DIY Valentine's Day Mantel

Do you like to dress your home up for the holidays?

Then this super easy, crazy cute DIY Valentine’s Day Mantel is for you!


Take your mantel from drab to fab with just $20, 

and the time it would take to watch your favorite show on TV.

So easy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

~ Instant Download “Be Mine” Valentine’s Day Banner ~  Instant Download “Be Sweet” 5×7 art print ~ Instant Download “Be Mine” 5×7 art print ~  Seven sheets of our pink polka dot paper (download for free here) ~  Two sheets of our grey polka dot paper (download for free here) ~  One sheet of our dark/light pink striped paper (download for free here)

~  Double sided tape

~  Paper trimmer or scissors

~  Picture frames (I’m sure you have a few laying around your house somewhere) 😉

~  Baker’s Twine, ribbon, yarn, string, or something similar to string your banner with.


Simply print off your goodies, get yourself a drink, and get cozy at the coffee table.

Use the instructions included with your banner and art prints to get them

cut out and prepped.

Add your prints to the frames and string your banner.


Look at that, you’re already almost done!

Now you just need to make your paper rosettes, which is almost exactly like making paper fans

when you were in elementary school.  Remember that?

Following this tutorial on how to make paper rosettes, use the 7 pink polka dot sheets to create the large fan,

the 2 grey sheets to make the medium fan, and the one striped sheet to make the tiniest fan.


I used white pom poms to finish off the centers, but you can use anything, really…

…a white paper circle, a paper heart, a cotton ball…whatever suits your taste and you have

readily available.

And there you have it, a pretty Valentine’s Day mantel!


I used and old window pane and a “poof” made out of cupcake liners to finish off my mantel,

but I’m aware that not everyone has these laying around their house.

You can get a similar look by using a large, empty picture frame, or a mirror would look nice.

I strung Baker’s Twine in a zig zag pattern onto the pane, then used mini clothespins

to hang strips of fabric that I cut out.

You could cut up an old white t-shirt if you don’t have fabric available.

I also hung a paper heart here and there to add some visual interest.


So sweet, right?

And there you have it!

A cute and easy Valentine’s Day project that you can complete in an evening.

Have fun with it, and be sure to share pictures…I’d love to see what  you come up with!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!