Capsule wardrobe: how to create?

Capsule wardrobe what is? Basic rules for a summary. 3 good examples of how to assemble a capsule wardrobe. Advice and advice for women of different ages.

The capsule wardrobe is a collection of things that, together with each other, form a uniform composition. It is compared to the Lego builder: the essence lies in creating a foundation that is diverse with additions – capsules. Each contains 5-8 items that allow you to meet one of your vital needs. For example, capsules are allocated for leisure with the family and out, sports and work. There are subtleties in designing a capsule wardrobe, which are worth a closer look.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A wardrobe is clothing where almost all elements are combined in harmony and harmony with each other. Capsules are added to the neutral base: we are talking about objects, assembled according to the principle of order. There is harmony in each capsule: they are folded so that the elements complement each other in color and style.

The founder of the idea of ​​a capsule wardrobe for a woman is Susie Faux, who owned the wardrobe in the wardrobe in London. Back in the seventies, she decided to prove that you can look stylish, and varied images without messing up the closet too much. It is important to take up things that do not lose their relevance over time. In the new season, they will be added with fashionable innovations.

Donna Karan was one of the first designers to adopt this idea. The couturier from the United States was the first to offer a great set for a capsule wardrobe – a collection called “Seven Simple Things”. She focuses on businesswomen. All the elements were perfectly combined with each other and perfectly emphasized the dignity of the film. In fact, with such a capsule, it was possible to satisfy the needs for work, and important meetings.

Already in the new millennium, blogger Caroline Joy drew attention to the importance of women’s wardrobes for capsules. She experimented and left only 37 items in the closet, but achieved a harmonious mix of elements. The American has proven that you do not have to fill the closet to the top to look stylish, regardless of the occasion.

Today, many brands produce capsule wardrobe collections for summer and other seasons. Therefore, it is possible to even in one boutique to collect several capsules fully for all areas of life. The main difference between such collections is the compatibility of the objects with each other.

Basic rules of creating a capsule wardrobe

Before assembling a capsule wardrobe, it is important to determine your needs, as they all vary by lifestyle. To do this, it is recommended to draw a circle and divide it into areas of work. So you can clearly understand which direction prevails, do not miss the slightest nuance. It is worth starting with the capsules that are intended for the main areas of life.

For example, filling the closet of a working woman and mother during maternity leave will be completely different. First, it is important to assemble processing cylinders where there are at least 4-5 upper elements and 2-3 at least for the bottom. Accessories and jewelry are especially sought after and add variety. For a mother on maternity leave, when creating a capsule wardrobe, it makes sense to start with things for home and rest.

The number of capsules as such also varies by lifestyle. On average, 2-3 sets are needed. However, for those who lead very hectic and varied activities, more variety will be needed when designing a capsule cabinet. But this does not mean that you have to buy a lot of things.

There are general rules for a capsule wardrobe:

  • First, they buy something and think about how well it fits into the overall concept. The most important thing is that the item fits perfectly with the capsule for which it is intended. The goal is achieved if all elements of one set are combined with each other in various variations. Then from 5-8 parts, you can actually create 10-15 proven and organic forces.
  • Before choosing a capsule wardrobe, it is important to basically decide what kind of things to look for. Even among fashion collections, there are options for different cuts, for all body types, heights,s, and other characteristics. All forces should focus on emphasizing the dignity of the physique and hiding flaws from prying eyes.
  • The basic capsule wardrobe is a modern classic. It includes what a woman cannot do without. It is customary to lay the foundation for classic cut jeans and shirts. You also need a sweater and a coat – solid color. Add a pencil skirt and laconic, without a wreath dress. This is the required minimum to which the capsules are “attached”.
  • Better to buy quality items for your capsule wardrobe. Since the goal is to minimize the amount of clothing, you cannot reduce the quality. If you follow this principle, you can prepare a wardrobe for a few years and put elements in it at every opportunity. All that is left is to refresh the image and introduce some new innovations to it.
  • Generally, a wardrobe is created once and for many years. This is provided that at first, it is possible to think correctly about what exactly is needed. The total team does not change every season. They play mainly at the expense of accessories and shoes. The latter is usually not usual to bring in the wardrobe.
  • Even before creating a capsule wardrobe, it is important to think about the color scheme. To make the picture less boring, have three to four tones. But at the same time, they must all unite. One-color is calm. It can be considered fundamental. The rest enlivens the image. It is good to choose sunglasses for a capsule wardrobe according to the color of the women. In this case, all the clothes will emphasize beauty with good results. You can take one color combination that is most daring and bright – with the help of such things they make accents. Only he, however, is not at odds with the general stage. Girls who are of spring type need to lay the foundation in juicy shades of green, peach, beige, and gold. For summer ladies, blue, gray, blue, and cherry colors apply. Autumn women can start with such colors: all yellow, brown, blue, purple, red, orange, and golden colors. Finally, for the winter, white, black, blue, burgundy, and pink are preferred.
  • Ladies who know how to create a capsule wardrobe share the secret of a suitable sequence of actions. It is best to start by buying a dress – which can be played out in different ways and comes with capsules for all areas of life. Then they continue to buy shirts and pants. Then they buy a sweater and shirts. Then they put on their outerwear.
  • It is advisable to choose a separate set for the capsule wardrobe for spring and summer, winter and autumn. In this case, with the change of seasons, you do not have to think about the temperature of what you are going to wear.

3 good examples of how to create a capsule wardrobe

All ladies, without exception, should start working on a capsule wardrobe for a year by evaluating their own appearance and determining the color type. Furthermore, the ways to prepare the base and the capsules usually vary according to age. As the priorities of young girls and respectable women are different, the capsule’s wardrobe is 30, 40 and after 50 years according to somewhat different principles.

Capsule wardrobe for a 30-year-old girl

It’s great when young girls think about sensible consumption of natural resources and simply do not want to waste their residence. But at the same time, for obvious reasons, I still really want to be fashionable, look stylish and modern. Therefore, it is worth researching examples of a capsule wardrobe and trying to find the best solution for you based on them.

When they are in their thirties, as at any other age, they are repelled from the way of life. Since this period is often an active career structure, a so-called business capsule will probably have to be put together. But at the same time, do not forget about other areas.

For example, you can buy the aforementioned basic equipment.

Furthermore, they dance with him in different directions and form bands for all kinds of activities:

  • Business image… You can add a jacket, shoes with comfortable heels, and a handbag to a dress with a laconic cut. You can also include a sweater, blouse, or top in the wardrobe for the capsule for the office. If the dress code allows, the image is enlivened by the addition of a leather skirt.
  • Relaxed on the weekend … As life is in full swing at the age of 30, this capsule is very popular. A basic dress is also suitable for the weekend if you add it to a light jacket and even a raincoat in cold weather. This is a great choice for a friendly walk. Of course, you can and should wear jeans. They need a shirt, a T-shirt, a shirt.
  • Festive departure Not everyone needs such a capsule at the age of 30. If work or lifestyle, in general, commits you to participate in social events and other events, then you must work hard on this set. The difficulty lies in the fact that the requirements for guests are completely different at different events. For example, sometimes you need a long, tight dress; sometimes a short and open dress is allowed. As a way out of the situation, you can buy a long black dress, which is complemented by a jacket, coat, and coat. You may also need another option in the form of clothes. Or sometimes you need a little dress. But it’s good when you can change the image by playing with the aforementioned additions.
  • Club and cocktail set … For many young women, the need for these capsules is even greater than for special occasions. When all is said and done, you can buy a cocktail dress that with a jacket, sweater, summer coat or other additional elements will be useful both at a party and on a romantic date. By the way, pants are also the foundation. You can experiment with skirts and blouses or tops. The most important thing is the variability of the set, a successful combination of colors in the wardrobe in the capsule.

Of course, kits are added to this kit or vice versa, some capsules are removed from it if they are not needed. For example, a capsule wardrobe is being put together in 2021 for a young mother, for a sports girl, on a completely different principle. The key task is to cover all areas of life that a woman has but to do with a minimum of compatible things.

Capsule wardrobe for a woman 40 years

Most often, at this age, a woman is well aware of its pros and cons. She also knows very well what colors are going and what colors are better to refuse. In the same way, life is usually set up, it is immediately clear which areas have priority. Therefore, the so-called road plan is much easier to do.

How to create a capsule wardrobe for women over 40:

  • Business cartridges… Usually, you cannot do without it. At this age, elegance is paramount. Therefore, pants or skirts will serve as a worthy foundation. But the overall impression varies depending on what is being applied. It can be a formal shirt, a lighter but not a trivial blouse. If the dress code allows, pants or a skirt are added to the sweater. The jacket is appropriate, which is played in different combinations.
  • The weekend set … In the capsule wardrobe 40 years you can and should put a set for a good rest. At this age, a woman can already appreciate comfort and efficiency. Therefore, comfortable pants or skirts fall into the base and a dress is also the base. They are added to sweaters, jackets, coats, T-shirts, and shirts – depending on the season and personal preferences. You can and should decorate the image by trying on different hats and caps.
  • Festive costume … At 40 and later you already want to look more respectable at an event. Therefore, a long dress will usually be the foundation. Although you can take a relatively open outfit to complement it with a boa, boa, jacket, or coat, which covers everything you need, depending on the characteristics of the event. In addition, a skirt below the knee should be included in the capsule. Shoes and accessories are also chosen according to the nature of the festival: sometimes calm boats and laconic jewelry are appropriate; sometimes you have to shine – put on hairpins and sparkling jewelry.
Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe for a 50-year-old woman

This age is characterized by calm self-confidence. There is no need to prove anything to anyone. Therefore, as a rule, a capsule wardrobe for every day, as well as on other occasions, is chosen by ladies for their own convenience. Of course, lifestyle is taken into account.

For some ladies, the business style of a capsule wardrobe is still appropriate. But even in that, comfort comes in the first stage. Sometimes women are limited to comfortable pants and even jeans, which are worn with tight shirts or blouses, jackets, and coats. But you can dance in your favorite skirt or dress, according to the same principle.

What else is included in the capsule closet of a fifty-year-old woman depends on her hobbies and lifestyle. Some ladies choose to retire, spend time in the countryside, or have grandchildren. Of course, in this case, the free set is dominant. Someone will be an avid tourist – focusing on tourist trips and creating a wardrobe for summer capsules, as set for other seasons.


Perhaps the most important thing in this direction is to reduce the contents of cabinets without sacrificing comfort and style. As the experience of several generations has shown, the capsule wardrobe is becoming the best way to organize clothes so that they do not overflow the shelves and at the same time do not lose their elegance and femininity.

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