Greek hairstyle: How to make a Greek hairdo at home

Greek hairstyle, the rules for choosing a Greek style, especially to create it on the hair of different lengths, as well as using various accessories and jewelry. Greek hairdo is a style that is often stuck in the form of a curly ponytail or a cup, decorated with various stylish accessories. Such a style is great for both day and night.

How to choose a Greek hairstyle

Such hairstyles have not gone out of fashion for decades. Of course, there are times when the Greek style is not at the peak of popularity and is not an obvious trend, but still, girls do not stop wearing them. Greek-style hairstyles are an ideal style choice for celebrations and for every days. It perfectly emphasizes the delicate features of the face and graceful lines on the neck and will certainly not overload it. The picture as a whole will resemble a beautiful and feminine goddess.

The style looks quite festive, but at the same time not original and formal. The image will prove to be rather simple, but it will be diluted with tasteful details for hair ornaments. This hairstyle option is suitable for dates, theater or opera, and even for weddings. Such a style is a great combination of comfort and beauty because the curls will be elegantly styled, and the strands do not strike out or interfere. And one more advantage of this hairstyle: professional skills are not useful, because all the steps can be done with your own hands. The style is done in 20 minutes and at the same time, you just look great! The main highlight of this style is of course curly hair. It should be noted that this hairstyle will look especially good on naturally curly curls. To create lasting curls, you need to arm yourself with styling products and curling irons.

  • With the help of a Greek hairdo, you can emphasize the shape of your face and cheekbones. And if you also add the image to a Greek dress, then the beauty of the arms and neck will be emphasized.
  • This hairstyle can be complemented with various accessories. All kinds of decorations and what style of dresses will be combined with it.
  • There are many style options, which means that girls with any face shape will be able to choose their own hairstyle.
  • The hair is securely fastened; the strands will not be pulled out.
  • The look of the hairstyle is very light and airy; it will give the image a touch of romance.

Choosing a Greek hairstyle is quite simple:

  • By face type … For circular and triangular styles suitable style with firmer strands, which can be decorated with discreet decorations? But for oval and square, you can loosen the curls, add a little lightness to them, and even if you want to be negligent. For decoration, you can use wide headbands and ribbons.
  • Hair length … Greek-style options are a great choice for girls with medium to long hair. If you have short curls, you can also decorate them in the Greek style – with hairpins, hooks, or tables.
  • For the occasion you are styling … If this is an evening walk or a festive outing, then there are a lot of stylistic variations, you can definitely decorate your hair with shiny accessories. For a daily edition of a hairdresser for work or study, you should adjust its elegance and not let it wander too much with the interior. This style should be more restrained.

Types of Greek-style hairstyles

New variations of how you can diversify your Greek hairstyle appear regularly. But still, according to one criterion, they are always similar – these are ideal, airy, and light curls.

Greek-style hairdo with clicks

It is the clicks that will give any style of charm and mystery, and with its help, it is easy to change the visual properties visually.

Consider a trendy Greek hairstyle with bangs:

  • Greek-style hairstyles with clicks, which are complemented by high-waisted curly curls, look great. This hairstyle can be worn with straight, oblique, and even asymmetrical clicks. You can also enhance the style with stylish bright decorations – a live flower or silk bandage.
  • Every variation of the Greek style with clicks should preferably add some kind of accessory. During this period, hairstyles with fresh flowers woven into curls are incredibly popular. With the help of a flower, you can add volume to your hair and image – tenderness and grace.
  • Such a style will look great on girls with different types of curls – both on curly hair and on smooth curls with iron or braid in all kinds of braids.

It is important to choose the right version of the slap, which would perfectly match your face type and also look to match the Greek style:

  • For square feet, graduated clicks are ideal.
  • For one circle – oblique, barely covering the eyebrows.
  • The oval shape is universal; any kind of click is suitable for such girls. A great choice would be diluted or short.
  • Triangular and heart-shaped faces will be decorated with diagonal, short clicks.

It is recommended to pay attention to this style with bangs for girls with high foreheads. It is the clicks that will remove the accent from the problem area, emphasizing your femininity. For a romantic date, the mysterious Greek style with asymmetrical clicks is suitable. It is used on medium hair (it can even be done for bubble length). The design is completed with a ribbon, headband, or bandage. Hair clicks with straight clicks are a good choice for girls with any face shape. They give a look of elegance to the look.

Greek curls with bangs on the hair of any texture and length are easy to make. The main rule: any hairstyle should be a little light and airy, with a small amount in the crown.

Greek-style hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is one of the most important, especially in summer. It is rather simple to create, it requires hair spray, hairpins, elastic, and hair jewelry.

But it is noteworthy that the headband is not only a stylish accessory, it also attaches curls in the appropriate shape. Therefore, when choosing it, it is necessary to take into account such factors: it should fit snugly enough on the head and not slip off. You can also make a bandage yourself: To do this, you need to turn a standard silk wide ribbon into flagella.

Popular Hairstyles for Greek Style Headbands:

  • Style with a headband on the forehead … First, you need to comb your hair well, and straighten it. Next, you should put a frame on the curls and fix it with invisible. Then you need to start removing the threads carefully under the elastic and twisting them (like pressing under a bandage). It is worth starting from one end of the head and softly reaching the other edge. You can also twist each thread into dense flagella and then continue weaving, as described above.
  • Haircut with curls gathered in a low bun … First, comb the hair and thread an elastic band under it. Curls need to be stuck in a low, loose tail, but you should not fix it with elastic. We turn the threads into a tourniquet. Next, you need to lift the tail to the fixed edge and put it in a cup. The more songs in the bundle, the more extensive the hairstyle will be. Use hair clips or hair clips to fix the style.

Greek braid with braid

There are many variations on how to braid such an original braid. You can braid several thin braids that are intertwined with each other; it is also possible to lay simply a thick braid. All hairstyles need to be decorated with hairpins or flowers, hairpins or tables. Braiding Greek braids is not difficult, the main thing is to practice a little. Over time, you will learn to weave textures and extensive complexes. To create a style, you need combs, hairstyles or invisibility, and style products. Before you start creating braids, remember that they should be done on clean hair.

Consider the ideas for braids with braids:

  • Web “semi-braid” … Make a vertical part. The hair is divided into three straight strands. Braiding this type of braid is based on weaving a French braid, the difference is that in our style the curls are braided on top and not on the sides. The hairstyle turns out to be bulky and embossed. It should be noted that after the end of the weaving, the tip of the braid is not fixed. Pull out a few side threads of the braid from one side of the head. It is this technology that will help to give the style a bang. The final touch is to decorate the fabric with hairpins, flowers, or a hair band.
  • Weave “Greek goddess” … Apply mousse or gel to threads that are not yet completely dry. All hair should be well separated from each other. Leave the hairstyle above the ear and divide it into three parts. Start braiding in the French style. The braid needs to be moved to the other part of the head and gradually more threads are reached. The resulting braid should be well fastened, it is better to hide the tip under the hair. Also, as an option, when you weave, you can leave a few threads and then curl them or tie them in a cup.

There are many options for stylish Greek weaving. You need to choose the one that suits your soul as much as possible, and also suits your image.

Greek hairstyle with flowers

Flowers are often used in the Greek style. One of the most popular types of hairstyles with natural or artificial flowers is the “Greek cup”. This variant is lightweight and easy to carry. First, you need to comb your hair well and curl it with iron along its entire length. Curls should not be small curls, but beautiful waves. Next, you need to make a direct parting and gather all the threads into a low, loose bundle. You can fix it with decorative hairpins. If you want, you can leave a few curls so that they frame the beautiful oval face. Next, you need to carefully weave flowers into your hair – this will be the last touch. Let’s look at how to make Greek hairdo bindings. One of its most common varieties is braided horsetail from fine braids. The image will be fresh and not trivial. The hair must first not be divided into four or five strands; each of them must be braided and then combined and fastened with tape to the base. It is worth adding a style with fresh flowers, which are woven into braids with the help of invisible. There is also another option for this hairstyle: one or more braids can be braided around the head. You can start from the levels of the ears and from the temples. The ends of the fabric are attached with hairpins and hairpins with flowers are attached to the curls as decoration.

Greek-style with tables

Very often, white ribbons of completely different lengths and widths are used to decorate such hairstyles. Banners are versatile accessories that can be used independently or can be perfectly combined with other fixtures.

Red ribbons go well with natural flowers. For a wedding look, stylists advise choosing a cream or peach jewelry. Also in this period are very fashionable ribbons made of silver and gold colors, which can be decorated with rhinestones or pearls if desired. Styles decorated with ribbon-edge look very stylish. It can vary in texture, material, and design. Beads, rhinestones, brooches, or large bows are used for its decoration. Such a headband will decorate both laid or braided curls and flowing.

It is recommended to decorate individual curls or braids with tables, as well as to use them in conjunction with fresh flowers – roses, peonies, orchids. For retro and Greek styles, wide dense velvet ribbons are often used, which can have three-dimensional embroidery. Satin or silk headbands, embroidered with small beads or pearls, will add lightness and airiness to your hairstyle in the Greek style.

Do not forget the tips stylists: jewelry and accessories should be in moderation!

How to make a Greek haircut for hair of different lengths

Different style options in Greek are suitable for long, medium, and even short curls. It is easy to fold them into a cup, ponytail, braid, or braid. The hair is usually tied to the crown or the back of the head and the ends can fall beautifully.

Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyle for long hair

There are some of the most common Greek hairstyles for a hair under the shoulder blades:

  • “Lightray” … It is done on well curly hair. The divorce should be straightforward. A few curls should beautifully frame the oval face and the rest of the hair should be gathered behind the head in a tight bun. It can be fixed with bright ribbons or hairpins.
  • Free Spirit of Hetero” … To create the style, you need to gather the threads on the back of your head into a cup and put on a mesh hat called “Stefana”. It can be in different colors, but the classic version is gold. Stefans can also be decorated with pearls and rhinestones. There are even silk stems, made and embroidered by hand. The curls around the mesh should be bulky; you can give them a little carelessness.
  • “The majestic lampadion” … The technology to perform this style is quite complex, but it looks amazing. It is necessary to choose the thick hair on the back of the head and fasten it to the base with a ribbon. Next, we curl the curls. We fasten each subsequent string with the help of invisible threads and fasten it closer to the main one. Then all the curls are collected in a loose tail and fastened with hairpins. The hairspray needs to be sprinkled with varnish.

Greek hairstyle for medium hair

Greek hairstyles are great for medium-length hair. The Apollo-style will partially cover the forehead. Curls on both sides of the head fall to the temples and then pierce in the form of a free wave on the back of the head. “Halves”: the hair must be well twisted with an iron, and treated with fasteners. Next, the threads are paid back and fastened with an edge. It can be double or even triple. Also, instead of a frame, you can use a ribbon or thin leather strap.

Greek hairdo for short hair

It is not possible to wrap short hair around a circle, because the length is completely insufficient for this. To create a Greek-style

You need to do the following steps:

  • Comb the threads well and apply styling material to them.
  • Turn the curls with an iron.
  • The strings should come out lively and slightly turned at the ends.
  • Next, you should put on elastic.
  • On the back of the head, select a few threads and weave only around the edge, as if it is a hidden ornament. The rest of the curls can be given a little negligence.
  • The last step is to fix the style with varnish.


Greek hairstyles come in many varieties: curls can simply be curled, twisted into a bun or braid, braided, combed, decorated with headbands, and even fastened strands on top. Modern style can be decorated with fashionable additions in the form of hairstyles, ribbons, hooks, beads, and nets. Your style will exactly depend on where you go with such a great haircut.

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