Colors: How to dress for New Year 2023? We tell you what the meaning of the colors is

Colors; what is the meaning? Still don’t know how to dress for the New Year 2023? One option is to plan your New Year’s outfit based on the meaning of colors.

Each color carries a frequency within the spectrum, a vibration, and brings with it energy.

  • Pink. Love, friendship, reconciliation, and family union
  • Red. Love, sexuality, passion, vitality, and courage
  • Orange. Strength, success, confidence, dynamism, joy
  • Yellow. Learning, creativity, communication, economic abundance
  • Green. Health, money, luck, happiness, nature, balance
  • Purple. Spirituality, transmutation, transformation, wisdom
  • Blue. Tranquility, serenity, calm, peace, clarity of thought, meditation
  • White. Protection, peace, purity, truth

Colors according to your zodiac sign to receive 2023

  • Aries → Red
  • Taurus→ Pink
  • Gemini → Light Yellow
  • Cancer → White
  • Leo → Green
  • Virgo → Honey
  • Libra → Golden
  • Scorpio → Silver
  • Sagittarius → Violet
  • Capricorn → Navy Blue
  • Aquarius → Light gray
  • Pisces → Sky Blue

Colors according to the Chinese horoscope for 2023

The colors for New Year 2023 are those related to the elements wood, fire, and earth.

The recommended colors for good fortune in 2023 are aqua, mint green, cerulean Blue, and to a lesser extent, fiery red and imperial yellow. Use them on New Year’s Eve with any garment or accessory.

The balancing and protective colors in 2023 are: white and gold.

The meaning of these colors according to is as follows:

  • Cerulean blue Appeasement, freedom, and peace. It favors negotiations, job interviews, and communication—adverse effects: coldness, melancholy, laziness.
  • Mint green Creativity, healing, and expansion. It favors adaptation to a new environment (job or home) and new beginnings—adverse effects: madness, failure, envy.
  • Red fire. Vital impulse, passion, love. Favors romantic encounters and anticipates births. Adverse effect: danger, violence, anger.
  • Imperial yellow Clairvoyance, organization, and learning. It favors the acquisition of real estate and transfer of assets. Adverse effect: adultery, lies, vanity.
  • White and gold. Like balancing colors

Fortifying colors are common to the 12 signs of the Chinese horoscope. To counteract the adverse effects of these, there are corrective colors for each of the signs. We list them below:

  • Rat → Gold, lemon yellow, and alabaster white
  • Ox → Orange, Naples yellow, and ivory white
  • Tiger → Vermilion Red, Alabaster White, and Apple Green
  • Rabbit → Turquoise, sky blue, and orange-red
  • Dragon → Old gold, emerald green, and titanium white
  • Snake → Butter Yellow, Strawberry Blonde, Honey
  • Horse → Pine green, malachite green, cream white
  • Goat → Fuchsia pink, Parma, ivory white
  • Mono → Sapphire Blue, Indigo, and Raw White
  • Gallo → Naples yellow, cobalt yellow, and yellow
  • Dog → Apricot, amber, sulfur
  • Pork → Lime green, almond green, and vanilla

Colored panties for New Year

At the end of the year, one of the most famous rituals is to wear red pants to attract love or yellow pants for the money.

Although less common, you can also use other colors in underwear.

Below we share a list of colors and the meaning of each one.

  • White: Peace, hope, harmony, and health
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, vitality
  • Green: Hope, health, calm, protection, and youth
  • Red: Love, passion, and strength.
  • Yellow: Money, business, prosperity, and abundance
  • Blue: To finalize projects; this color is related to rationality and balance. It is also used to attract good luck and fortune in business.
  • Rosa: Romance and love, especially for those seeking a stable relationship.
  • Abode: Spirituality, meditation,
  • Black: Luxury, power, leadership positions, sexuality.

For this New Year’s Eve ritual to be more effective, it is recommended that the underwear worn on New Year’s Eve (that is, December 31) be new and the product of a gift.

meaning of the colors

meaning of the colors

Other rituals with clothes

Another New Year’s ritual that has to do with clothing is that at dinner on December 31, you wear a gold or silver garment; this is a way to attract abundance for the next 12 months.

You can also purge your closet and get rid of clothes, shoes, or accessories that you no longer use so that you can give them away or give them as a donation. Energetically this symbolizes that you leave behind the old and make room for the new that is to come.

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