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Make a Big Splash With a Beach Theme Birthday Party!

beach theme birthday party

Gather up the beach balls, slip on your suit and soak up the fun at this super-cool beach theme birthday party!

Whatever the weather, a beach party is buckets of fun!

If it's hot outside, there's no better way to beat the heat. If it's cold outside, crank up that thermostat, bust out the bathing suits and mix things up a little bit with an indoor beach party. It's always great fun to do something out of the ordinary!

Check out these fun-tastic ideas that will make your beach theme birthday party a sizzling success!

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beach party invitations

Get your guests ready for some fun in the sun with these bright and cheery beach party invitations!

These super cute invites are customized for you, then sent to you via e-mail for printing at home. You purchase your personalized invitation for only $15, and then you are free to print as many as you'd like!

A great deal at an even better price!

To add a really cool twist to your beach theme birthday party, another option is to send message in a bottle invitations!

Birthday in a Box has some super cute kits that include a tropical fill-in-the-blank invitation and a plastic bottle. All you need to do is add postage and drop them in the mail! The kids will love them and they are incredibly fun!

Note: Be sure that when you're writing out all of your party particulars that you include any special instructions (like to bring a beach towel, sunblock, sunglasses, etc.).

This party atmosphere calls for bright, vibrant colors! Use these summertime staples to add some pizazz to your beach theme birthday party:

  • Beach umbrellas
  • Beach towels
  • Beach balls
  • Paper party lanterns
  • Palm trees (use real, inflatable, or paper party trees to add a tropical feel)!
  • Party lights on a string (these come in lots of great shapes and colors)
  • Although it's not a decoration, beach music definitely adds to the atmosphere!

Beach Party Games and Activities

Try some of these fun activities to make your beach theme birthday party a splash hit:

  • Pass the Beach Ball Relay: Have the kids divide into two teams. Have half of each team stand on one side of the party area, and the other half stand on the other side. They must put the beach ball between their knees and "run" across the party area to their teammates, passing the beach ball by using their knees ONLY. That player then "runs" across the party area to the next teammate to pass the ball. If the ball is dropped, the player must go back and start over. Play continues until the last player makes it across. The first team to finish, wins.
  • Surfin' Safari: Place a skim board or sturdy boogie board on top of a dumb-bell weight. Have the kids take turns "surfing" on the board to beach music. If you want, give prizes for the best wipeout, who surfed the longest, most creative surfer, etc.
  • beach party activities

  • Beach Volleyball: Get a little volleyball game going on in classic beach fashion! If you're throwing a winter beach party, use a balloon as the volleyball!
  • Water Balloons Toss: An old-fashioned way to beat the heat!
  • Aquatic Obstacle Course: Use sprinklers, Slip-N-Slides, baby pools, limbo sticks and hula hoops to create an obstacle course that will cool them off!
  • Build Sand Castles: Fill your sandbox with buckets and shovels, dampen the sand, and let them go at it! Be sure to take pictures of their creations! As an inside alternative, purchase clear plastic bottles and colored sand for the kids to do sand art.
  • Cool Shades Contest: This is a must for a beach theme birthday party! Have each child come wearing their favorite pair of sunglasses. Give prizes for the funniest, the coolest, etc.
  • Decorate Flip Flops: Have the kids decorate flip flops with fake flowers, fuzzy yarns, rhinestones, foam shapes, or anything else that your imagination can come up with! Celebrate Express sells flip flop craft kits that include everything you need for this activity, and they're reasonably priced.
  • Sun Pinata : This fun pinata serves double duty as a decoration and as a party activity!

Beach Theme Party Favors

Beach pails make great party favor containers for a beach theme birthday party! Fill them with fun beach goodies like:

Beach Theme Snacks and Party Food

    fruit kabobs
  • Submarine sandwiches (cut into party serving size pieces)
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Fresh fruit kabobs with Hawaiian Fruit Dip

To stay with the theme, use coolers or ice buckets to serve the drinks from.

You can even take it a step further and serve the food from frisbees lined with paper plates! The frisbees could then be used for another party activity, then taken home as a party favor!

Beach Theme Birthday Party Cake

beach party cake

What would be more appropriate for a beach theme birthday party than a sand castle cake?

Nordic Ware has an awesome cake pan that turns an ordinary cake mix into sand castle masterpiece!

The pan can sometimes be hard to find, and is also a bit pricey if you only intend to use it once. My recommendation is to buy it from eBay, where you can get it for a lesser price. If you want to, you can even return to eBay to sell the pan when your done with it, and get your money back!

Here are some listings for the pans that are currently on eBay right now:

Beach Party Cupcakes

cute cupcakes

Instead of a birthday cake, try beach party cupcakes! They are incredibly cute and super easy to eat while sitting on a beach towel!

From adorable little seagulls to sunshines and beach balls, you are going to love these cupcakes!

To see our collection of beach cupcakes and to get full decorating instructions, click here.

Also be sure to check out our full collection of summertime cakes and cupcakes for more fun ideas!

Beach Party Supplies

icon icon

Birthday in a Box has some fun beach party supplies that would be a great fit for your beach theme birthday party!

The colors are so bright and fun, and the beach balls tie right in with the decor and game ideas that we've suggested!

Super cute! :)

Visit these online shops to find everthing you could want for your beach party, and more! :)

Birthday in a Box

icon icon

Beach party supplies, invites in a bottle.

Beach balls, paper party lanterns, party lights, frisbees, and more!
Apple iTunes

american idol party favors

Beach music for a fun playlist!

Birthday in a Box

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