Cake Boss Party ~ Part Two

Just in case you didn’t get your fill of cuteness in Part One of our Cake Boss Party yesterday, we’re back today to make sure you do!

In the first post you saw the girls decorate their little baker hats, fancy up their aprons, and decorate their own cakes.  So stinkin’ cute!

Today I’ll share pics of the Cake Boss Challenge they participated in (a baking-themed scavenger hunt), the adorable little frames they painted (which would eventually hold a pic of each of them with their cakes), the gorgeous favor boxes and the awesome birthday cake!  Details for all of these activities will be posted on the website, so stay tuned!  Ready for round two?  Here we go! For the Cake Boss challenge the girls were given clues that led them to stations where they had to perform various baking and cake decorating tasks, resulting in them each creating cakes to be displayed in the bakery window.  It was a team effort where everyone was a winner.  Take a peek: dscn7628-1063443 dscn7631-7420063 dscn7633-6773815 dscn7635-8505372dscn7637-6252162dscn7639-1460866 dscn7643-2764469 dscn7644-2289798 dscn7645-2105423dscn7648-2332077 dscn7649-7216773 dscn7663-2009926 sprinkle-5513329 dscn7667-3774590 dscn7668-6794160 dscn7672-4118003 dscn7678-9493469 display-9888523 dscn7679-3472357 dscn7680-1-4200308 dscn7681-7187651 dscn7683-7673262 dscn7690-8850703 dscn7282-7659235 dscn7294-7958706 dscn7513-6044462 dscn7512-7446908 dscn7545-6862729 dscn7546-2885850 dscn7262-1367025

Doesn’t this just look like such fun

It truly was just as awesome as it looks, and the birthday girl declared it to be the best birthday party ever! 

There is no greater compliment!  🙂

All of the party details can be found on our website,  you can follow these links for DIY info for the hats, aprons and cake stands, and you can purchase our Baking Party printables here!