Cake Boss Party ~Part One

dscn7614-1-2824608 One of my very favorite little girls just turned seven and we celebrated with a Cake Boss party!

This celebration was such fun to plan and the girls had an absolute blast! 

It was quite an event, with lots and lots of adorable pics, so I’ll be splitting it up into several posts. 

The details for the party are all posted on the website, this post is just for sitting back and enjoying the super sweet eye candy!

Today you’ll get a peek at how we transformed my friend’s living room into “Ryan’s Bake Shop,” and you’ll get to see the creative talents of the girls as they customized their baking hats, “ruffled” their aprons, and decorated the cutest little cakes that you ever did see! Ready for some eye candy?  Here you go!  🙂 dscn7510-1-1972762 dscn7517-1-4671710
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Super cute, right?  I could look at these pictures all day long!

And still to come in part two of this party…I’ll be sharing pics of the Cake Boss baking challenge and the adorable birthday cake, plus party favors and my premiere line of party printables!

Trust me, you don’t wanna miss it!

UPDATE:  See Part Two of the Cake Boss Party HERE!

See you soon!  🙂

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