors. They really pop when used on top of a chalboard-black tablecloth.

Our party toppers are an inexpensive, easy way to give the solid partyware a custom look, and look really cute!

Our coordinating tent labels allow you to give fun names to your party food, and the chalkboard font is a perfect fit for the theme.

You can see all of the items in our Back to School Printable Party Collection here.

One more great way to add some pizzazz without breaking the bank is to use dotted or striped paper straws.

They are absolutely precious and really add a fun touch to the party table.

Visit to choose your favorites.

Visit these online shops to find everthing you could want for your Back to School party, and more! :)

Back to School banner, party toppers, favor labels, lunch box notes, tent labels, and invitations.

back to school party supplies

Solid-colored plates, cups, napkins, and other tableware.

striped straws

Straws and primary-colored baking cups

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