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There's No Place Like Home...or a Party that has a
Wizard of Oz Cake!

wizard of oz birthday cake

A Wizard of Oz cake makes a great addition to your Wizard of Oz party!

This design was one of my first attempts at cake decorating, so it's a bit novice from a decorator's perspective. The kids, on the other hand, just LOVED it, so I thought I'd share the design with you.

There's definitely room for improvement, so feel free to use this idea as inspiration to create your own "new and improved" version of a Wizard of Oz birthday cake!

How to Make This Wizard of Oz Cake

This design is actually two is the yellow brick road, and the other is the Emerald City. Put them together and you've got Wizard of Oz birthday cakes!

The Yellow Brick Road Cake

This cake is a 13" x 9" cake that was frosted smooth with white buttercream frosting.

Use cake decorating tips to pipe red poppies and yellow bricks over the cake. A yellow border piped around the bottom of the cake gives a finished look.

Print a picture of Dorothy and the gang, cut it out, and laminate it. Use this to decorate the cake.

Looking back now, I think it would have been better to cut this cake into an "S" shape before decorating. It would better resemble the winding path of the yellow brick road. I think I would also have added some trees alongside it to give the cake some dimension.

The Emerald City Cake

castle cake pan

This cake was made using the Wilton Enchanted Castle cake pan. I believe this cake is still available from Wilton, but my recommendation is to buy your cake pans off of eBay.

Cake pans can be costly...especially if you only plan on using them one time. It's much more cost effective to buy a used pan at a lesser price.

As an added bonus, after you're done with your pan, you can turn around and sell it yourself on eBay, and you'll end up getting your money back! You can see what castle pans are available on eBay now by clicking here.

To decorate the castle, use cake decorating bags and tips to pipe different shades of green buttercream frosting onto the cake. Sprinkle green edible glitter all over so that your cake sparkles like emeralds.

Pipe the age of the birthday boy or girl in the castle doorway. A green border around the bottom of the cake gives it a finished look.

Setting Up Your Wizard of Oz Cake

When you set up your Wizard of Oz cake you'll need to get creative so that you capture the feel of Dorothy skipping off to the castle.

Try to place the cakes so that it looks like the yellow brick road is leading to the Emerald City. You will probably need to prop the castle cake up a bit to get a good effect.

Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

Celebrate Express has an exclusive line of Wizard of Oz Party Supplies that you won't find anywhere else, and they're super cute!

They've got all of the paper goods that you'll need for your party, and much more. Their pre-filled favor boxes are a huge hit with the little ones, as well as the rainbow pinata .

I've ordered from Celebrate Express on many different occasions and have always been very happy with their service and their products. Here's a sampling of what they have to offer:

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