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Ideas for Halloween Party Favors

ideas for halloween party favors

These creative ideas for Halloween party favors are sure to scare up some excitement!

From adorable homemade goodies to fun things we found online, the little monsters at your party will be thrilled to death with these take-home treats!

Homemade Halloween Favors

This section contains ideas for Halloween party favors that are all simple to make and really cute...not to mention easy on the wallet!

  • tissue ghost lollipopsGhost Lollipops: Drape a white tissue over a round lollipop (like a Tootsie pop or DumDum). Tie a thin orange, black, or purple ribbon at the base of the lollipop to secure the tissue and create the ghost. Use a fine-tip sharpie to draw a face on the ghost. Oriental Trading Company also sells ghost pop craft kits icon
  • if you'd rather go that route.
  • Pumpkin Lollipops: Cut two three-and-a-half-inch circles out of orange crepe paper and stack them on top of each other. Poke the stick of a round lollipop (Tootsie pop or DumDum) through the center of the crepe paper circles. ideas for halloween party favorsPull the papers up around the top of the lollipop and twist to secure. Wrap the twisted top of the paper with green floral tape to seal and create the stem, trimming if necessary.
  • Ghostly Goodies: These cute cookies can be created in minutes (find instructions on our Halloween desserts page), and then tucked into scrapbook paper "pockets" for absolutely adorable and incredibly easy Halloween party favors. They're also a great choice if you're looking to get a lot of bang for your buck...very inexpensive!

Homemade Halloween Favor Holders

Creative containers turn even the simplest ideas for Halloween party favors into something unique!

You could even turn a few bags of candy corn from the dollar store into masterpieces if you tuck them into fun holders like these!

  • Witch Hats: This idea from Better Homes and Gardens is just adorable! Cut a piece of scrapbook paper into an 8-inch square. Cut a curve that connects two opposite corners, forming a quarter circle. Roll the paper in a cone and secure with tape. From coordinating paper, tear a 9-inch circle for the brim. Cut an inner circle smaller than the cone opening. Snip the inner edge to fit inside the cone and tape in place. Punch holes close to the brim and attach a length of ribbon for the hanger. Fill with goodies for your guests to take home. Super cute!
  • Flyaway Broomsticks: This idea from Martha Stewart uses two brown lunch bags to create wickedly wonderful favor holders! Unfold and open one bag. Starting at the top of the bag, cut thin strips down each side, just a hair shy of the bottom of the bag. Spread the bag out flat. Open the second bag and place on top of the shredded one. Cut thin strips into the top inch or so of the second bag. Fill with candy or goodies. Stick a twig inside of the bag so that it sticks out like a broom handle. Pull the shreds of the bottom bag up around the inside bag. Tie with a black chenille stem.
  • Pumpkin Pouches: Cut two 10" circles from orange tissue paper. Stack the circles on top of each other, and place the treats in the center. Pull the paper up over the goodies, gather and twist. Use green floral tape to secure the tissue and create a stem.

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