Custom T-Shirt Giveaway!


My hubby has been telling me for the longest time that I should sell t-shirts on my website.  

Who would want a Passion-for-Parties t-shirt, I’d ask him?  

Ummmmm, no one, that’s who.

And then a message from arrived in my inbox, 

asking me to try out their custom t-shirt process and write a review for them.

Initially, I had the same reaction that I give my hubby.  

Thanks, but I don’t think so.

Then, I thought again.

I began to think it would be really cool to use one of my own designs on a t-shirt.

I could be a walking advertisement for my own brand, I thought!

And so I jumped on the bandwagon with and got busy on my custom t-shirt.

The process was simple…choose a shirt, upload a pic.  

That’s all there was to it!  Seriously, soooo easy!

Here’s what I chose:

img_3340-1watermarked-6987645 img_3334-1watermarked-5761743

“It’s not a party until the confetti flies.”

Isn’t that super cute?

And it’s even got my logo on the back!


That’s pretty stinking cool, if I do say so myself.

I’m suddenly liking this Passion-for-Parties t-shirt idea. 

Heck, now I’m thinking I need to use to make custom hats, totes, and mugs, too!  

I could even make koozies!  (After all, what party is complete without koozies)?!!

Hmmmm, maybe my hubby might not be too crazy after all.  

Now, remember that giveaway I mentioned?

Here’s where it gets fun! would like to give you you’re very own custom t-shirt, too!

They’re offering up a $35 gift card to one lucky winner.

Cool, right?!!

You’re going to have so much fun with this!

Enter for your chance to win below, 

and while you’re waiting for the winner to be announced, 

hop on over to and start thinking about what you’ll make!

Good luck and have fun!  🙂