DIY Guest Post ~ Make an Adorable Party Banner from Recycled Shirts!

Hey there, party peeps! 

I’m off enjoying a little vacay time so I’ve asked my sweet friend Aimee of Aimee Broussard Events to pop in and share some of her amazing creativity with you while I’m gone. 

You may remember Aimee from my Martha Stewart NYC post.  Remember how excited she got over the buttons?  Yep, that’s her jumping up and down. 🙂 This pic captures Aimee’s personality perfectly.  The moment she lays eyes on something her creative juices get flowing and she starts bubbling over with excitement, and that’s exactly how her genius banner idea came to be.

Her DIY is almost as adorable as she is!  Hope you enjoy it!  🙂

Lemon Lime, It’s A Banner on a Dime!

{A grown up lemonade stand in less than 1 hour flat}

Hi gang! Aimee here from Aimee Broussard Events filling in with a quick & easy tutorial while Jennifer enjoys some vacation time.

Apparently, I have a thing for lemonade. And while I won’t be showing you how to build your own lemonade stand, I’m going to show you how to throw an impromptu lemonade soiree of your own….with clothes found in your donation pile! And….. in less than an hour of preparation time.

We’ll start with this.

See that fabric banner? And these fun little napkin rings?

Both were made with the polo shirts from my former job! Sssshhhh…..don’t tell anyone.

Company policy dictated that prior to disposing or donating company logo attire, the logos must be cut out then tossed. Me dispose of pima cotton fabric? Not likely!

First, I’ll need you to gather your supplies.

You’ll need fabric (or, in this case polo shirts) in the colors you want your fabric remnant banner to be, twine, ponytail holders for the napkin rings, scissors, a rotary cutter & cutting mat. Don’t stress if you don’t have the rotary cutter. It makes the job easier but entirely not necessary.

You’ll begin by cutting your fabric in about 1-1/2 inch strips.

Don’t worry about being exact. Some of mine are 1-1/2 inch and some as large as 2 inches. I like to keep it funky & random.

Once in long strips, then decide how long you want the tails of your banner to extend. I cut mine about 5 inches long.

I like to entirely shred my shirts and create nice little stacks of each color before getting to work.

Cut a long piece of twine the length you want your banner. Leave enough on each end for attaching & make a knot on each end as a marker of where to stop knotting.

Now, plop yourself in front of the television & catch up on the Housewives of….Wherever. {I’m serious, you’re going to be knotting for a little while}.

Once complete, move on to your ponytail holders and begin working on your napkin rings. You’ll find that the 5 inches will be a little long for the napkin rings, I went back and trimmed mine by cutting slants to each end.

Ok, so you’re probably noticing that my photo in the beginning included buttons on my napkin rings. I decided they just weren’t dressed up enough, so I added strands of green & white buttons to make them a little more funky. I had clear elastic thread left over from another project, and used it.

Add lemonade + homemade treats + other random things around the house………


{DISCLAIMER: My treats consisted of rice krispie treats & homemade popsicles. The popsicles take slightly longer than 1 hour. }

Thanks for hanging out with me! Now if you don’t mind, I need to be excused as I have a lemonade popsicle calling my name…….

xoxo, Aimee