birthday party ideas

Dinosaur Party Ideas

dinosaur party ideas

Looking to throw a dino-mite party?

These dinosaur party ideas are just the adventure that your little one will love!

Take a walk on wild side as your living room transforms itself into a jurassic jungle.

The little caveboys and girls will have a blast busting boulders, digging for dino bones, hatching dinosaur eggs, and so much more!

We've even given the menu a prehistoric plunge that will add tons of fun to the party.

Just click on a link below to get where you want to go, or simply scroll down the page to get your jurassic journey started!

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Dinosaur Party Invitations

dinosaur party invitations has a fun selection of dinosaur party invitations, like the one pictured here, that will have your guests chomping at the bit to get started on this adventure!

Seal them in an envelope adorned with dinosaur address labels for added pizzazz.

You could also create your own dinosaur invites with scrapbooking materials. Use die-cuts to create dinosaurs hatching out of paper eggs, or create a paper jurassic jungle to display all of your party details. At you can download dinosaur scrapbooking templates and print them as many times as you'd like, so the cost of creating your own invites is kept really low. It's an awesome concept! Check it out here.

When searching for dinosaur party ideas and decorating tips, think back to the dinosaur days when plants and rocks were the standard scenery. Use that to set the stage for your dinosaur party decorations. Let your imagination run wild as you use those images to turn your party place into a Jurassic Park!

    dinosaur party decorations

  • Make a trail of dinosaur footprints for the guests to follow as they walk to your front door. Carry the idea inside by placing footprints throughout the party area.

  • Create a jungle of vines by hanging green paper streamers or jagged strips of green fabric from your ceiling.

  • Different shades of green balloons will help fill the space and make things fun.

  • Ferns throughout the room are a must!

  • Use potted plants, pebbles and stones on the food table to tie into the theme.

  • What's a dinosaur party without dinosaurs?!! These standing dinosaur silhouettes each stand over three feet tall and would look absolutely fantastic in the jungle that is now your living room!

  • Create cracked-open dinosaur eggs (idea from The Parents Party Book) and place them all around the party area. To make, cover a large balloon with papier-mache strips; leave a small opening at one end. When they're dry, use a needle to burst the balloon inside. Using scissors, cut zigzags to enlarge the opening. Be careful to remove all pieces of the broken balloon. Paint the eggs, and draw cracks all around the opening, to indicate that the baby has hatched and is probably wandering around somewhere!

Dinosaur Party Supplies

Dinosaur Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Dinosaur Deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle Kit

There are some really cool party supplies available for a dinosaur birthday party, but by the time you buy the plates, cups, napkins, silverware, tablecloth, etc., the price can add up really quickly! has made it easier (and less expensive) to purchase all of the party supplies at once by offering dinosaur themed party packs, which save you up to 40% off what you would pay if you purchased everything separately.

Choose from a basic themed party pack which includes all of the party supplies I just mentioned and then some, or select a larger package for a box full of all of the paper goods you could possibly need for your party, including a banner, decorations, and more!

This is where the real fun begins! Start the kiddos on their prehistoric adventure with these super fun activities.

  • Caveman Markings: This is a great icebreaker to do as the kids show up to the party! Cover a section of your party room wall with brown craft paper or brown paper bags that have been torn or burned at the edges. As the caveboys and girls arrive, have them color and draw on the paper to make caveman markings. dinosaur party activities

  • Finding Fossils: This is my most favorite of all dinosaur party ideas! I just love the look of awe of the kids faces when they discover dinosaur bones! The little paleontologists will dig away to find their very own fossils with these dinosaur fossil crafts from!

  • Diggin' for Dinos: Bury toy dinosaurs or dinosaur eggs and let them go diggin' for dinos! If you don't have a sandbox, fill a baby pool or wagon with sand to play this activity. For added theme fun, give them pith helmets to wear!

  • Dinosaur Egg-Hatching Relay: Prior to the party, place soft toy dinosaurs inside balloons and blow them up. Make sure to use soft dinosaur toys to avoid any boo-boos during the game.

    For the relay, split the kids into two teams. Have the kids line up at one end of the party area, and place a bucket of balloons at the other end of the play area. To play, one child from each team runs to the bucket, pulls a "dinosaur egg" (balloon) out of the bucket and "hatches" it (sits on it or stomps on it to pop it)...without using their hands.

    The player takes the toy dinosaur, runs back to the team and tags the next person, who then goes to the bucket and hatches their egg. The first team to have all players hatch an egg wins.

  • Bust the Boulders: Crinkle brown paper bags then open them to fill them with shredded paper and pinata fillers. Tie them up with twine and hang them from a tree or stick. Have the kids take turns using a "caveman club" to "bust the boulders." To make it a little more difficult, blindfold the kids or move the boulder up and down as the kids are swinging at it.

  • Painting Rocks: Gather "caveman rocks" for the kids to paint and take home.

Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas

The toy dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, and dinosaur fossil crafts that were collected during the party games and activities can be used as party favors.

Package them in these crafty containers that go perfectly with this dinosaur theme:

  • Boulder Bags: Make boulders by crinkling up lunch-size brown paper bags. Stuff them with goodies, tie them with twine and've got boulder bags!

  • Caveman Cloth Bags: Use burlap, that's been cut into large squares, fill each square with goodies, fold the corners up and tie with twine.

Dinosaur Party Food

dinosaur party food

  • Brontosaurus Burgers: Shape your favorite hamburger recipe into mini-size burgers. Serve on party rolls.

  • Herbivore Veggies with Dino-Dip: Basically a veggie tray served with vegetable dip.

  • Tyrannosaurus Trail Mix: Mix dry cereal, raisins, nuts and chocolate candies to make a yummy treat!

Here are some fun dinosaur party ideas to consider when you're serving your food:

  • Make labels to put by each food so that the guests know what dinosaur treats they're indulging in!

  • Cut large green leaf shapes to use as placemats and small leaf shapes for coasters.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

dinosaur birthday cake

Serve each hungry dinosaur scout their very own little dinosaur cake that you bake in this awesome dinosaur cakelette pan from NordicWare!

They are soooo stinkin' cute and the kids will go crazy over them!

I think it would be really fun to tint the cake batter so that the dinosaurs are different colors. After the cakes are baked, slice them in half, pipe (don't spread) some frosting on the inside (kind of like ice cream goes in an ice cream sandwich) and save yourself from having to decorate each one.

Easy-peasy and super duper fun!

Like the idea of one big cake better?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make an adorable 3-D dinosaur cake! This cake is perfect for a dinosaur party theme and will really impress your guests!

For fun, fresh, personalized dinosaur party invitations, is the place to shop. The prices are very reasonable and the dinosaur address labels that they offer are irresistible!
Free Shipping on Orders $85+ at Shindigz is the place to shop for dinosaur party supplies! They also have all of the supplies you'll need to turn your living room into a jurassic jungle...including stand-up dinosaur silhouettes that are each 3 feet tall! Love them! And this is the place where you'll find the super cool fossil-digging activity that the kids adore, and lots of fun favors to send the kiddos home with a smile.
dinosaur party favors Burlap to create your own favor bags and green fabric for creating "jungle vines" is available online at Hancock Fabrics. Buy extra and combine the two looks to make one-of-a-kind table coverings. You could even use pieces to line your serveware and accentuate the food that you're serving. The possibilities are endless!
The adorable little NordicWare dinosaur cakelette pan that we used to make the individual dinosaur cakes are available at, and usually cost less than they would if purchased elsewhere. If you're interested in making one full size cake instead of the smaller ones, Amazon has a great selection of regular-sized dinosaur cake pans as well.

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