June 2011

85-4685302 Are you ready to learn how to make some more goodies from our Cake Boss Party?  Last week I showed you how to make the cute little cake stands, and today I’m back to show you how to make these adorable little personalized baking hats that were such a tremendous hit!  First, I’d like to say, that total inspiration credit goes to the fabulous blog, One Charming Party.  The original idea was all theirs…I just tweaked it a little.  If you’re not familiar with that blog you should check it out…it’s a.ma.zing!!!

Okay, so here we go.  How to make your own personalized baking hats.

Here’s what you’ll need:

dscn7817-6903372 Baking hats (of course!  I ordered mine from KNG.com), standard size baking cups (white and any other colors you may like), mini baking cups, iron-on transfer paper, an iron, glue, scissors and large safety pins. dscn7819-9270145

Type each child’s name on the computer, save it as a picture, then flip it so it’s a mirror image.  (See photo above).  If you don’t have a photo editing program that can do this, Picmonkey.com is a free service and has this feature.

If you like the font I used, it’s called “pharmacy” and can be downloaded for free here.

Once you’ve got your image reversed, resize it as necessary so it will fit on the brim of the hat.  Print it out on a test page until you’re sure you’ve got it the size you’d like it to be, then print it on the iron-on transfer sheet following the manufacturer’s instructions.  (I sized mine to be 2.5″ x 4″). 

Sidenote:  Try to fit as many names on one sheet as you can to get the most from your transfer paper.  I only used one in the photos just as an example.


Next, you’ll want to cut around the graphics, place them paper-side-up on the hats, and iron them on according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Then, just peel the paper off, and voila!  Your little hat is now personalized and pretty!  🙂

Making the flower for the hats is an activity for the kids, but you’ll need to have the bases ready for each of them to begin the project.


To make the bases, flatten out 3 white cupcake liners, then use glue to secure them on top of each other.


Flatten 3 more liners.  Fold them in half, then fold them in half again until they look like little pieces of pie.

Use glue to secure the pieces to the 3 flattened liners. 

These are the bases that you’ll give the kids.

Set them out along with the hats and a variety of cupcake liners and the hat making station will look something like this:

dscn7538-3019407 dscn7539-1896716

When the kids are making their flowers it’s great to let them have creative control.

Allowing them to choose their own liners leaves them feeling super proud!

Here are some guidelines for helping them along.


They’ll use the same method that you did for building the base; flattening out the liners, folding them into pie shapes, and securing them to the base.

As a guideline, we used 3 standard size cups in one color, then 3 more standard size cups in another color, and 3 mini cups in a third color.


It helps to kind of “fluff” the liners open a bit after they’re all glued down.

Isn’t that cute?!!


Then just use a large safety pin to secure the flower to the hat.  ADORABLE!!!


And even cuter on!  🙂