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Mountain Bike Cake

bike cake

This bike cake is an excellent birthday cake for anybody that loves to ride bikes!

Our oldest son is crazy about mountain biking, so this cake was a perfect fit for him. He and all of his teenage friends thought the cake was "sweet"!

The cake can be adapted very easily to suit dirt bikers or road bikers by simply changing the chocolate bike cake topper. The incredibly easy instructions are included further down this page.

Designing the Cake

This design was constructed on a 13" x 9" cake.

  • Use buttercream frosting to spread a thin layer of frosting all over the cake. This is called a "crumb coat" because it seals in the crumbs and keeps them from showing up when you frost your cake.

  • Place enough frosting to cover the sides of the cake into a bowl. Tint it with coloring gel or paste in the color of your choice. Smooth evenly over the sides of the cake.

  • To create the gradient colors in the sky, start by tinting a small amount of frosting dark royal blue. Spread generously at the top of the cake. Tint another small amount of frosting a slightly lighter shade of blue; spread just beneath the deeper blue, using your knife to blend the colors where they meet. Continue with two more lighter shades of blue until you have a very light, almost white, shade of blue. (This creates the horizon).

  • Create the sunset colors in the horizon by using icing tinted in shades of orange and yellow.

  • The river beneath the sunset is made by spreading yet another shade of blue at the bottom of the cake.

  • The rocks were made by piping some brown frosting on the left and right sides of the bottom of the cake.

  • Pipe frosting borders around the edges of the cake to give it a finished look.

  • Our chocolate cake topper (below), and a Happy Birthday message to the guest of honor make this birthday cake complete!

Chocolate Bike Cake Topper

bike cake topper

This cake topper is SO very cool and surprisingly easy to make!

All you need is a picture of a biker, some wax paper, and some melted chocolate!


  • Find a picture of a biker that you would like to use for your cake. (I just did a search for "mountain bikers" on Google Images). Print the picture, making sure that you print the actual size that you want for your cake.

  • Tape a piece of wax paper over the picture.

  • Prepare a cake decorating bag with a small round decorating tip.

  • Melt some chocolate and spoon into the decorating bag.

  • Trace the photo by piping the chocolate onto the wax paper over the image.

  • Carefully slide the wax paper onto a flat plate and put into the refrigerator to harden.

  • Once the design has had time to set, CAREFULLY peel the wax paper off of the design and place it on your decorated cake.

Helpful Hint: It's a good idea to pipe an extra design or two, in case one of your designs break.

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