Fun Centerpiece Idea


Isn’t this a fun centerpiece for a birthday celebration? 

It’s actually a wreath and an oversized birthday hat pieced together to make a pretty table topper. 

Love it! 

I found the pieces at a local art show and just couldn’t leave without them.  Not sure you can find them anywhere else, but I can tell you the secret to making your own! 

The wreath is a simple styrofoam wreath form with curling ribbon stapled into it.  That’s it!!! 

Now, I can imagine that it would take a good bit of time to curl all of that ribbon and staple it in, but it’s easy enough to do while sitting in front of the TV watching your favorite show. 

The hat is made of some type of heavy cardstock.  Seems to me you could get a piece of posterboard, fold it into a cone shape, paint your own design on it, stick some curling ribbon and the top and you’re all set! 

Use them separately or use them together to create a centerpiece like this one.  Super cute!  🙂