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Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers

Keep Halloween exciting with these creepy but cool Halloween party ideas for teenagers.
homemade halloween costumes
My son Zach dressed up as a mummy.

As a gal with four teenagers in my house, I can tell you that an organized party with Mom and Dad as the hosts is just not matter how cool we think we are!

So, how do you let the kids have a party that stays under control without parents hovering over?

Tell the kids that you'll allow them to have a party as long as they agree to some simple ground rules...basically rules to keep everyone...and the

In exchange, you'll promise a party that doesn't involve parents watching over them the entire night.

And then, even if it's only for a quick minute...everyone will be happy!

How to Throw a Successful Teen Halloween Party

Plan to have the party in an area that allows them to have some privacy, but that also allows you to check in from time to time.

Halloween party ideas for teenagers

Then, get the teens involved! Let them help with everything:

  • Picking out or making invitations,
  • Selecting the music and making a playlist,
  • Decorating,
  • Cooking or picking out the party food,
  • and choosing activities.

You should be able to offer up some ideas, but let them feel like they're making the calls.

See below for some fun suggestions that they'll like.

Activity Suggestions and Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers

When you're throwing a Halloween party for teenagers it's good to have a few things up your sleeve to keep them occupied. Here are some ideas that teens will like:

halloween party ideas for teenagers

  • A Costume Contest: Have them encourage everyone to come dressed in costume. They can award prizes for the scariest, funniest, most creative, etc. Teens love getting awards and recognition...these Halloween trophy awards are cheap and would be great to hand out to the winners. Check out our Halloween costume ideas for teens here.
  • Pull Out the Black Lights: The kids have a blast with this! (See our black light party ideas here). Hang glowing ghosts, play glow-in-the-dark ping pong, and more. Such a blast!
  • A Scary Movie Marathon: Set them up in a room with a TV and DVD player and let them watch scary movies. It would even be fun to rent a projector so they can watch them in "real movie size."
  • Create a Haunted House:
  • This can be in your backyard, your garage, your basement...anywhere you have the space. Teens LOVE haunted houses, and have a blast creating one to scare their friends. We've done this several times and our kids (even our oldest who's now 19) still ask us to do it again!

Fun Things to Have on Hand

Setting the scene is crucial...but be careful! Absolutely NO "cutesie" stuff! :)

Ghoulish, cool stuff is required when looking for Halloween party ideas for teenagers.

Fog machines and black lights are the biggest hits at our house, and good music playing in the background is a must!

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