DIY: How to Make Paper Rosettes

Hey there!

I’m here today with a quick and easy DIY project for you…how to make paper rosettes!

Ok, maybe that’s fancy talk.  What the heck is a paper rosette?

In simple terms, paper rosettes are those pretty paper fans that you see at a lot of celebrations.

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They add such a nice touch to parties, and they’re awesome because they can be customized to match any decor.

I recently used them on my DIY Valentine’s Day Mantel, which you can see here.

The best part about these little cuties?

You don’t need to buy them…you can make them yourself, for FREE!  

Here’s how:

You’ll Need:

~ Paper (any size, standard weight or lightweight card stock; the prints that I used can be downloaded for free here).

*The amount of paper you need will depend on the size of your rosette.  For the large rosette, I used 7 pieces, for the medium rosette I used 2, and for the small one, I used 1).
~  Paper trimmer
~ Double-sided tape
~  Stapler (optional)
~  Hot glue
~  Center covering (pom pom, paper cutout, etc.)


Begin by determining what size you’d like your rosettes to be. The diameter of your rosette will be determined by the width of the paper that you use, multiplied by two. So, if you use a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper, the diameter of your rosette will be 17 inches (8.5 multiplied by 2). The pink polka-dot rosette at the top of the page was made using standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. howtomakeapaperrosette1watermarked-5516945
 To get a smaller diameter, simply cut the paper width to the desired size. howtomakeapaperrosette2watermarked-7660628

To make the grey polka-dot rosette pictured above, I simply cut the paper in half lengthwise to 4.25,” resulting in an 8.5″ diameter rosette.

Follow me?  Hope so!

Now, this is where we go back to our elementary school days.

Remember when we used to make those paper fans, way back in the old days?

Well, this is really just like that.

Simply fold the paper back and forth, lengthwise, all the way to the end.

paper-rosette-diy-1copy-3100219 When you’re done, your pieces should look like this: paper-rosette-diy-2-1687105
Use double-sided tape to secure one end of each piece to another end of another piece. If you’d like some extra security, you can also staple the connecting pieces in the back. You’ll end up with a “fan.” paper-rosette-diy-3-3757802

Once you have folded enough paper so that the ends meet, secure those with tape or staples, as well.

Add a squirt of hot glue to the center “hole,” and squeeze the pieces together until the glue gets a good hold.

And there you have your rosettes!


Finish the center off with whatever floats your boat.

I had some pom-poms on hand so I used those, but you can use paper cut into circles or hearts, round paper cupcake toppers, cotton balls…the sky is the limit!


Get creative and have fun!

Here’s another peek at what they look like in action:


So cute, right?  And it really couldn’t be easier!

If you like the papers that I used in this DIY, you can download them for FREE here.

And as always, I love to see pics of your creations!

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