10 Things that Every Party Girl Should Have on Her Christmas List

Hello, party peeps!  🙂 The countdown to Christmas is on!

And since you’ve got so much to do to get ready for the holidays, I thought I’d help take a little pressure off of you by showing you what should be on YOUR Christmas wish list this year!

Here are the Top 10 Things that Every Hostess with the Mostest MUST Have…

(and WHY you must have it…for those of you that are forwarding this list to the lucky folks that drew your name this year)

Click on the titles of each item for more details…then get your forwarding finger ready!

1.  Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
A stand mixer might seem extravagant to some, but it is an absolute necessity for the multi-tasking party girl!  Time is of the essence when we’re in party mode, and a lot can get done in the three minutes that it takes for a cake batter to mix, right?

And, I saw a segment on TV about what  and what not to splurge on, and they said mixers were definitely a splurge!

That’s right.  We NEED one!  🙂

2.  A Nice, White Cake Plate

You need this for many reasons, but here are two biggies:

First, white is versatile and can be used for any theme, so if you invest in one nice plate, you’re all set!

And secondly, this piece adds height and dimension to a table.  Tablescapes are a lot more visually appealing when items are sitting at different levels.  Use the plate to not only showcase fabulous cakes, but virtually anything!  This will definitely become your party “go to” item!

3.  Wine Glasses


I’m not a wine drinker and I learned the embarrassing way that this is no excuse to not own wine glasses!  It was quite funny to me that I had plastic Solo cups to offer my wine-bearing guests, but it certainly wasn’t very classy.  Learn from my mistake and have some wine glasses on hand.  They even make drinking punch look sophisticated.  🙂

4.  A White Platter

Yep, here we go with the white again, but I’m tellin’ ya…it works!

You can use it for everything!  In fact, you will, so you may want to add two of these to your list.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I always like two for symmetry on the table.

5.   A Good Camera


As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going through all of the hard work to throw a shindig that will knock their socks off, you darned well better have pics to document it!

I absolutely LOVE my Nikon.  It takes fabulous pictures despite the inabilities of the person behind the camera!  (Yes, that would be me).

It takes such great pics that you will be taking pictures of everything!  This will be your new best friend!  🙂

6.  Bose Sound Dock


Ohhhh yeahhhh!!!  Now we’re talking!  I’m a firm believer that my best work takes place when the music is cranked on HIGH!  My Bose has amazing sound, and can handle the loud volume that tends to result in me starring in my own little show in my kitchen.  Crystal clear music, I’m telling you.  And it really does help you become more productive.  Get one.

7.  Bakerella’s Cake Pops Book


Well, if you’re gonna be cranking out the goodies while you’re jamming to your Bose, you’re gonna need some good things to create! These cake pops from Bakerella are definitely good things.  {Wow, I just completely sounded like Martha Stewart}!  Seriously, make them.  You will be addicted!

8.  Perfect Party Food

perfect-party-food-8962507 And here are some more good things.  Lots of them.  Over 600 pages worth.  The best thing about this amazing cookbook?  Every recipe has do-ahead instructions!  Yep, every single recipe can be made ahead of time, getting you out of the kitchen come party time and actually allowing you time to enjoy your party!  Woohoooo!!!  Love it!

9.  A Fondue Pot

I also love fondue pots.  And so will you.  They are sooo easy, another great time-saver tool for party girls!  Just pour your fondue into the pot, heat it up, and it will keep everything good and yummy for you while you enjoy your soiree!

10.  Keurig Coffee Maker

And last but not least, this magnificent coffee maker!  Not only does it brew steaming hot cups of coffee in a flash, it brews them individually so that each cup is exactly the flavor and strength that each person wants.  Perfect for party guests, but even more perfect for YOU! After all of that hard work planning your party, you deserve to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee! ——————————————————————- So there you have it!  Now hit forward and send this to your lucky loved ones so they can get busy on your wish list!  Send it to your party friends, too!  Everybody wants to be the Hostess with the Mostest!  Happy Celebrating!