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St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Whether you're Irish by nature or need to kiss the Blarney Stone to get a little luck, these St. Patrick's Day party ideas will make you feel like you've hit the jackpot!

So break out the green beer (or a good Irish stout), slip on something green, and get ready for some St. Patrick's Day fun!

St. Patrick's Day Party Invitations

st. patrick's day invitations

There's a fun variety of St. Patrick's Day invites at that will suit every taste. Check out their selection here.

Making your own invites would be fun, too...and really simple! If you can make a heart, homemade invites will be a piece of cake for you!

Four hearts put together create a lucky four leaf clover...perfect for St. Patty's Day invitations! Use cardstock cut-outs, die-cuts, rubber stamps, or cookie cutters dipped in green paint to create your very own one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

Add a cute little message and all of your party details and you're good to go!

St. Patrick's Day Party Decorations

Jazz up your party with a few St. Patrick's Day party decorations!

Of course, green is the way to go, so have a little fun with it!

icon icon

  • Green and white balloons and streamers are simple and fun.

  • Glass bowls full of green limes or apples are a classy touch.
  • I LOVE this beer bouquet icon from! It is incredibly original and so perfect for this party!
  • All orders are available for delivery the same day that you order them, so even if you're throwing a last-minute get-together you still have time for this!

  • Fill little black pots with gold coins , then stick rainbow lollipops inside.
  • If you want to get creative, use different colored balloons to create a rainbow balloon arch, then fill big black pots with ice and cold beer at each end of the "rainbow" as the jackpot.
  • You could also gather some branches from outside, spray-paint them gold, place them in a vase and hang green Christmas ornaments from them.

You can find more St. Patty's Day party ideas and decorations at .

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Your Party

If you need some St. Patrick's Day party ideas to keep your guests entertained, here are a few you may like: st. patrick's day party ideas

  • Kiss the Blarney Stone: Tradition says kissing the Blarney Stone grants people the gift of gab and makes them talkative. Set up a Blarney Stone kissing booth near the entrance of your party, with a sign explaining the story behind it, and have everyone plant a smooch on the stone as they enter your party!
  • Costume Contest: Encourage everyone to "Go Green" and get creative with a costume . Have everyone vote on the best, funniest, most outrageous, etc., and hand out prizes. This is lots of fun and your guests will get a big kick out of it!
  • St. Patrick's Day Trivia Game:
  • Test your guests' knowledge of this fun-filled day with a printable trivia game.
  • Pass the Potato:
  • Divide your guests into groups of 6 or so, and have them line up in boy/girl order. Give the person at the front of each line a potato (make sure it's been washed). The person must place the potato under their chin, and pass it to the next person...without using anything but their chins! If the potato falls, it goes back to the beginning of the line and they have to start over. The first team to get it all the way down the line wins. Be careful...this can get a little risque if the potato slips down the chest!

St. Patrick's Day Party Favors

Share a little luck of the Irish with your guests by handing out some fun favors at the end of the night. You could give them: iconicon

  • Scratch-off lottery tickets
  • Chocolate gold coins in a baggie with a tag that says "It's Your Lucky Day!"
  • Lucky Leprechaun Fortune Cookies:: Buy fortune cookies from the store (they are usually sold in boxes in the Oriental section) and dip the rounded end in melted chocolate. Sprinkle with green or St. Patty's themed sprinkles. Put them on a green platter by your door and have everyone take one as they leave.

St. Patrick's Day Food, Treats, and Drinks

st. patrick's day food

Well, besides the obvious green beer or Irish stout (Guinness is the most popular, by the way), here are a few more foods and drinks that would be a perfect match for this party:

  • Potato Soup or a Baked Potato Bar with all of the fixings
  • Irish Soda Bread
  • A Tray of Green Veggies with Veggie Dip
  • Honeydew Melon
  • Shamrock Sugar Cookies
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Bailey's Irish Cream

And don't forget the paper goods to serve your food on! can hook you up! Check out their line of St. Patty's Day paper goods here. Designer Party Supplies

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