Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers Event, Part One

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As many of you know, I had the extraordinary privilege of attending the Martha Stewart “Dreamers into Doers” event in NYC at Martha’s headquarters (MSLO) this past week.  Not only was it an incredibly humbling experience to be present at such a remarkable event, it was surreal to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful, talented women that I’ve ever met.  I think I will forever be in awe! 

There was so much  that I took away from this experience that I could go on about it for days!  Instead, I’ll take it easy on you and just share a few short and sweet posts…just to give you a tiny idea of what it was like.

Part One will be our agenda…a day in the life at MSLO. Part Two…you’ll meet the incredible women behind some of the favorite blogs and websites that you know and love. And Part Three…a super fun NYC adventure!  I’ll take you to The Magnolia Bakery, NY Cakes and Baking Supply, and M & J Trim…one of the largest ribbon stores I’ve ever seen in my life! Ready for Part One of the experience?  Today I’ll give you a peek at our itinerary.  Here we go!  🙂 When we first arrived at MSLO, this is what greeted us.  Already at this point I was about to jump out of my skin with excitement!  {Deep breaths, Jen, deep breaths}!  dscn5925-1392218 We took the elevators to the 9th floor…which is entirely occupied by Martha’s offices.  It is HUGE!  This is the first glimpse we got of the reception area.  Of course, we all had to stop and take pictures!  🙂 dscn5927-3696766 dscn5929-5889585

A “Welcome Breakfast Reception” awaited us.  We were served an array of breakfast goodies (including these gorgeous parfaits that I had to take a picture of), and got to meet and mingle with our fellow entrepreneurs.  It was so exciting to finally meet a lot of the women that I’d been talking to and admiring online…they are truly amazing!  (More on these awesome gals later)!

dscn5932-1-4194087 Day One was filled with truly incredible, motivational speakers…

Gael Towey, Chief Creative & Editorial Director of MSLO


Terri Trespicio, Senior Editor of Whole Living Magazine


Terri Shapiro, Executive Director of Brand & Media Relations for Deluxe Corporation


Brenda Dargan, Producer of Social Media and Partnerships at MSLO


Danielle Mavel, Etsy


Susan L. Solomon, Co-Founder and CEO of NY Stem Cell Foundation


and of course, Martha herself!

dscn5969-6416851 dscn5968-3875707

We were also treated to a delicious lunch, a cocktail reception and mini makeovers!  FUN!

dscn5945-2395956 dscn5948-7937741 dscn5988-2536115

I have to add a little note here.  I just need to say, that simply being at MSLO was an experience in itself.  Although we aren’t allowed to post photos, I have to tell you that this place is A.MAZ.ING!!!

We were actually in her working offices (escorted, of course, although I walked as slowly as I possibly could just to try to take it all in).

We saw (and smelled the delicious aromas of) test kitchens, floor to ceiling idea boards for magazine layouts, tables of crafting supplies with even more idea boards, a room full of beds getting prepared for photo shoots, and even a sneak peek into the to-die-for prop room!

It was truly what I imagine Heaven to be like.

Oh my gosh!  If I could’ve just pitched a tent and lived there forever I would’ve.

You can get a tiny, legal glimpse of Martha’s offices here, but trust me, real life is a million times better!

Ok, coming down from the clouds again to bring you Day Two on our agenda!

We got to attend a LIVE taping of the Martha Stewart Show, where she recognized us, “The Dreamers,” on national television!  Sooo exciting! 

Did you see us?  If not, I’ll be posting video clips soon.

That’s definitely an experience we won’t be forgetting! dscn6032-7775248
dscn6027-1535727 dscn6028-3810073 dscn6045-7303573 dscn6051-6938701dscn6053-5079911 Back at MSLO, we had another wonderful speaker, Maria Otero, Founder and President of The Women’s Venture Fund.  Wow.  She left a powerful impression.  (Her photo wouldn’t upload…sorry). A fabulous food demonstration by Sarah Casey, Food Editor at Martha Stewart Living wrapped up the event.  (I LOVED the food demo)! dscn6071-9354690dscn6082-4736184

So, that’s the “business” view of the trip.  Pretty incredible business trip, right?

Coming up, stay tuned for two more posts that you’ll definitely want to see!

Stay tuned!!!

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