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Cowboy Birthday Party

cowboy birthday party

Saddle up for a good time because this cowboy birthday party is barrels of fun!

We threw this party years ago when my son was just a little guy, and it was such a great time!

To this day I still think this was one of my favorite parties.

From dressing up like cowpokes and riding around on hobby horses, to tossing horseshoes and panning for gold, the kids have an absolute blast with this theme!

So, take a peek below for awesome cowboy birthday party ideas, as well as some must-haves that will make your party complete!

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cowboy party invitations

Rope your guests in by setting the stage with fun invites! has some utterly adorable little cowboy party invitations that would be great with this theme. They even have a design especially for girls in case it's your little gal that wants to celebrate the Wild West.

You can also make your own invites with scrapbooking supplies.

I made the invitations pictured here with some cardstock and some cute little cowpoke cutouts. Just piece it all together and use your computer to print out all of the party details. is a terrific scrapbooking supply resource that has cowboy-themed supplies that you could use. Check out their site using keyword search "cowboy."

Be sure to note on your invitations to have everyone come dressed up in their best cowboy or cowgirl gear!

cowboy party decorations

When decorating for this party you really want to make your guests feel like they've arrived in the Wild West!

Here are a few ideas for turning your party area into cowboy country:

  • Custom Banner: I made the one pictured here just by painting on a canvas sheet and stringing it across the driveway. The guests had to drive underneath it to get to the party. It was very inexpensive to do, and it was a huge hit! has cowboy banners that you can get personalized for your birthday guy or gal. I've personally ordered banners from them and they're really great quality.
  • Bales of Hay: Use these as seating. They add a lot to the atmosphere!
  • cowboy party decorations

  • Bandannas: Sold in packs of 8 at Get creative with these! Use them instead of tablecloths, use them as liners for your serving dishes, use them instead of napkins to bundle silverware settings, and have extras handy for any guests that may want to wear one.
  • Bandanna-Print Balloons: Sold in sets of 6 for a very inexpensive and festive addition to the party decor.
  • Horse Corral: Find a large cardboard box and use black masking tape to create fence posts on it. Stick hobby horses inside the box (to be used later for a horse race) and it will feel like the horses are right there at your party!
  • Galvanized Pails: These can be used all around the party area just to add a country vibe. Use them on the food table as serving bowls, use them to hold some sunflowers or daisies, or use them to hold goodies to send home with each cowpoke.
  • Costumes: You and your guests can be part of the decorations just by dressing up in your country-best! Having everyone dressed up makes a big difference and is super fun! You could even provide little cowboy hats and vests if you wanted to...they're very reasonably priced at

Cowboy Party Games and Activities

Keep those cowpokes from getting too rowdy by keeping them entertained!

Try some activities like these: cowboy party games

  • Panning for Gold: Fill a large container with sand and bury gold coins throughout. (If it's not a hot day you can use chocolate foil-covered coins). We just filled a wagon up with sand. Provide sandbox sifters and let the kids "pan" for gold.
  • Horse Relay:: Have the kids split up into two lines (or more if you have quite a few kids). The first child in each line "rides" a hobby horse around a pre-determined course and passes the horse off to the next child in line. The first team to finish wins.
  • Horseshoes: A child's set would be perfect.
  • Mug Shots: Create a "jail" out of a large cardboard box by cutting a window and bars into the front of the box. Have each child pose behind the "bars" of the jailhouse for a "Mug Shot" photo op. If you're not the creative type, purchase the jail photo prop from
  • Cactus or Horse Pinata

Cowboy Birthday Party Favors

There are sooo many fun things that you can hand out to all of your party guests! Be creative and tuck them into fun containers like galvanized pails, boot cups, or bandannas tied up with rope. Gold Mine Gum (1)

Cowboy Party Food

cowboy party food

Cowboys sure know how to work up an appetite, so you'll want to have plenty of chow on hand at your cowboy birthday party!

Here are a few ideas that will satisfy the crowd:

Cowboy Birthday Cake Ideas

cowboy birthday cake

A horseshoe-shaped cake or a covered wagon cake would be adorable for this party!

I went with the covered wagon cake for my son's party...get instructions for making it here.

If you're interested in the horseshoe cake, the horseshoe cake pan is sold at, and full decorating instructions are included.

If you've got a big crowd and need cupcakes in addition (or even instead of) a birthday cake, has the cutest little cowboy hat cupcake toppers! They're sold in packages of 36. has a great variety of cowboy birthday party supplies to make your celebration complete. Take a look at some of the great things they have to offer:

Adult Straw Cowboy Hat - Western Wear (1)

Adult Straw Cowboy Hat - Western Wear (8)

Burgundy with Bandana Print Balloons (6)

Cow Print Vest (1)

Cow Print Vests (8)

Cowboy 1st Mylar Balloon

Cowboy 7" Dessert Plates (8)

Cowboy 9 oz. Cups (8)

Cowboy 9" Dinner Plates (8)

Cowboy Basic Party Pack

Cowboy Blowouts (8)

Cowboy Centerpiece

Cowboy Deluxe Party Pack

Cowboy Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Cowboy Empty Favor Boxes (4)

Cowboy Giant Wall Decals

Cowboy Invitations (8)

Cowboy Mylar Balloon

Cowboy Party Favor Box

Cowboy Party Pack Add-On

Cowboy Thank-You Notes (8)

Frilly Lace Childrens Gloves (1 pair)

Horse Figurines (8)

Horse Personalized Birthday Banner Large 30" x 100"

Horse Personalized Birthday Banner Medium 24" x 80"

Horse Personalized Birthday Banner Standard 18" x 61"

Horse Power Basic Party Pack

Horse Power Blowouts (8)

Horse Power Centerpiece

Horse Power Deluxe Party Pack

Horse Power Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Horse Power Empty Favor Boxes (4)

Horse Power Honeycomb Centerpiece

Horse Power Notepads (8)

Horse Power Party Favor Box

Horse Power Party Pack Add-On

Horse Power Sticker Sheets (4)

Horse Power Value Kit for 16

Horseshoe Cake Pan

Jail Photo Prop

Mini Plastic Horses (1 Set)

Mini Plastic Horses (8 Sets)

Rodeo Cowboy Cone Hats (8)

Rodeo Cowboy Mylar Balloon

Rodeo Cowboy Thank-You Notes (8)

Sheriffs Badge (1)

Sheriffs Badge (8)

Sheriffs Badges Asst. (12)

Wanted Poster Photo Prop

Western Bandana Lunch Napkins (16)

Western Boot Cup (1)

Western Boot Cup (8)

Western Party Mints (7 oz.)

Cowboy Party Shopping Links

Visit for adorable little cowboy and cowgirl party invites!
Free Shipping on orders $75+ is a gold mine for cowboy party supplies, especially geared toward the younger cowpokes. Find cowboy hats, vests, sheriff badges, gold coins, party favors, pinatas, adorable cowboy-themed party supplies and much more! A must-stop shop for this party theme! :)
Free Shipping on Orders $85+ at Shindigz is cowboy party central for the cowboys that are a little bit older. They offer just as many fabulous cowboy party supplies as Birthday Express, offering a tremendous selection at really great prices. Definitely check them out, too! You may find yourself mixing and matching from both stores because it's just too hard to choose!

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