Cheap perfume: How to tell cheap perfume from animals

Cheap perfume; what is the sign? Cheap and expensive perfume, main characters of low aroma, comparative description of products in different price categories, advice on choosing. High-quality fragrances result from the perfumer’s creative work, and expensive development added to the efforts of other participants in the production process. Currently, most women cannot imagine their life without using perfume because this guarantees the unique image of its wearer. It ensures the creation of a pleasant smell on the body and around a person and gives a good mood. The main characteristic of a quality perfume is its aroma, structure, durability, and safety in use. This article describes the main parameters by which you can distinguish cheap scents from expensive ones.

A sign of a cheap perfume

People always try to make dishonest money off someone else’s name without spending much money. Perfume is considered one of the most attractive product categories for cheaters, so there are many miniature perfumes on the modern market. In such circumstances, lovers of expensive fragrances should be careful not to be deceived but buy a good product at an acceptable price.

Among the variety of perfume products, it is pretty challenging to determine the fragrance. The market is full of both quality products and cheap ones. The term “budget perfume” probably means low quality. There is no big discount on perfumes, where high-quality, expensive materials are used, which cannot be reasonable. Therefore, when a scent is offered in a store with a discount of more than 10%, you can be sure that it is fake.

Let’s list the main features of a cheap perfume:

  • First, low prices;
  • The color of the liquid is too bright;
  • The presence of sediment in the vial;
  • Poor packaging;
  • Fragrance;
  • Monotonous smell through the sound;
  • Short or too long tubes inside the bottle;
  • Adverse reactions of the body to sprayed perfume.

Outlets of low-quality perfume: mass markets, stalls in corridors, stores with “confiscations.” The presence on store shelves of perfume from different brands with the same amount at the same price indicates that this is a cheap product.

Comparative characteristics of cheap and expensive perfumes

Each product of the perfume industry has several parameters, thanks to which you can distinguish an expensive product from a cheap one. It is known that original perfumes cannot be cheap, but cheap ones can have both low and high prices. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the perfume’s composition to avoid deception and some of the buyer’s essential characteristics – smell, persistence, and trail.

How to distinguish cheap perfume from expensive

The composition of a perfume is a guarantee of its quality. It is known that there are a lot of natural bases and auxiliary substances used in perfume production, each of which has cheap synthetic counterparts that can cause significant harm to the body.

The main difference between expensive and cheap perfumes is that manufacturers of high-quality perfumes use expensive natural ingredients, while counterfeiters use cheap synthetics. Hence the price of the final product.

Main components of expensive perfumes: organic products, alcohol, distilled water, and essential oils. It should understand that the content of these ingredients should be optimal. The formula of each fragrance is carefully developed by professional perfumers so that the result is complex blends that can gradually evolve. The latest and most accurate equipment is used in production.

Let’s describe the main components of perfume to get a deeper understanding of the difference between cheap and expensive perfume:

  • Perfumes … These are substances designed to create a scent and sometimes mask the unpleasant smell of a perfume base. Natural fragrances are used in the original expensive perfumes, but the cost is relatively high. In cheap ones, synthetic analogs are used, or much less natural fragrance is added to the mixture.
  • Alcohol … Ethyl alcohol is usually used for perfume production. But to reduce the cost of the product, fake manufacturers often use technical methyl alcohol, which can cause allergies or more serious health problems and give the perfume an unpleasant smell.
  • Pigments … Manufacturers of expensive perfumes do not use brightly colored pigments, so quality products will never have bright colors. Stains accompany corrosive dyes in the composition of cheap perfumes on clothes and skin irritation.
  • Preservatives … The content of this group of substances in cheap perfumes can be up to 80%. Many of these preservatives can cause allergic reactions. They are most often used to prevent the development of pathogens in perfumes.

The formula for this expensive perfume is the intellectual property of the developer. Therefore it is not disclosed. The data on the composition of the fragrance described on the packaging is somewhat vague because sometimes only the name of a group of substances is written.

Suppose the names of camphor are indicated on the packaging. In that case, you should refuse to buy such perfumes because the components listed cause serious health problems, for example, convulsions, dizziness, breathing problems, indigestion, kidney function, pancreas, etc.

Cheap perfume

Cheap perfume

The persistence of expensive and cheap perfumes

An essential measure of perfumes is their persistence, which is a time that characterizes the sound of the smell. In other words, a scent can stay on the body and clothes for some time. The time limit of resistance is from when the product is applied to the complete evaporation of the smell. Let’s look at how to distinguish cheap perfumes from expensive ones.

It is generally accepted that cheap perfumes have poor durability, the smell disappears quickly, or a pleasant fragrance replaces the unpleasant smell of excipients. And the dear ones, on the contrary, are held for a long time and gradually open and give a pleasant feeling.

It is known that the persistence of a perfume is determined by the concentration of the perfume composition within the total volume of the mixture. In quality products, this number should be at least 15%. In animals, it can reach 40%. In this case, the fragrance lasts from 5 to 12 hours. However, because natural fragrances are expensive, cheap perfume manufacturers save on essential oils to reduce costs, and the concentration does not exceed 10% during production. In turn, this leads to a reduction in the persistence of the fragrance (1-2 hours).

However, there is also such an advantage when cheap perfumes are durable. But is it worth believing that such endurance can speak of good quality – no, of course? In fact, in this case, cheap synthetic ingredients are used to fix the smell, which is dangerous to health.

The difference between cheap and expensive perfumes is the smell.

An essential feature of a quality perfume is the complexity of the perfume composition. Expensive perfumes have multiple fragrances that change while on the skin and body.

The structure of the smell can be represented as follows:

  • Top note … In the first 15-20 minutes after applying the perfume, the first smell is felt; it is pretty intense but very volatile. During the specified time, the product’s most miniature persistent components evaporate, including citrus essential oils chosen by the perfumer, for example, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, orange or thyme, tarragon, rosemary, coriander, and rosewood.
  • Middle note … The top note gradually develops into a middle note that is sustained. The fragrance lasts up to 2 hours on the skin. For the middle note, perfumes use spicy, woody, or floral ingredients such as jasmine, verbena, geranium, and rose essence.
  • Base notes … It is the last chord in the aromatic symphony. The prominent scent is kept on the body for more than 10 hours. The base note can sound like vanilla, sandalwood, sage, oakmoss, musk, or other ingredients.

Because evaporation occurs gradually, the aroma gradually changes. There can be no sharp changes in smell in a quality perfume, which cannot say about cheap perfumes.

Most producers of budget perfume pay attention only to the first note, which primarily impresses the buyer. After all, it is pretty challenging to understand how the smell will change in 20 minutes or 2 hours. Therefore, the top note of the perfume, no matter how beautiful it is, cannot guarantee the high quality of the smell.

A train of expensive and cheap perfumes

At its core, a scent is a physical particle characterized by a very lightweight. It gives it the ability to be on the skin, hair, and clothes and hang in the air. As a result, many fragrances leave a trail after evaporation, an invisible scent trail left behind by the wearer.

The sillage of the perfume is a rather multifaceted phenomenon. Some scents don’t have it at all; they are only detected when you directly approach the fragrance’s source. These perfumes are more delicate in contrast to the “ledge.”

Its absence cannot indicate the low quality of the perfume. But the presence of a plum with an unpleasant smell is a sure sign of cheap ingredients in an aromatic liquid.

The trail of an expensive perfume consists of all three notes that appear in the same way as it does on the skin.

Each perfume has its unique signature. The uniqueness of the path is also provided by the user’s physiological characteristics, for example, skin type (oily, normal, dry). The fragrance and its intensity are also affected by weather conditions, such as humidity.

Criteria for choosing expensive perfumes

There are several step-by-step ways to determine the quality of a perfume, as well as its originality. The main thing is to be careful when choosing a bouquet.

So, according to what parameters it is necessary to choose a perfume and cut off cheap analogs:

  • By price … Quality perfumes cannot be cheap because their cost is relatively high due to the production of expensive raw materials that guarantee their high quality.
  • By packing … It’s easy to eliminate cheap counterparts with quality packaging. The cardboard should be high quality; its inner part should be snow white. Inside the box should be a cardboard compartment that holds the perfume bottle and prevents it from moving around inside the packaging. If the package is also packed in a plastic cover, it must seal its joints with an even seam.
  • With a name … Often, fakers change their terms a little, as if they allow a typo, i.e., change only one character. In this case, an inexperienced buyer finds the name originated. An expensive perfumer will never allow misspelled product names.
  • According to the manufacturer indicated on the packaging … If the packaging with a well-known name does not contain the words “made in,” but only the country’s name is indicated, then the perfume is fake. Original high-quality perfumes are produced in France and Italy. Well-known companies do not issue licenses for the production of their products because if a country other than France is indicated on the packaging, for example, with French perfumes, they are fake.
  • After perfume color … Real expensive perfumes always have delicate shades. Colors with a lot of colors are often added cheaply – hot pink, bright blue, etc.
  • By smell … You should check the fragrance before you buy. To do this, you need to put it on a blotter (a unique strip to familiarize yourself with the smell) and then inhale the scent from a distance of 15 cm. A high-quality perfume will leave a pleasant impression from distinctive light notes. If the scent is strong, then the fragrance is low.

Suppose you have to buy an expensive perfume that you have already used, fallen in love with, and want to find its fragrance again. In that case, you should carefully consider the old packaging and bottle to compare with the original. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and study certain products’ characteristics to see which product in the store is fake or original. It can be many specific things, for example, the product’s design, the typeface, the colors used, the content of the inscriptions, logos, etc.


Choosing a fragrance is an individual matter, but choosing a quality product is everyone’s responsibility. The main thing is to ignore fake products and buy safe perfume for your health.

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