Adults: what are some famous riddles for adults New Year 2023?

Adults, imagine a situation: a group of adults gathered in the same room to celebrate an event. And everything seems to be going as it should – the food is delicious, the drinks flow in, the music calls for dancing, but then comes the saturation moment – the stomach is full, everyone is a little tired of dancing and the conversations are not so active anymore. Sounds familiar? This happens at all parties where people with different interests and hobbies meet.

How to fix the situation or, even better, prevent boredom at the festival? The answer is simple – add more variety!

Adults are the same kids who want to have fun. The company can include both old friends and strangers. These can be women, girls, boys, and men. Everyone may have completely different views on entertainment and entertainment, but even the most diverse company can be rallied with competitions and riddles, especially for the New Year 2023!

what are some famous riddles for adults?

Draw an Elephant (Donkey, Horse)

We need:

  • 2 sheets of paper, attached to a wall, board, sheet metal, or whatever you can use to draw on.
  • 2 labels.
  • Blindfolded by a number of participants.

How to perform:

  • Divide all participants into 2 equal teams (the more, the better), each one arranged in front of their paper. We choose the creature to draw. Each participant is given a specific body part and is blindfolded. Next, each team member blindly draws the body parts they received. The winner can be determined by speed or by comparing the drawing to a specific animal.

Throw The Balls Off The Enemy!

We need:

  • Balloons in two different colors depending on the number of participants.
  • The same number of long threads of average thickness.

How to perform:

Adults participants are divided into 2 teams with the same number of people. Each team gets a ball of their own color on a thread that needs to be tied to the foot. The thread can be of any length but the ball must be on the floor. The teams are mixed and the task of each one is to trample as many balls of enemy color as possible, but not allow their own to explore. The participant who did not save his ball leaves the common pile and waits for the battle to end. The team that works faster with the opponents wins.


We need:

  • Sheets by a number of participants.
  • Treats in the same amount.

How to perform:

There can be as many participants as you want, everyone sits in a circle, and everyone is given a pen and paper. The presenter asks the question “Who?” Who writes his character? After that, you have to fold the sheet so that the writing is not visible and bring it to the player on the right (each passes his sheet in this way and gets another from the neighbor on the left). The moderator asks a new question, for example, “Where did you go?” And again everyone writes, folds the written part, and passes it on to the next one. Further questions may follow: “Why did he go there?”, “Who did he meet?”, Etc. The competition continues until the presenters have no questions.

The cover is followed by a joint reading of the stories that result and choose the best! There are no winners in the competition but fun and laughter are guaranteed!


The competition is perfect for any situation because there is no need for props at all. All that is needed is the participants and their imagination.

How to perform:

  • Everyone sits in a circle. Either the hero of the occasion begins (if there is one) or the one to whom the lottery fell (determined by the number rhyme). The first one says two completely unrelated words, for example, “dinner” and “car”. One should put such a sentence so that both words fell into the same situation: “I was late for the family dinner because the car did not start.” The same participant must come up with another word that has nothing to do with what was said: for example, “bread”. The next one should add this word to the current situation, for example: “So that my wife will not be upset, I decided to buy her bread on the way.” And so on until there is enough imagination or until someone comes up with a logical conclusion. in the whole story.

Bottle 2.0

We need:

  • Empty bottle.
  • Prepared presentation with written actions for participants. The bigger, the better.

How to perform:

  • This game is very similar to a regular bottle: participants sit in a circle, put a bottle in the middle, and spin around. The key difference is that you must first throw curled sheets of paper in an empty bottle with certain actions, for example: “kiss on the cheek”, “invite to a slow dance”, “lick the ear” and the like. As a result, the game looks like this: the participant turns the bottle over; the person she pointed out takes out one sheet and reads the action. The first participant must complete it. This is more interesting than a regular game because you never know what you need to do instead of a regular kiss.

Original Riddles for Adults

You can make people happy not only with competitions! In all sufficiently heated companies, riddles will work very well, which will make you brainwash and give you the opportunity to brag about your knowledge and arguments in front of other spectators. We have chosen 5 puzzles for adults that are not as easy as they seem at first glance!

Apples in A Million

The man decided to trade in the apple business and started buying fruit for 5 rubles apiece and selling for 3. In six months he managed to become a millionaire!

  • Question: How did he do it?
  • Answer: Before that, he was a billionaire.


You got on the plane. There’s a horse behind you and a car in front.

  • Question: Where are you located?
  • Answer: In a carousel.


Husband, wife, 2 daughters, son, cat, and dog on a leash are walking in the yard.

  • Question: How, after standing together under one umbrella, do they not get wet?
  • Answer: If it does not rain.

Nice Woman

  • The husband asks his wife, “Honey, please clean my jacket.”
  • The woman replies, “I’ve cleaned it.”
  • The husband asks, “Then clean your pants, please.”
  • The woman replied, “I did too.”
  • Husband again: “And the shoes?”
  • Question: What did the woman answer?
  • Answer: “Do the boots also have pockets?”


  • Question: What is the difference between a woman and a man washing dishes?
  • Answer: Women wash the dishes after eating and men before.

Competitions and Riddles before the New Year 2023

Not a single New Year’s is complete without themed puzzles and fun competitions, and the 2020 Year of the White Metal Rat is no exception!

The Best Gift

  • Question: What is the best New Year’s gift for every woman? Tip: The width is 7 cm and the length 15 cm. And the more quantity, the better.
  • Answer: $ 100 note.

Finish the Rhyme

If biscuits clap

Small animals have looked at you,

If the tree is a good dwarf,

I brought you to your glorious house,

The next one is quite possible

Will be in the house…

Answer: Urgent

Big News

We need:

  • Cards each containing 5 unrelated words.

How to perform:

  • The whole company is divided into several groups (according to the number of cards). To be fair, each group should have the same number of people. Each team receives one pre-prepared card, in one minute it takes to bring a New Year’s event, which can be described with a sentence from these words. For example, the card contains the words “dog”, “car”, “skates”, “traffic lights”, and “Lenin” and the sentence can be put together like this: who ran across the road.
  • The team with the most original news wins.

What Are The Boys Made Of?

The competition is suitable for a large group of friends who are on holiday at home.

How to perform:

  • Each girl picks a guy and dresses him up with everything that comes to hand: the owner’s closet, toiletry bag, Christmas tree toys, and so on will help. It is also necessary to present your creation to guests in the most original way: with verses, songs, dances,s or commercials. The award goes to the most resourceful and unusual girl.

What Is This Lap Dance?

How to perform:

  • Several teams are formed, and each one is given the task of showing a circle dance around the tree, not ordinary, but organized by the police, mental hospital, army, and so on. You need to bring as many non-typical places as teams have created. Furthermore, each group shows their circle dance, and the others try to guess where it is organized. You can award two prizes: one for the artistic team and the other for those who guess the most.
riddles for adults

riddles for adults

Useful Advice for Adults

And besides, some advice on how not to get bored in the new year of the white rat.

Set a theme party – it is very interesting to celebrate the festival in retro style or by dressing up as Game of Thrones characters.

Shoot! When visitors see the camera, they want to look at the most interesting on it, which means it will be even more fun! And many vivid moments will remain in my memory.

Move the phones away so that no one hangs out on social media. Network, it can really ruin even the finest person.

As you can see, it is easy to come up with entertainment for even the busiest companies. The main thing in such cases is perseverance and then even those guests who are shy in the first minutes and sit on the sidelines, in the middle of the festival will start to be active and take part in the process!



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