birthday party ideas

Birthday Party Games

birthday party games

Need some fun birthday party games to keep your party rolling?

No problem! Keeping everyone entertained is a whole lot easier than you might think.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For the Little Ones

You can take virtually any classic party game and turn it into a theme-specific game with just a little creativity.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Bean Bag Games take on a whole new meaning just by changing what you're tossing and what you're tossing it into. Try "Feed the Peanuts to the Elephant" for a zoo theme, "Feed the Cookies to Cookie Monster" for a Sesame Street party, or "Toss the (bean bag) Eggs into the Chicken's Nest" for a barnyard party. The possibilities are endless!
  • Pin the "Blank" on the "Blank": The classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey party game gets a fun spin when you put some thought into it. How about "Pin the Gumball in the Gumball Machine" for a Sweet Shoppe Party, "Pin the Cherry on the Sundae" for an Ice Cream Party, or "Plant a Smooch on Zach Efron" for a High School Musical Party?
  • Relay Games can be adjusted for any theme, too. Hobby horse relays for a cowboy party, beach ball or crab walk relays for a beach party, or a dinosaur "egg hatching" relay for a dinosaur party. P.S. The kids love these!

You getting the idea? Super easy and lots of fun!

For the Teens and Adults

  • Scavenger Hunts are so much fun! You can host a hunt around the house, make it a hunt where you have to drive around town, or host it in a specific place like a mall, hotel or theme park. Use digital cameras to document what you've found and compare pics back at "base." Truly loads of fun!
  • Challenges: Think Minute to Win It, Survivor and Amazing Race. Take your favorite challenges and make them your own. We have done this numerous times and it is a complete blast! In fact, I think these types of games are the most popular party games among everyone in our household. :)
  • Relay Games: If you want to get everyone laughing, relays are the way to do it. Such a good time! Whether it's passing beach balls back and forth between your knees to passing oranges under your chin, relays that get everyone involved just always result in funny stuff to talk about later.
  • Old Fashioned Games like croquet, horseshoes, and cornhole are real crowd pleasers and don't require a lot of effort. Break out a volleyball or a badminton set to get some friendly competitions going on, or even bust out the hula hoops for a little bit of action.

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