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Party Planning Tips

party planning tips

Organization is the most important of all party planning tips!

I have thrown many parties, and I can tell you one thing beyond any doubt:

You can NEVER be too organized!!!

Without question, the better prepared you are, the better your party will be, AND the more fun you will be able to have.

Party Planning Tips You Don't Want to Miss!

Here are some don't-miss party planning tips that will help ensure your party's success:

  • Give yourself plenty of time! You should allow yourself about 4 weeks to plan for the big event.

  • Keep it personal. Parties, especially birthday parties, should be as unique and special as you can make them. A party that's custom-made for the guest of honor is a party that will be remembered forever.

  • Use a checklist. It's a real sanity-saver.

  • Call in the troops! Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You'll thank yourself later!

  • Be flexible! This is one of those party planning tips that's hard to master after you've put in all that hard work, but it's essential.

    No matter how carefully you plan, you can almost always bet that something unexpected will take place! If you're like me, you may tend to panic a little when things don't go exactly according to plan. Don't! It's much easier to go with the flow. Do have a "Plan B", though, for things like rain (if it's an outside party), or something that could be a major alteration. Just remember, it's a party after all! Try to relax and have a good time!

  • Choose a theme. A theme always makes planning the rest of the party a lot easier, and can spark your guests' enthusiasm.

  • Send your invitations out at least 2 weeks in advance. This will give the guests plenty of time to check their calendars and get back to you. It is perfectly acceptable to call anyone who doesn't RSVP to find out if they plan on attending if you want a fairly accurate headcount.

  • Plan a few more games and activities than you anticipate playing. Things don't always go exactly how you expect them to, so with a few extra games in your pocket you'll be ready! Be sure to buy a few extra prizes, too, just in case.

    Don't force anyone into playing if they don't want to. If someone absolutely does not want to play, give them another job (managing the music, being the score-keeper) to keep them entertained.

  • If you are planning on handing out party favors, make sure you get enough for everyone coming plus a few extra. There have been several occasions where I've had to improvise with the goody bags because someone brought a sibling or friend that I hadn't planned on!

  • Decide on the menu pretty early in your party planning process and make a list of all of the food and drinks that you will need to purchase from the grocery store. Determine what type of serving dishes you are going to need and be sure you have everything. If there's something that you're missing, call a friend to see if you can borrow something, or add the item(s) to your shopping list.

  • If you are baking your own cake, determine the type of cake you are going to make, and add any supplies that you will need to your shopping list. If you are purchasing a cake, it is best to place your order about two weeks in advance.

  • Set the mood. Atmosphere is key to a successful party! The invitations will set the mood for the party, and the rest of the atmosphere will be established by you.

    Greeting guests at the door with a smile will help them feel comfortable right away. Decorating your party location to match your theme will spark your guests enthusiasm, and dressing in the style of your theme will get everyone talking.

  • Take lots of pictures! After going through the trouble of planning this monumental affair, you darn well want to have the pictures to document it! Not only will it be great fun to look back at them years from now, you can print some off and send them with the thank you notes as an added touch.

  • Don't forget the thank you notes! This is one of the most overlooked, but most important party planning tips. Thank you notes are plain common courtesy, and they also let the guests know that they were an important part of your event.

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