TLC's Craft Wars…and ME!!!

Are you good at keeping secrets? I’ve been keeping a VERY big secret for what feels like a lifetime, and now I finally get to let the cat out of the bag! You’d better sit down.  This is a biggie.  Are you ready? is going to be on TLC’s new TV series Craft Wars!!!


As I type the words, I can still hardly believe it.  So crazy!!!

My super sweet, super crafty friend Nikki, of Nikki, in Stitches, called me quite some time ago and asked me to join her on this crazy journey. Of course, I said YES!!!   (You may remember this post where I introduced you to Nikki…she’s one of the fabulous girls I met at Martha Stewart’s HQ in New York City). jenampnikkiinla-2521891

A few months later, we were both on a plane heading across the country…to Hollywood…to film a TV show! Seriously, I can’t even type that without getting goosebumps!

The series premiere is TONIGHT, Tuesday, June 26th at 10:00PM, EST/ 9:00PM Central on TLC, so be sure to tune in! Our episode will air later in the summer…stay tuned for the actual date!

To add to the fun, me, Nikki, and a lot of the other contestants will be on Twitter during each episode, chatting about all of the excitement on the show.

We are unbelievably bound to secrecy as far as details go, so I can’t tell you much, but here’s what I can say: 

1.  You are going to die when you see the set!  The show is sponsored by Michael’s, so needless to say, what they called our craft “closet” was out-of-control-amazing!

2.  This “craft closet” was like nothing I’ve ever seen.  We are talking floor to very-tall-ceiling, mile-long, packed-to-the-max shelves, with any and every craft item you could ever wish for…and then some.  Imagine the most amazing, incredible craft supply room you could ever dream of, and then multiply it…times a thousand.  It was even more heavenly than that!

3.  The people that we met were AMAZING!  From the competitors, to the producers, and everyone behind the scenes, the people and the entire experience are something that I will never, ever forget!

Ahhhh!!!  Isn’t this so exciting?!!

I owe it all to YOU.  Your support of me and my business has just been overwhelming.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!



Nikki and I had such an amazing time on the show! If you missed it, you can catch our episode on iTunes and see us in action!

We’ve also posted a DIY of the very popular wine rack that we built for our Pop Craft Challenge.

You can view the tutorials on my blog here, and on Nikki’s blog here.

Thanks again for cheering us on!  🙂