Bronzer: How to use a bronzer on the face

Bronzer how is used, how to emphasize the benefits and hide the imperfections of the face, rules of choice of product, and suggestions for use. Bronzer is a cosmetic that comes in the form of a powder or cream, which you can correct the face shape with a few strokes, give it a slightly golden sheen, and obscure imperfections.

What is a face bronzer for?

The main function of the product is to shade certain areas of the face and body. Bronzer looks especially beautiful on tanned skin. We use this product on the body during the summer. But if you want to correct your face with a bronzer, then you can do this all year round.

Bronzers can be creamy, gelatinous, or dry. It should be noted that this product does not contain reflective components found in highlights. With the help of bronzer, you can give your face a light golden hue and relief, as well as set light and shadow accents correctly.

If you do not have this device on hand, you can replace it with your regular powder a few shades darker or blush with a matte texture. Dry bronzers are easier and more convenient to use. Some may contain matte or pearly particles.

With the help of the device, you can also hide freckles, and small wrinkles, remove a double chin, and visually reduce the size of the nose or forehead. If you put bronzer on your cheekbones first and then your favorite bladder, you will make them bulkier this way.

How to choose a bronzer for your face

To find the best bronzer for your face, you need to know and remember some tips from makeup artists. Products that come in the form of powders and creams are very popular.

A product with a fragile consistency will be ideal for oily and combination skin because such a bronzer will completely remove the oily sheen on the face. And besides, it is very convenient to use the powder product, so you do not have to learn specifically how to use it.

For dry skin, a bronzer with a liquid, creamy consistency. Such skin is often dry and flaky, so it is better to use cosmetics that have a liquid texture.

Bronzers are also available in the form of sticks, but using such a device requires some experience and skill.

There are a number of bronzers that contain glimmer. Such products must be appropriately used in evening make-up – for a banquet or party.

It is recommended to choose a bronzer that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone. It is important to remember: if the color of the product is chosen incorrectly, your make-up will be very abnormal and unnatural will be striking. After all, the main task of this cosmetic is to give the skin a little warm highlight, but at the same time not to play on opposites and not to add a “doll” artificial to the face.

Be sure to try the product in daylight, as the lighting in the store distorts the tones and tones of the product.

Choosing a bronzer color based on your skin color is pretty simple:

  • If you are a blonde girl then there are light products for you.
  • For dark-skinned people, accordingly, the tones are darker.
  • Bronzers of golden and light brown tones are suitable for black girls.
  • Peach and pink products – for blonde women.
  • But for olive skin owners, yellow and copper colors will be the best choice.
  • For girls with very light skin that has a cold shade, products with a cold undertone are suitable.

It is worth remembering that some bronze edges, after being applied to the skin, are a bit “reddish”. And this is rather aesthetic. Therefore, you must try such a cosmetic on yourself. The product should blend into the skin and emphasize it in a favorable and balanced way.

How to apply bronzer on the face

Before you start applying bronzer to your skin, you need to prepare your face. Apply moisturizer first, then foundation and concealer. To make it blend better into your skin tone, you can try using a foundation that is half a tone or darker than normal.

Heart-shaped face shape with bronzer

To get the outline of the face you need to arm yourself with a screw brush and bronzer, you can also use a small amount of highlighter.

To shape a heart-shaped face, the first step is to darken the corners of the cheeks a little, and then the facial features will not look too sharp. You need to calculate the line with the bronzer to the center of the ear. If you have a similarly shaped face, be sure to consider the fact that the upper part of the face looks heavier than the lower one.

That is why it is very important with cosmetics to balance the elements of the face: for this, it is necessary to darken the temple area with a bronzer. The temple and the cheekbones should be aligned. The lower part of the face cannot be identified by an outline. The heart-shaped face already has perpendicular features, so outlines with dark tones of capital will only make an unnecessary light accent on them.

It is recommended to lengthen the nose slightly with dark bronze and wear it on both sides. This softens the angular shape and makes the appearance more majestic.

If you cover a small area under your nose, lift it slightly. There are many options for shaping, it all depends on how much you want to reshape your nose.

How to align square face with bronzer

To soothe a square face, it is first and foremost recommended to soften the jawline and darken it slightly. This way all the corners will be darkened and other areas that need to be highlighted with a highlight will be brought to light.

The darkest shade of bronzer should be used on the temples and forehead areas. This technique will noticeably ring in the face, softening its natural shape, and the color accent will be in the middle of the forehead. The nose needs to be slightly adjusted, gluing the wings slightly with the dark shadow of the product.

Make-up artists do not recommend darkening the chin area with too thick a line, otherwise, the shape of the face will acquire a natural sharpness. The cheekbones need to be worked in short, almost weightless lines.

Rules for using bronzer on an oval face

The oval face is rightly considered one of the most compatible and balanced. And its outline should be such that the right facial features are drawn forward in time and some features disappear into the shadows.

If you have an irregular nose or just a big nose, darken the wings with bronzer, but you need to apply very little on the cheekbones. To shorten the nose slightly, select only the upper part with a bronzer.

How to use a triangular face bronzer

If your face type is a triangle, then its narrowest part is the chin. He is the one who needs to work well with the help of dark shadows with bronzer. Thus, the chin area will merge in accordance with the overall shape of the face. It is necessary to ensure that the chin and other parts of the face are in balance.

It is necessary to darken the outline lines at the base of the hair and thus reduce the width of the forehead. All shading lines should be done with gentle strokes. It is not recommended to highlight the eyes, because with this type of face they are already in the foreground.

When using a highlighter, do not focus on the nose. It is only necessary to lighten a little under the eyes and nose, as well as the forehead area above the eyebrows and chin. This way, the triangular face will look balanced after being sprayed with bronzer and highlighter.

How to use a bronzer

How to use a bronzer

Rules for shaping a round face with a bronzer

A dark bronzer is essential for shaping a round face. This method makes the oval softer and more organized. The cheeks need to be well darkened, like a narrow face. But the chin and forehead areas do not need to be treated with bronzer.

Using a highlighter, you need to lighten the bridge of the nose with one clear straight line (the line should start from the middle of the forehead to make a light accent in the middle of the face). It is also necessary to identify the upper part of the cheekbones and chin. As a result, the round face becomes longer and its appearance is more balanced.

Technique for shaping tanned face with bronzer

As with unburned skin, it is also not possible to tan skin. Only certain areas need to be dealt with by an agent. Carefully examine the area of ​​the nose, hairline, above the eyebrows, cheekbones, and chin. This way you will not only form your face but also give your tanned skin a slightly golden glow.

Use a soft, wide brush for outline technology: it applies and blends the product well without leaving stains or clear lines. When working with a bronzer, remember that all lines should be soft, almost invisible, and well blended.

It is recommended that after you have anointed yourself, be sure to check the results of your efforts in daylight. You need to make sure that the bronzer shade blends in with the skin color but still looks natural. If the product looks a little red on the cheeks, just apply a little light loose powder on top.

It’s worth remembering! After applying bronzer to your tanned face, brush over your neck and décolleté as well.

Suggestions for using a bronzer

To make your face with a bronzer effective, it is worth remembering certain tips:

  • For facial contours, it is recommended to use a bronzer with a matte texture.
  • If you want to achieve a soft glow on your skin, use a product with a pearly ingredient.
  • One product is not suitable all year round. In summer, the shade of the bronzer should be dark and the structure of the product should be light. For the winter, on the contrary, the color is lighter and the structure denser.
  • There are many special brushes in the cosmetics market to apply the product on. But for non-professional makeup, you can use a regular rounded brush.
  • To avoid the effect of the mask on the face, do not use large amounts of the product. It is strictly forbidden to carry it by any law.
  • Bronze sculpting takes place only with the contours of the face. No rings or markings on the cheeks.
  • Do not buy an orange bronzer. “Rust” and “rust” will not light up your face.


Bronzer is a fairly versatile and practical device. With its help, it is easy to shape the face and give it freshness and radiance. The right product will look good on both normal and tanned skin. The point is to consider the skin color and type when choosing a bronzer. In the store, try some products from different brands, but remember that the result should only be judged in natural daylight.


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