January 2011

Hey there! 

Are you ready for Part 3 of the Martha Stewart DID adventure?  I can hardly contain my excitement…this is a fun, fun post!

Cupcakes. Sprinkles. Ribbon. Buttons and crystals like you’ve never seen.  You are in for a serious dose of delicious eye candy!  Oooh, I can’t wait! 

Come with me girls.  Let me take you to some of this party girl’s fave NYC destinations! 

{Warning:  Some of the following photos may cause drool, shrieking or loss of sensibility.  Please proceed with caution}.

First stop:  NY Cakes and Baking Supply


Behind these doors lies a bakers’ paradise.  For real.  Ready?  We’re going in!  Deep breaths, girls, deep breaths…


An entire wall of Valentine’s Day baking goodies greeted us.  Awesome, right?

That’s just the beginning.  Take a look at these.  In every size you can imagine…


But sit down, girls.  This is the biggie.  My weakness.  My complete Heaven…


An entire WALL of SPRINKLES!!!

Every color, shape, size, blend.  Oh my sweet Lord!

Yep, that’s me, completely giddy with excitement.  Notice that I had to sit down? 


But I’m not the only one in paradise.  My girls were pretty happy, too!  🙂

(If you didn’t meet “my girls” in my previous post, click here.  You must meet them)! dscn6098-3513294

Such fun!  Ready for more?  Let’s hit the road…

Next Stop:  M & J Trimming

This is a biggie.  I don’t think anything could’ve prepared us for this one.  Here we go…


This pic cracks me up! 


Here’s where she was headed. I don’t think we saw her again until check-out!


This is where they lost me.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen so much ribbon?!! 

And it was gorgeous!

My creative juices were madly flowing.  The workers were following me around with a mop.


And who doesn’t love a little bling?


Crystals, anyone?


Are you having fun, yet? 

Working up an appetite?  Need a snack?  Me, too.  Follow me, I know just the place!


Magnolia Bakery

Need I say more?  Yum!

What strikes your fancy?  Lemon cake?  German chocolate cake? 


How about a classic vanilla or red velvet cupcake?

dscn5780-8619110 dscn5781-3816440

Having a hard time deciding?  Ok, I picked out something special just for you.


Wanna see?


Key Lime Mini Cheesecake.

I ate it for you.  It was divine!  You loved it!  😉

Ready for more?  Let’s go.

My hubby accompanied me on this NYC trip and we were lucky enough to have a couple of days to ourselves to do some sightseeing.

We hit all of the hot spots…Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Central Park , Rockefeller Center, The Today Show, NBC Studios, The Lion King on Broadway, and more.  Wow!

{By the way, how cute are these little cookies that they were selling at the Empire State Building}?!!


Anyway, along the way we got to indulge in two places that I just have to share with you. 

Not really party related, but definite must-visits if you’re ever in NYC.

Serendipity 3


I fell in love with this place!

It’s teeny, teeny tiny.  In fact, we went right past it and never even saw it.

And when you walk in…even smaller!

It’s super narrow with a shop in the front and some tables set up for a restaurant in the back.

dscn6142-3341080 dscn6135-1877102 dscn6132-4590643

It’s a quaint little place and the decor is so quirky and fun!  Loved, loved, loved it!

We ordered a yummy dinner, but of course saved room for the famous Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate.


Oh my gosh, it was sooooo good!


They were selling Frozen Hot Chocolate souvenirs in the shop.  I wanted to buy one for each of you, but didn’t know how I’d get them home on the plane.  🙁

Time for one last stop…


dscn6223-4162721 My friend Tammy (Milk and Cookeez) suggested that we try this place out sometime during our trip.

Ohhhhh, I am soooo glad we did!

What a cool place!

It’s frozen gelato on a stick and you can customize your pop.

dscn6224-5411949 dscn6231-4675381

Yummy, right?!!  I know!

My hubby got a dark chocolate-coffee pop, which he loved…


…and I opted for Hot Chocolate on a Stick…


Mmmm, sooo good!

Well, that wraps up our adventures in NYC, folks!

I hope you enjoyed the recaps as much as I enjoyed re-living everything!

Thanks so very much for your support.  It means the world to me and it makes loving what I do even easier! 

Happy Celebrating!

Jen  xoxo