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Backyardigans Cake Designs

Bring the backyard adventurers into your own backyard with a Backyardigans cake!

It's easy to do, and the little ones are sure to love it!

Choose your favorite design from the pictures below, then click on it for decorating instructions.

backyardigans cake designs backyardigans cake backyardigans cake pan

backyardigans cake designs

This birthday cake was inspired by a picture, which was copied off of the internet and transferred onto the cake by making a buttercream transfer.

Just choose a Backyardigans picture that you'd like to use on your cake, then follow these step-by-step instructions for transferring an image onto your cake.

Once the image is transferred onto your cake, use buttercream frosting to pipe a border around the cake edges. Finish the sides off with multi-colored polka dots, if desired.

backyardigans cake

This Adorable Backyardigans Cake
was Submitted by AudreyG,
North Carolina

What Audrey used:

  • One 10 inch cake
  • One 6 inch cake
  • Three batches of buttercream (just to be on the safe side)
  • Backyardigans cake toppers (get them online here)
  • 2-inch ball of fondant and gum paste mix for Happy B-day sign
  • Icing gel colors
  • Cake boards wrapped in aluminum foil
  • Decorator bags and tips
  • 2 skewers
  • 2 dowel rods
  • Decorators triangle


Bake both cakes and let them cool. Place them on 6-inch and 10-inch round cake boards covered with aluminum foil.

Take your ball of fondant and gum paste mix and tint it with the color of your choice. Roll the ball out when the color is blended and cut out a rectangle shaped piece to make a banner.

Cut the skewers to the size you like and set them on the outside edges of your rectangle and fold fondant over just enough to cover the skewer and hold them in place. Set aside and let dry for a couple of hours.

Now color your frosting and set aside.

Cut each cake in two layers and fill with your choice of filling (I filled with strawberry buttercream). Put cakes back together.

Frost 10-inch cake green (I used decorators triangle on bottom layer to give it some character). Then frost 6 inch cake in blue. refrigerate separately for about an hour so buttercream will crust.

Place an 8-inch piece of parchment paper or paper towel(Viva paper towel works best) on your 6-inch cake. Run your hand over top to smooth out lines and level out the frosting.

Measure dowel rods and cut to right length then insert them into the bottom cake(I used 5). Center the 6-inch cake on top of the 10-inch cake.

Pipe the clouds on the top cake (I think I used tip 5). Then pipe flowers on bottom cake( I think I used tip 2). Using the grass/hair tip put grass around characters and around bottom and top cake as you like.

When the banner is dry, write your birthday message on it and stick it in the top of the cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

See more of Audrey's cake designs here.

More Cake Ideas

backyardigans cake pan

Backyardigans Party Supplies

If you need Backyardigans party supplies to complete your party, be sure to check out Celebrate Express . They have a huge variety of Backyardigans themed stuff...from paper goods to party favors to pinatas.

You're sure to find all that you're looking for, and more!

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