Babyparty: organize a Babyparty mom and dad

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in a woman’s life that the whole family should fully enjoy. A good reason to take each moment in a unique way, such as when it comes time for Mom and Dad of your baby to have friends and family create a babyparty.

How to organize Mom and Dad a Babyparty?

Expectant parents can use many great ideas to communicate whether they are having a boy or a girl and celebrate that excellent news with glee.

Proposals to Mom and Dad the sex of your baby

These are some of the activities that will help you make this great news known to the world in an authentic way to the babyparty:



Confetti cannons

Blue or pink confetti cannons are one way to make it super fun. There are two possibilities to put this suggestion into baby party practice: Mom and Dad will fire the surprise while the guests watch, or multiple people at the baby party will be given cannons and launch simultaneously.

Dessert with revealing filling

There is no sweeter bet than ordering a large cake with a filling that Mom and Dad, whether a boy or a girl. Another option is to put blue or pink candies in the middle so that, when cutting the cake, the treats spill onto the baby plate.

Balloons filled with confetti

Get a giant balloon and fill it with confetti of the appropriate color. In front of your guests, grab a pin and pop the balloon to spread the news to everyone. To make the experience more fun, Mom and Dad can each have a balloon. If twins or twins come, of course, it is the perfect option.

Water spray gun with paint

Ready to get stained, fill some squirt guns with a paint solution. Intended parents should wear white clothes and spray each other, or have baby friends and family shoot them simultaneously.

Just do it outdoors and make sure to use washable paint, so you don’t have to throw away your clothes after the baby party.

Smoke grenade

This staging, dramatic and funny simultaneously, will serve wonderfully to the Mom and dad of your baby. Buy a smoke bomb or flare of the necessary color. A large cloud will emerge that remains in the environment for several minutes when it bursts. It will allow you to take great photos.

Like the previous baby party idea, it is designed to practice in open spaces.

Launching balloons

It is a simple but no less attractive suggestion. Parents should hold a bunch of balloons of both colors. On the count of three, those who do not reveal the sex will release, and those who do indicate the correct one will hold. This way everyone will know if the new member of the family is a boy or a girl. And balloons are always an inexpensive, popular, and joyous party option.


Are there any passionate people about science and experiments in your family? This old baking soda vinegar volcano test will also be a great way to let everyone know about the babyparty and the new news.

Pour baking soda and your chosen food coloring into your handmade volcano. Then when you’re ready to break the big news, pour white vinegar into the crater, and the lava will start to come out.

Gift bag with balloons

If you already have multiple children, this is a fun way to babyparty for all the kids involved. Everyone can have their gift box or bag to open in unison. Inside each pack, you must put the pink or blue balloons that will fly through the air.

Mom and Dad can also have their boxes to join in the fun babyparty.

Pottery cloth

Choose a Pottery cloth with the theme of your preference, and inside, place a box with a note that Mom and Dad if it will be a boy or a girl. Also, add lots of goodies and toys for the little ones at the baby party.

Have the guests pass one by one with the stick to try to break the poetry cloth. After the contents have been scattered on the floor, parents should open the box and show the note to everyone present.

Scratch and celebrate

Here’s a creative way to inform your loved ones about the good news. In some bookstores or baby stores, you will find these scratch cards and find out. So that everyone knows it at once, you will have to count down and scratch simultaneously.

Surprise gift

Another way is to present a gift box containing a pair of shoes or booties of any color and open it in front of your guests. It will be an excellent memory since they will be the child’s first shoes. Make sure to take good photos to capture the baby party moment.

Darts and balloons

Set up a board with lots of black balloons filled with white paint and place one blue or pink color. Before, be sure to protect the wall that you put the board on with cardboard or plastic to avoid staining. Take turns throwing the darts until someone pops the balloon containing the tinted paint.

Spray streamers

Buy some streamer sprays of the right color. Cover the outside of the cans so guests can’t figure out which one is ahead of time. Spray each other or involve all the guests by giving them their spray to help reveal the gender of your baby.

Score a goal

Take a black balloon, fill it with pink or blue powder, and decorate it like a soccer ball if you like. Now install a toy goal or build one with three sticks and a net. Finally, ask one of the guests to take on the goalkeeper role while the father prepares to shoot a penalty.

The balloon will explode when it receives the kick, spreading all its contents in the air and discovering the secret kept until now about the new member of the family.

Effervescent tablets

White effervescent tablets stain the water as soon as they contact the liquid. You can use several tablets that do not change the color of the water and only one that does.

Before the guests’ gaze, the parents will put a pill in each glass until one of the liquids appears tinted.

When you read the article and get some fun and creative ideas, Mom and Dad easily organize a babyparty with the baby, friends, and family.




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