Foot odor: How to get rid?

Foot odor; how to get rid? How to get rid of unpleasant foot odor with simple home remedies. Also, learn about the causes of this problem and the main preventive measures. The issue of unpleasant foot odor is prevalent. Anyone who has experienced it knows that the leading cause is excessive sweating on the legs. Sweat does not smell because it is more than half water. The foul smell is created by bacteria, for which the secretion of secretion is the best environment for their existence. Therefore, to neutralize all odors, it is necessary to prevent these bacteria from appearing. But for this, you need to find out the main reasons for the appearance of foot odor.

Causes of unpleasant foot odor

And then, we learned that sweat is the source of all bacteria, which can even be harmful to health. The human skin secretes it to conserve body heat and remove toxic substances from the body. That is why it is essential to take a shower every day. Due to various factors, excessive sweating leads to unpleasant foot odor.

The following reasons have an effect:

  • Poor shoes lead primarily to this unpleasant problem because the cheap materials from which shoes are made provide insufficient ventilation of the skin of the feet;
  • Irregular hygiene practices provide optimal conditions for the development of microorganisms;
  • Irregular washing of shoes, which may contain a mass of harmful microorganisms;
  • The appearance of fungus on the legs disturbs the water-salt balance in the skin, and from this, an unpleasant smell.

In this case, dealing with foot odor is easy because you must choose the right shoes to help your skin breathe better. To do this, you should only buy it from natural materials, such as leather. Should pay particular attention to the hygiene of the feet. Therefore, they need to be washed every day, and it is advisable to use antibacterial soap. Excellent results are obtained with ordinary laundry soap, which removes all odors and kills all bacteria by 100%. It would help if you also changed your socks daily because clothes absorb all the odors and dirt.

Wash your shoes regularly; you need to have several pairs of them to change and wash them more often. After washing, it is essential to check that they are scorched. As mentioned before, a wet environment is a breeding ground for microbes. If the problem is the athlete’s foot, you need to treat it to eliminate the smell. To do this, it is enough to consult a pharmacist who will advise on the proper anti-fungal remedy.

Very often, the pathological tendency of the body to this point can be the cause of the unpleasant smell of feet.

In medicine, this is called “hyperthermia,” which is accompanied by reduced sweating. Most often, this is an excessive allocation, but in some cases, it can reduce it. First, this disorder occurs in nervousness and can be both general and local. In this case, you need to use methods to neutralize this smell or help reduce sweat.

For help, you can consult a doctor who will give wise advice on how to help you with such an unpleasant problem. Often, with this treatment, special ointments are prescribed to get rid of foot odor. But a more accessible and affordable way to treat excessive sweating of the feet is folk remedies.

Foot odor

Foot odor

How to get rid of foot odor at home?

  • Special insoles for shoes, which are made so that the leather can breathe well, will help to remove the smell of sweat.
  • To neutralize unpleasant odors, you can use carnation flowers to put in your shoes. Lavender also works well as a freshener.
  • Infusions and decoctions of various herbs help in the fight against sweat. Chamomile, sage, green tea, and rose hips are most commonly used. To prepare such funds, you need a few tablespoons of herbs, pour 1 liter of boiled water, and insist. You can cook the infusion a little for a high composition concentration. Also, if desired, you can combine herbs; for example, take a spoonful of each. With such a decoction or infusion, you should wash your feet daily. The best results will be if your feet float in such water; this will also help to remove dead skin particles on the feet.
  • Decoctions are also made from kombucha; many medicines to treat such problems are made on its basis. Means for the hygiene of the feet are made from the infusion of the mushroom, where a few tablespoons of it are added to 1 liter of boiled water. Used both for washing and lotion.
  • Essential oils have a good effect, which not only removes unpleasant odors but also kills germs. Eucalyptus oil, mint, lemon, lavender, etc., are suitable.
  • You can prepare a solution that will help with profuse sweating. Mix vinegar and alcohol in a 1: 1. Dry your feet with this compound every night.
  • To reduce sweating and neutralize foot odor at home, you can use special antiperspirants and antiperspirants. They can get rid of the smell for a long time because by applying it to the skin, particular substances close the sweat ducts.
  • An accurate folk way is to use soda. It must be diluted in warm water and kept for 15-20 minutes.
  • A solution of potassium permanganate also kills microbes perfectly as you need to wash your feet well without drying them.
  • When there is a fungus on the legs, you can get rid of it with folk remedies with ordinary sour cream. To do this, apply sour cream every night on all legs and wash it off after 20 minutes. Do the procedure until the fungus disappears completely. You can replace Sour cream with kefir or cream, but these should be high-fat dairy products. If you eliminate the fungus, the foot odor problem will also disappear. You can also buy any ointment from the fungus at the pharmacy. As a rule, the smell evokes this particular disease.

If an unpleasant foot odor disturbs your life and makes you feel insecure, getting rid of this problem can be easy and painless. With the help of folk medicine, you will get rid of this disease forever without harming your health. The most important thing to remember is that careful hygiene and proper care of shoes will help prevent many unpleasant diseases, including foot odor.

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