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Safari - Jungle Theme Party

jungle theme party

Come take a walk on the wild side!

This jungle theme party is full of fun and adventure!

The excitement begins as the kids gather their pith helmets and binoculars and set out on a jungle safari. The trek continues as they jump through vines, swing over crocodiles, and even engage in a game of "Monkey Says, Money Do."

It's an expedition that will certainly work up an appetite, so jungle themed snacks will satisfy the caravan's cravings.

The quest is one that every little adventurer will love!

Scroll down the page for all of the fun details, or just click on a link below and let's get this party started!

Jungle Theme Party Invitations

safari party invitations

How awesome are these safari invitations?

The colors and the animal silhouettes exude such an authentic, African vibe that your guests will hardly be able to wait to join you on your adventure!

The text on these invites is completely customizable by you, so you can have them say whatever you'd like.

They're sold as a digital file, which means you can print as many as you'd like for one set price. Awesome deal, right?

Visit our shop to get started customizing your invites here.

Turn your party area into a jungle theme party paradise!

Jungle Lion Animal Standup

  • Large safari animal standing cut-outs like the one shown here will bring your jungle to life! Choose from lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas...the list goes on and on. They are really, really cool and a great addition to the atmosphere.
  • Use green crepe paper streamers to drape "vines" across your ceiling.
  • Place lots of potted plants around the party area for a jungle feel... ferns and palm trees would be perfect.
  • Animal print balloons are another fun touch. Scattering them all around the party area will add to the safari adventure!
  • Make fun signs like "Elephant Crossing" or "Don't Feed the Animals" and post them around your party area.

Jungle Theme Party Games

Let the adventure begin! For a roaring good time, give these activities a try:

jungle theme party

  • Jungle Animal Safari: Gear everyone up with a pith helmet and binoculars and head out in search of jungle animals! Hide little plastic jungle animals outside and have the kids use their binoculars to find them. Let them keep the animals that they find as party favors.
  • Push the Peanut Elephant Relay: You will need a bag of unshelled peanuts for this activity. Mark a start and finish line on a carpeted area using masking or duct tape. Have the kids line up side by side on their hands and knees at the starting line, with a peanut in front of each of them. They must use their noses only...just like an elephant push their peanuts across the floor
    and past the finish line.
  • safari party games

  • Pin the Tail on the Monkey...or Zebra...or Lion: Turn the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game into a jungle theme party activity just by changing the animal. Using a photo as a guide, use cardstock and posterboard to create the animals and tails.
  • Jungle Gym Relay: Set up an obstacle course using your backyard play set and other things in your yard. Kids can use the rings on the play set to "swing over the river of crocodiles", jump through "vines" by jumping rope, walk the "plank" (a board mounted onto cinder blocks) over quick-sinking quicksand, etc.
  • Monkey Says, Monkey Do: Played like Simon Says. The leader instructs the group to do different things (swing their trunks like an elephant, roar like a lion, or stretch like a giraffe) by saying "Monkey Says..." Kids that follow instructions without being told "Monkey Says" are out. Play until one person is left, then that person becomes the leader.
  • The Jungle Animal Freeze: Play some party music and have the kids dance around to it as it plays. When the music stops, yell out an animal name and the kids have to freeze and pose like that animal. They LOVE this game!

Jungle Theme Party Favors

Monkey Gumball Machine

One of the great things about this party theme is that the items from your safari can double as party favors!

Supply everyone with animal print bags and let them put their binoculars and jungle animals from the scavenger hunt in them.

Here are a few more things fun things that will send the kids home with a smile:

Jungle Theme Party Food and Drink Ideas

Here are some yummy food ideas for your jungle theme party that they'll go ape over!

  • Monkey Mix: Combine banana chips, mini chocolate chips, cashews and shredded coconut for a tasty jungle treat!
  • Banana Chips
  • jungle party food
  • Safari Sandwiches: Make your little one's favorite sandwiches...PB and J, PB and banana, cheese, turkey...and cut them out with an animal-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Gummy Worms
  • Chocolate Covered Ants (chocolate covered raisins)
  • Tiger Tails (Cheetos)
  • Animal Crackers
  • Jungle Juice: Mix your favorite lemon-lime soda (Sprite, Sierra Mist or 7-Up) with lime sherbet and pour into a punch bowl.

Jungle Cake Ideas

jungle cake ideas

Show them who's king of the jungle with a lion birthday cake and jungle animal cupcakes.

Or, take a lighter approach and monkey around a little with a monkey cake!

You can make the one pictured here, or use a monkey cake pan to create your design.

Either way, your birthday cake will be a roaring success!

Giraffe Print Banquet Plates Pkg/8

Animal print party supplies couldn't be any more appropriate for this party.

I love the earthy feel of these giraffe print party goods from They can be purchased individually, or you can buy the entire "Kit-n-Kaboodle," which includes a complete party pack for eight, and saves you up to 40% off what it would cost you if you purchased everything individually.

Birthday in a Box is also a great source for jungle party supplies. They have several styles of themed supplies to choose from...jungle animals,'re bound to find something there that strikes your fancy.

Jungle theme invitations and address labels from Tiny Prints are perfect for this party. The selection of invitations that they offer are customizable, some even featuring pics of the birthday boy or girl, and are offered at a really reasonable price. I just love this safari invitation! Sooo cute!
Free Shipping on Orders $85+ at Shindigz has everything you could possibly want for your party, and then some! It's seriously a one-stop-shop...awesome decorations including large jungle animal stand-ups, pith helmets and binoculars for a safari, and lots of fantastic favor ideas that will send each little camper home with a smile.
Birthday in a Box Birthday in a Box is where you'll find fun jungle party supplies, and a cute little monkey cake pan to make your birthday cake in.

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