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Under the Sea Birthday Party Ideas

under the sea birthday party

Dive into an ocean full of fun with these Under the Sea birthday party ideas!

My niece wanted a Little Mermaid party for her birthday, so we turned it into the ultimate underwater adventure.

Here you'll find all of the fun things we did to make her Under the Sea party a splashing success!

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Under the Sea Invitations

under the sea party invitations

Start the excitement off by sending out super cute party invites!

I am just loving these adorable invites from!

They are a perfect match for the theme and showcase that guest of honor in the cutest way!

Birthday in a Box has some adorable personalized under the sea invites that would be great for this party, also, and they're very reasonably priced.

But, if you have a little girl who's Under the Sea birthday party just wouldn't be complete without the Little Mermaid, then Little Mermaid invitations are the only way to go! Birthday in a Box sells them in packs of 8, and has thank you notes to match.

The goal of decorating for this party to make everyone feel as if they are underwater.

Take a peek below to see how we did it, and to find out how you can do it, too!

The birthday girl was dressed in a Little Mermaid princess dress and topped off with a sweet Little Mermaid tiara . She looked absolutely adorable! To add to the party atmosphere, we had the Little Mermaid soundtrack playing in the Under the Sea birthday party just wouldn't be complete without it!

under the sea birthday party

Blue fabric was draped over the entryway in the foyer to resemble waves, and green fabric was cut into strips to make seaweed. I found thread-like green trim that I also used as seaweed. Sea-colored doorway beads were used as "bubbles" that the guests had to walk through to get inside. Whimsical pictures of fish, whales, and sea turtles were hung over the entryway. We blew up blue, aqua, and white balloons and just tossed them all over the floor to resemble bubbles.

under the sea birthday party

To create the waves on the ceiling I cut several shades of blue fabric into long strips. Alternating the colors, I tacked the fabric to the ceiling using a "swag" method. Different shades of blue streamers were interwoven between the fabric for a really cool effect. I also cut some more of the green fabric into strips and draped it over the fabric so it was hanging down like seaweed. It took quite a bit of effort, but the end result was really cool!

under the sea birthday party

The inspiration for the fireplace decorations came straight out of The Little Mermaid movie. I framed a picture of Eric, made a bouquet of "dinglehoppers" (forks), and used starfish, shells, and a sandcastle figurine to make the grotto. Once again, I used that handy discount fabric to create the waves and water effect. I also made a clamshell with a pearl pillow out of a mesh drying rack that I found at the bargain store. This is where the birthday girl opened her presents.

under the sea birthday party

I found adorable little sea paintings on the internet and couldn't resist incorporating them into the decor! I taped the little fish onto balloons that hung from the ceiling so they floated by us during the party. I also hung pictures all over the walls in the party area just so it would feel like we were among the sea creatures. My daughter and her friend cut different sized circles out of construction paper and we taped them to the sliding doors and windows to look like bubbles.

The crowd for this Under the Sea birthday party was young so I had to make sure I kept the games pretty simple.

As an icebreaker, I printed off a bunch of under the sea coloring pages from the computer. The kids all colored and got to know each other while we waited for everyone to arrive.

under the sea birthday party Next we went deep sea fishing. I cut out a bunch of fish shapes from three different colors of construction paper and put paper clips on their mouths. I blew up a little inflatable pool, threw the fish inside, then covered them up with blue and white balloons. The kids took turns "fishing" with poles that had magnets tied to the strings. They got to catch three fish, then choose a prize from bags that matched the color of the fish that they caught. This was a big hit! If you don't want to take the time to cut the fish and make the fishing rods, Birthday in a Box offers a really cute little fishing game that would be perfect to use.
under the sea birthday party The kids got to go find buried treasure in the magical treasure sea cave. I got a bunch of little trinkets and scattered them on the floor of a kid-sized tent. I "buried" them beneath shiny gift wrap filler so it was sparkly inside the tent. The kids got to play in the tent, search for the hidden treasure, and keep the goodies that they found.
little mermaid pinata Of course we had to have some activity that featured the Little Mermaid, so we had this Little Mermaid pinata. It was a pull-string kind so the little kids could have a chance at getting to the goodies. A shark pinata would be great to use for a little boy, and this seahorse pinata is absolutely adorable!

under the sea plates

Depending on who your party is for will determine what party supplies would be best.

I absolutely adore these little wave plates from! They are just perfect for this party!

Pair them with some bermuda blue napkins, cups, and silverware and you're all set!

For my niece, we chose the Little Mermaid party supplies from Birthday in a Box. The party pack included all of the paper goods that we needed, plus the tablecloth, silverware, balloons, candles, and more. She was thrilled with it all!

icon icon

Birthday in a Box has under the sea party favors to suit every taste.

Aren't these little preppy party blowers so super cute?!!

If you want to stick with the Little Mermaid theme, they have lots of goodies to choose from, including favor sets that the girls will love!

The food for this party should be off the hook...literally!

under the sea party food

Seafood is the obvious way to go for this shin-dig, but that's not always a hit with the little ones, so we compromised.

Here's what we came up with:

Under the Sea Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

under the sea cakes

The birthday cake is one of the biggest highlights of the party, and since the birthday girl wanted Little Mermaid, it's Little Mermaid she got!

I conjured up some wave cupcakes to go along with the Under the Sea birthday party theme, and topped some of them off with cute little marshmallow seagulls.

They turned out great!

Learn how to make the cake on our Little Mermaid cakes page, or click here to learn how to make the seagull cupcakes.

For affordable, high quality, super cute invitations, Tiny Prints is the place to shop! Their invitations can be personalized so that they're a custom fit for your party, which is why I'm in love with this under the sea invite that features a picture of the birthday girl or boy! Sooo adorable! The wave plates offered at are some of my favorites! They couldn't be a better fit for an under the sea party! Combine them with bermuda blue napkins, cups, and silverware and your party table will look amazing!
Birthday in a Box Birthday in a Box is where you'll find so many fun things for this party! A fishing game, pinatas (I think that the little seahorse pinata is just too cute for words), personalized invitations, and all of the Little Mermaid goodies that your heart can handle.
Hancock Fabrics Homepage Fabric plays a big part in turning your party area into an underwater paradise. The waves on the ceiling and the splashes of seaweed add so much to the atmosphere! Hancock Fabrics is a great place to find all of the fabrics that you'll need.
Shop by Candy Color! You'll find lots of fun under the sea treats at Candy Warehouse. Gummy fish, sharks and whales are a fun addition to the party table, or you could package them up and send them home in goody bags for the kiddos.

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