Baby shower: organize a virtual baby shower party?

Celebrate and help the expectant mother prepare for the birth of her baby! These days, due to the global pandemic generated by COVID-19, social distancing is a must, so pregnant women abandoned their baby shower plans, and think about how to organize a virtual baby shower party? In-person” to celebrate it online. But do not worry; if you are in charge of managing the celebration, you only have to follow 5 steps so that the virtual baby shower is a success.

How to organize a virtual baby shower party?

Indeed, it is not the same as seeing loved ones face to face and enjoying time together. However, the virtual baby shower also has many advantages, such as lower costs for the host and greater comfort for the guests. Plus, you can quickly reproduce many of the things you love about baby showers in an online format. Here are the 5 steps to making your digital baby shower a success.

Understand the expectations of the future mother

The best starting point for planning is to ask the honoree on your mind. As an organizer, you can start by sharing your ideas with the honoree, but the most important thing is that you pay attention to what she wants. By ensuring that their expectations are met, you guarantee that the baby shower party succeeds!

Baby shower

Baby shower

Choose the date, platform, and logistics.

With the help of the future mom or dad, choose the date and time. Keep in mind that planning should start at least a month in advance to send the invitations, and organize and prepare the dynamics of the baby shower. Usually, the logistics take place three weeks before the party date.

Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype are the most popular platforms for holding virtual meetings. Regardless of which platform you use, it’s a good idea to do a test run with a couple of close friends or family members using the whistles and accessories you plan to wear during the party so that you feel completely comfortable when the big day rolls around.

Ensure your guests have a good Internet connection (it is best if they are directly connected to the Internet by cable or wirelessly connected to the computer). Recommend closing any unnecessary apps or windows before starting the party.

Say yes to digital invitations.

Electronic invitations make it easy to confirm attendance, send links to gift lists, in addition to including the linkage and other essential details to enter the baby shower party.

Plan with the future parents the details of the invitations: colors, images, gift list, etc. In addition to the number of guests, their names and emails.

The number of guests should be known in advance to better plan the time required for all activities.

In the invitation, he requests that all gifts be sent directly to the expectant parents in advance to be opened in real-time during the party.

Gift Tip: Diapers are what newborns need, so don’t forget to include them on the gift list. The MIMI diapers offer absorption, softness, and comfort at the best price.

The decoration and the food

A virtual baby shower party indeed has a different air in terms of decoration. Still, there are fun things to make the event festive.

If you are the organizer, you should send the expectant mom or dad decorations (streamers, balloons, and pennants) for the room they will be in during the party. On passion for parties, you can find great ideas depending on the space and the budget.

Select one of their particular party-themed backgrounds if you use the Zoom platform. Ask all guests to use the same Zoom background.

If the budget allows it, ask for the delivery of a few sweet and savory pastries for the expectant parents and guests.

Activities and games

Can play many fun games during a virtual baby shower. If you’re a tech-savvy host, you can use the Zoom platform to create “rooms” and separate the group into teams for a friendly competition. Among the most popular virtual games are:

. “The price is correct”, in which the guests have to guess the price of various items for the baby.

.“Guess the song”, in which the music of a popular nursery rhyme or nursery rhyme is played, and the guests have to guess which one it is.

. “Famous baby” invitees must match each baby name with its famous mother. This game is ideal for fans of show business and entertainment.

. “Who is that baby?” asks all attendees to send their baby photos and that of their children in advance to create a simple PowerPoint presentation and play a game like guess who? It consists of discovering who you are talking about with the fewest possible clues. If the opponent does not think five times, he loses.

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