Foundation: How to use the foundation correctly?

Foundation for the face. They instilled in the choice of funds, taking into account skin type. Ways to apply foundation for every day. To be the owner of perfect skin is the dream of many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. But nature did not give everyone such a luxurious gift. Make-up artist Max Factor helped make up for lack of skin. In 1936 he used a light face cream instead of heavy makeup for the actors of the Royal Theatre. Since then, women have long ceased to imagine their cosmetic bags without foundation.

The role of the foundation for the face

Professional makeup artists emphasize the makeup base because even luxury makeup is impossible without a high-quality and well-chosen base. Stunning eyes, long eyelashes, and perfectly defined lips disappear against the background of dark circles under the eyes or a lifeless wax mask on the face. A poorly chosen foundation can cause flaking, an unpleasant tightness, or a sense of masking and stickiness on the front.

Daily functions of the face cream:

  • Protection of facial skin from external irritation: wind, frost, scorching sun, dust, etc.
  • Shave your skin throughout the day. The essential oils that make up the creams can moisturize, soften and give freshness to the skin of the face and can spoil the oily sheen and adhesion of the skin. Excessive use of an oily foundation can lead to the formation of pimples and acne.
  • Skin nutrition. The quality foundation contains minerals and vitamins that strengthen tattoos and stimulate collagen production.
  • The durability of the makeup, and its perfection, directly depend on the quality of the foundation. After choosing a long-lasting foundation for the face, flawless makeup is possible even on a rainy or hot day.
  • Masks skin imperfections, evens out relief, and visually lifts an oval face. When the proper foundation is used, fine wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and slight redness disappear visually.

Features of choosing a foundation according to skin type

At first, glance, choosing a foundation for your face is a simple but complicated process. The same foundation in different weather conditions can be optimal, or vice versa; it can create a terrible mood.

Primer for dry skin

The first thing you should pay attention to is the composition of the foundation. For dry skin, it should contain oils or cosmetic fats, as well as hyaluronic acid. These ingredients soften and nourish dry skin and eliminate flaky, dry skin.

Another characteristic of dry lotion is its spreadable consistency, possibly like a mousse. This condition of the cream will immediately moisturize the skin and give a pleasant feeling of well-groomed and velvety texture.

The third sign of the cream should be hypoallergenic for the skin. The ingredients that make up the base are of natural origin, and dry skin, like no other, is prone to allergic rashes and irritation. The perfect solution to prevent unwanted consequences is to use a trial version of the cream in question.

Advice! For better hydration and to prevent flaking, you should mix your daily foundation with a moisturizer during the day.

Foundation for combination skin

The difficulty in choosing a cream for combination skin is dryness in certain areas and a tendency to increase secretion of sweat glands in the nasolabial triangle and forehead.

Before buying a foundation, you need to decide which problem worries you more – dryness or oily content. There is no exceptional foundation for such skin. But a water-based product that won’t clog your pores is a great option.

Minerals, hyaluronic acid, and reflective particles must be essential for such a cream.

Primer for oily skin

Oily skin has several unpleasant characteristics: oily sheen, enlarged pores, and acne proneness. Enlarged pores and increased sebum secretion create a favorable environment for the development of abscesses and a constant inflammatory process. It means that the main property of a foundation for oily skin is drying with a mattifying effect.

Signs of a foundation for oily skin:

  • Lack of fats and oils. The oily foundation will only aggravate the skin.
  • In its composition, the cream should include fat-absorbing components, such as powder.
  • An unacceptable property of such a cream is pearly particles. The cream should mattify, not make the skin shine.
  • The presence of acids will dry the skin and narrow the pores, preventing the development of inflammatory processes in the form of acne or acne.

Advice! The tag on the packaging, “OIL FREE,” is what you need for oily skin. If you don’t want to study the key for a long time, this sign will serve as a good guide!

A foundation for quality skin

Problem skin is synonymous with skin that needs extra care. Problems can be dryness with inflammatory centers, purulent acne in the area of ​​​​increased sensitivity, vascular system, acne, and acne.

When choosing a foundation for a face with problematic skin.

You need to follow some recommendations of the beauty industry:

  • Cream of medium thickness with a composition suitable for the dominant skin type. You must choose a cream with emollient oils if the main problem is dryness. In case of increased fat content, the cream should be fat-free.
  • Very carefully, you need to choose a cream with powder. Swollen skin and dry and sensitive skin can react very negatively to small powder particles – severe rashes and peeling.
  • Unlike further irritation and toxic substances, a minimal combination of vitamins and fragrance additives makes sensitive skin. Can through reactions “thank” allergic reactions?

Rules of application of the foundation step by step

Every application of cosmetics should begin with skin preparation, cleansing, and moisturizing with toner. The choice of cosmetics should consider each skin type’s characteristics. You can apply the foundation using cosmetics (sponge, brush) or using your fingers.

How to apply foundation with a sponge

A sponge on the cream is suitable for girls with oily and combination skin. The toner from the sponge lays down in a thicker layer that perfectly neutralizes dullness.

To use the product in the warm season, when the layer requires minimal application, it is better to wet the sponge with plain water. A damp sponge allows you to apply the cream in a lighter layer and mix well, even thick cream.

Instructions for using the sponge to apply the foundation:

  • Dampen the sponge with a bit of water.
  • Apply a few drops of foundation to the surface.
  • Apply the cream with spotting movements from the center of the face to the edges. It would help if you started from the nose.
  • Treat the forehead and chin with patting, and small movements, starting from the center and along the massage lines to the temple and ear.

After using the sponge, it must be washed and dried. A base with fat-containing nourishing ingredients is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. On contact with the skin, especially if inflamed, these bacteria can enter the inflammation and cause more damage.

How to apply foundation with your fingers

Using a base layer with your fingers is one of the most cost-effective methods. Sponge, sponge, or brush absorbs cosmetics. In addition, it is convenient and fun to apply the cream by hand.

Your actions:

  • Warm your hands by rubbing your palms together. In warm hands, the cream melts a little, especially on an oily base, and it will be better to apply it. Warm hands, whether you’re applying makeup or helping someone with makeup, are much more excellent than cold.
  • Take some cream and rub it between the fingers of both hands.
  • First, spread the cream in short strokes on problem areas that require careful treatment. It is more often: nose, nasolabial triangle, problem area of ​​cheekbones.
  • Leave to soak, and drink for 2-3 minutes.
  • After that, if necessary, add foundation and massaging movements, starting from the center of the face and stretching to the periphery. Blend the area of ​​cheekbones and cheeks with temples, the forehead with hair and temples, and blend the chin with ears.
  • Do not forget the neck and décolleté area if it is open. With a careful look at your image, there should not be a clear transition between the color of the oval face, neck, and décolleté.
  • After applying the tone, let the skin rest for 5 minutes, and then proceed with the makeup.

How to apply foundation with a brush

In their careers, celebrity makeup artists often prefer cosmetic brushes. And in daily makeup, many women and girls like to use brushes to apply different cosmetics.

Consider the features of applying foundation with a brush:

  • Apply a small foundation to the back of your hand or wrist.
  • Take a broad or flat brush and grab a cream. Push the cream into the skin, and apply the foundation with movements.
  • Blend the areas in the nasolabial triangle, near the ears, the neck, and the area near the hair.

Features of choosing a good brush for applying cosmetics:

  • Better to use a ready-made brush. Such a brush practically does not absorb the cream; it is not at all whimsical in care and durable in use.
  • The hardness of the pile should be medium, pleasant to the touch, but not too soft. A brush that is too hard can puncture and scratch the skin, making it uncomfortable to use. A soft brush will not handle the application and blending evenly.
  • Make sure the brush size is right for you. The most popular brushes by makeup artists: are broad brushes with a flat base, wide brushes with a rounded tip, and kabuki – fluffy, tapered brushes.

It is necessary to wash the brush, like any other tool, while holding it with the wink down. To care for a ready-made meeting, use regular liquid soap. We dry the same way as mine.

Foundation correctly

Foundation correctly

How to use the foundation correctly: valuable tips

Here are some helpful tips for applying foundation to your face:

  • The foundation fits perfectly on healthy skin. Daily care, using a non-aggressive cleanser will soothe and moisturize the skin. When exfoliating, it is recommended to apply a delicate exfoliator before applying the foundation. Rashes should not be rubbed with tones but treated with special preparations.
  • With the help of an expert, you need to choose the right tone. Of course, you can select the most suitable one by trial and error, but that way you will spend a lot. After all, the cost of a decent cream is not tiny. A visit to a professional makeup artist will allow you to choose a unique tone for yourself, get the necessary suggestions on using decorative cosmetics, and find the pleasure of communicating with an expert.
  • When choosing a new foundation for your face, buying a sample or tester is advisable. Every remedy may not be suitable for you, even if experts recommend it.
  • Care requires not only the skin but also auxiliary components and cosmetics. Should clean hands, cosmetic brushes, and sponges before makeup.
  • A good mood, enough sleep, and a healthy diet are the keys to radiant skin and great makeup.

Not only cosmetics but also daily skin care, a healthy lifestyle, and an optimistic mood will help you become beautiful.


Thus, for flawless makeup, you need a high-quality foundation. An excellent appearance is guaranteed when the cream is used according to the needs of skin types. It can be applied in several ways: with a sponge, brush, and fingers. Sponges and brushes must take care to avoid harmful bacteria and skin infections. Be beautiful every day!

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