Birthday: Fun games for the birthday

Ideas for some essential games that will delight birthday guests

It is necessary to offer fun games for children’s birthdays to entertain the guests and make the birthday as lively as possible. It is good to plan a few games, especially if they require some preparation. Here are ideas for some good old-fashioned games that do not require much preparation and that most people enjoy.

Stop dance

The advantage of this game is that it does not require preparation, and all that is needed is music that can turn off and on as needed. But the game takes place so that the participants dance in an accessible way until the music stops. Then it is essential to freeze entirely because the person who moves whiles the music is arrested is out of the game. The last person on the dance floor is the winner.

Seat dance

The game is very similar to stopping the dance, but you have to sit down when the music is contained. The last person to sit down is out of the game. And so it goes until one participant is left on the floor.

Package game

It requires a little preparation but should be manageable for most people. What is needed is a small toy, which can bay in the market, for example—a considerable amount of newspapers, maybe plastic bags and tape. The little stuff is wrapped tightly in the paper, and plastic bags and video is wrapped around it. It should take some struggle to open the package, but not impossible. Then the game will be boring.

The game takes place so that the children sit on the floor, music is playing, and the package is passed in between. When the music stops, it is up to the person holding the box to tear as much of it out as he can until the music starts again. And so the game goes on until the stuff is revealed. The person who gets the property from the package gets to own it.


Limbo is an old and good game that moms and dads and grandmas undoubtedly know very well. All you need is a broomstick or some long stick. Then two are required to keep the shaft stable between them while the participants in the game try to bend under it. After each round, the shaft is lowered, and those who do not fall are out of the game.

Bottle nozzle

Another old and good game that most people know. What is needed is an empty plastic bottle. The game takes place in such a way that the birthday guest participants sit in a circle on the floor, and one starts to turn the bottle at the same time as he says: “The person who hits the bottle nozzle should have…” and adds what the person should do. For example, jump on one leg five times. He then turns the bottle over.




This game always stands out, and all you need is plenty of chairs. The chairs are arranged in a circle, back to back, and they need to be one less than the participants in the game. Music is played, and when it is stopped, it is essential to sit down on a chair immediately. Anyone who does not reach a chair is out of the game. And then, one chair needs to be removed for the game to continue.




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