Funny games: Party funny games

Thinking of funny games can be reminiscent of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and piñatas, but there are so many more party game ideas out there that will not make you feel like a child again. Like road trip games and ingenious party games to the masses that play them, these ideas are almost guaranteed to ensure that everyone has a royal party.

If there is no space in your checklist for pre-game planning, that’s fine. (Sometimes great conversations and reaching out to distant friends are all successful meeting needs.) But if you’d instead fill your holiday with laughter and activity, or if you need to entertain young children, then you’ve gone over these funny games.

Because these Funny games: are funny party games to make your next blast have flexible rules and little to no stock, you can keep them casual and let them work for any event, whether it’s a birthday party, celebration or another gathering. Most can work for adults or children, depending on the rules you follow. They’re all great for families too, so you have something to do after you gift ideas and fun games as well as gather around the TV.

Choose a few parties that work for you and keep them in mind at all gatherings. They are so easy to explain and play that you can similar them out in an instant if the energy of the party starts to drop and saves your party from tired fading.

Funny games for all occasions and all ages

Saran wrap games

It requires a bit of preparation: You will need a box of plastic wrap and a bag of sweets or a selection of small and durable delicacies. (Packs of chewing gum, dollar bills, lottery tickets, and the like all work.) Choose one item to put in the center of the saran packaging ball. Wrap it carefully in plastic wrap, add more things when your wrapped ball gets bigger, and stick them in the packaging. (To make the game challenging, tear the wrapper into more miniature sheets as you go.) Once you’ve used an entire roll of the wrapper (or more, if desired), you’re ready to play.

Gather in a circle or around a table. Give one man a wrapped bundle; give the person next to them the dice. The person with the pile of saran packaging must dig up as much of the ball as possible before the person throwing the dice doubles. (Any winnings that fall out while you come to you are yours to hold.) When the person who rolls the dice doubles, he splits the dice and gets the bundle. Repeat until the ball is entirely original.

For other versions, have the person with the plastic film ball wear oven mitts, or set a time setting for each turn instead of using cubes.

Post It Note Games

You will need a stack of banknotes and pens. Please write the name of a well-known personality or character on each note and then give them until everyone has one. Each person should stick the message on their forehead or back without looking. Have everyone mingle or sit in a circle and take turns asking yes or no questions to discover who you are. (Am I living? Is it a great place to start?) Play until everyone has guessed who they are or hand out prizes to the people who think correctly first.

How is yours?

Choose a person to be that and send them out of the room. Choose a common trait with the rest of the people: hair, clothing or body parts all work. When the person returns, he asks someone, how is yours? That person should then give an adjective in one word to describe their characteristics. (Itchy, thick and elastic, for example, for shirts.) Repeat until the questioner guesses the feature.

Most likely to

These funny games work best for close friends or family members. Gather in a circle. Start by asking: Who is most likely to walk on their own two feet? (Or other position, attribute, action, etc.) Count down from three (encouraging to perform a drum by hand) and let them all point out who they think is most likely to perform the act. The one who has the most fingers on them is out. Go around the circle and ask who is most likely to … until everyone but one is out. You can skip the elimination to make the game last longer.

I never have any time.

Sit in a circle. Start with one person saying: I never have … and finish with something they have never done. (Traveled to Africa, ate escargot, and liked all the work.) If anyone has done so, he must hold up one finger; if no one in the group has done it, the one who says I never have … needs to hold up a finger. Continue the circle until one person has three fingers up: They are out. These parties games can be as brutal as you make them, so play carefully and set the rules for your time if grandparents or other conservative guests are involved.

Would you rather?

Gather in a circle. Ask the person next to you instead… and include two challenging situations. (Would you instead not take a shower for a year or not brush your teeth for a year? For example.) After their answer, it is up to them to ask the person next to them. Keep going until you can think of more scenarios.

Music chairs

Okay, this is a popular party funny game for kids, but adults can join in the fun too. Put chairs (or seat cushions) in a circle and face outwards, with enough space for everyone to play, minus one. Name one person, the music player, and let everyone stand around the seating circle. When the music starts, walk around the seats; everyone has to find a center when the music is over. Anyone who does not do so is out. Remove one more chair and start again until two people fight for one seat.

To make music chairs more interesting, add your own rules. Let people sit on each other (as long as their feet are off the floor), for example, or make your changes.

Funny games

Funny games

Head up!

This funny game requires application: The Heads Up! The app is available from the App Store and Google Play. After 99 cents of purchase and download, however, you have time for fun at any time. (In-app purchases are also available.) One person is holding the phone to their forehead. Everyone else will perform or describe what appears on the screen while the person holding the phone is guessing. They have one minute to make as many guesses as possible, and then the phone goes to the next person. Categories include animals, movies, public figures and celebrities, and more.

I invite you to a party…

For a more intelligent, funny game, play this brain teaser. Say you’re having a party, and only those who make the proper donations will be invited. Choose a secret rule: Usually, everyone has to come up with something that starts with the same letter as their name, but you can also get more creative with it. Do not tell anyone else about your rule.

Go around the room and let everyone say what they are bringing; you answer each suggestion with Yes, or No, you cannot come up with it. Keep going until everyone has figured out the rule.


Oldie but goodie: Collect in a circle. Choose one phrase to whisper in the ear of the person next to you – no repetition. That person will whisper what he heard in front of the person next to him and so on until the sentence comes back to you. Prepare to laugh at how distorted it will be. To make it harder, play music in the background.

Two truths and a lie

Choose three statements to make about yourself: I have two siblings, I’ve been to three continents, and I love cats, for example. Two should be true; one should be a liar. Everyone has to guess what the lie is, and then the next person leaves. It is great to get to know you; if you’re playing with family or friends, choose blurry details to try to trick each other into making it even more fun and games.

Sticker thread

Buy a sticker pack. (This is a great Christmas party, funny games, or Halloween party games, so try to find stickers that suit the occasion.) Give everyone one sheet of five to ten stickers (or less, depending on the size of the parties). This game works best at a party where everyone is mingling, so you can easily incorporate it into your happy hour or neighborhood action. Each individual must uniquely place their stickers on the other guests of the parties; the first one to use all their stickers wins. If they get stuck with someone, they have to accept a sticker. At the end of the night, you can laugh at how subtle some people are – and wonder how you ended up with a sticker all over your back without noticing it.

Mail call

Put chairs in a circle and use one less than needed. Let everyone take a seat; the one without a heart must stand in the middle of the process. They will say, Mail call for everyone … and choose a description, such as being red or having a cat. (There is a lot of room for creativity here.) Everyone who applies for an illustrator must get up and find a new seat without taking back their starting seat or going to their hearts. The one in the middle will also compete for a chair; whoever is left standing at the end stands in the circle next, and the game continues.


Find a deck of cards and a spoon. (Candy pieces work too.) Have enough for each player, minus one. Distribute four cards to each player. One person, the dealer, holds the remaining deck of cards next to him and draws one card at a time. They will look at the card and replace it with a card in their hand or pass it on to the person next to them, who will do the same. The goal is to collect four from the same card; when that happens, catch a spoon. When someone notices a missing spoon, they can also grab one; the one who is left without a prize at the end is out. Remove one more scoop and play again.

Alternatively, play by sticking your tongue out when you have collected four of a kind: If others notice, they can also stick their tongue out; whoever catches last loses.

Hot Potato Camera Funny Games

Select a phone to go around the group. Set it to self-timer – 10 seconds is best – and use normal photo mode, not self-portrait mode. Hold the phone around, with each person holding the phone for a moment and sitting in front of the camera. Continue until the captured picture, then repeat. Finally, look at the (probably unworthy) pictures.

Crossed, uncrossed

It is a more complex attitude when I host a party. Sit in a circle and nominate yourself as the host. (Do not tell everyone the name of the games.) Say that you are having a party, but only those who bring the right things will invite. Go around the circle and have everyone contribute; the host will tell who asked and who is not. Instead of basing the offer on what they bring, build it on their body position: the one who has his legs crossed can come and the one who cannot, for example. Keep going until everyone else finds out.

In a perfect world

Like me hosting a party and having Crossed, Uncrossed, everyone sitting in a circle. Say you are describing your perfect world: There are doors but no windows in my ideal world. Have the next person tell what might be in your perfect world. Your ideal world has only two characters: a school, not a college, for example, or an apple, not a banana. If anyone gets this right, say, yes, it would be in my perfect world. If they do not, say so. Continue the circle until everyone finds out.

Charades funny games

A tried and tested party game can be as simple and as complicated as you make it. Have everyone write down concepts, movies, people, episodes, and more to play and split into teams. One person will check something from the selection while their teammates guess it. When the time is up, change units and repeat. Improve deadlines, scoring systems, silence rules, and more as desired.

20 Questions

Choose one to go first. That person will think about an object, an animal, a movie, a public figure, and so on. Everyone else will ask yes or no about what they are; they have 20 chances to guess, or one party wins. The one who thinks correctly can win a prize or be next to answer questions.


Have everyone sit or stand in a circle. Each person should choose a hand movement (or leg movement, if you are standing). Go around the circle and let everyone present their proposal: Memorize them. Have everyone start clapping or treading a steady rhythm and choose one to start with: They will make their movement and then someone else’s movement in the circle. This next person will make their moves, and then a third person will do the same. There are no setbacks and no hesitation. The one who messes up first is out; continue indefinitely.

Straight face games

Find paper pads and writing tools. Have everyone write an outrageous sentence on a ticket and collect everything in a hat. (In the case of a mixed group, set guidelines for fairness ahead of time; if it’s only adults, go wild.) Gather in a circle. Give one person the hat: Draw a piece of paper and read the statement aloud to the group. The goal is to have a straight face: The one who laughs or smiles loses. Let the hat go until everything has read.

Medusa games

Let everyone sit at the table. Everyone puts their head down; count down from three and let everyone sit up and watch someone else in the circle. If you have eye contact with someone else, you’re out. If the person you are watching is watching someone else, you are safe. Repeat until everyone is out.

  1. Freeze

Choose one person to be Mr. Freeze. Let everyone who plays the game move around the party as usual. When Mr. Freeze freezes, everyone else has to freeze too. The one who freezes last is outside. Repeat during the party.

How to turn any party games into drinking games

If you want things to get a little wild for adults, add alcohol. Sip your drink instead of someone out after losing (or a shot, if you feel terrible) in most games. In games that involve regulation (Kings, Cheers to the Governor, etc.), you can change any rule to drink: Women drink, men drink, people in black drink, etc. If you are familiar with drinking games, gather, drink responsibly, and be safe!

Party funny games for adults

Phone Pictionary

Tear or cut pieces of paper into pieces, or give a notebook to anyone who plays and go for a pen or pencil. Each person should have as many sheets or pages as people play: If it is a group of 10, each person should have ten papers, for example.

Without letting anyone else see, write a word or phrase on the first page. Everyone should move their paper stack or notepad clockwise. The following person will look at the word or phrase, move it to the bottom of the pile, and then draw their interpretation of that word or phrase. When everyone did, go back clockwise. This person will look at the picture, interpret it into a word or phrase, and move the drawing to the bottom of the stack. Keep going, alternating between graphics and words, until the stacks come in a circle. Scroll through the results and get ready to scream with laughter.


This game is also known as Assassin, Werewolf, or Village. If you have a large group, a deck of cards, a lot of time, and a lot of attention from America and Europe, then this extreme puzzle of the games are entertaining, if it is a bit complicated. See complete rules for Mafia; essentially, certain group members are the bad guys (the Mafia, the murderers, etc.); others are villagers, and even more, are police officers. One is the game manager. The police are trying to guess who the bad guys are before killing all the villagers.


Shuffle the deck and gather everyone around the table. Put a can of beer or soda in the middle and arrange the cards with the side around them. Follow the assigned rules for Kings or set your own rules for each card. After drawing a card, slide it under the tab in the box before performing the card rule. When the can pops up, whoever puts the last card must drink it.

Party funny games for children

I’m spying

Choose one to go first. That person will pick something in the room and describe it: I spy something green with the bit of eye. Everyone else will guess what it is and ask yes or no. The one who thinks right first can win a prize or be the next Speyer.


A Lunch Box That Looks Like a Purse

Find a ball string or yarn. Let everyone stand in a circle. Choose one child to go first; give them the rope and let it begin to describe their life. When they say something (I like dogs, for example) that someone else in the circle has in common, another child will shout Connection! The first child will throw the yarn at them, and the second child will describe their life. Repeat until everyone is gone and the thread has created a web between all the children.

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