Hair tonic: Using a hair tonic

Hair tonic; how to use it? You can use a hair conditioner to change your hairstyle. Choosing a quality product of the desired shade is essential, and the image will sparkle with new colors. Each woman has her own unique and immeasurable beauty, but despite this, she always tries to change something. For this purpose, a variety of methods and techniques are used. As a rule, to change the image, the fairer sex resort to hair dyeing, but this method can cause severe damage to the strands. Women often cannot accurately determine the shade of their hair; in this case, the ideal option would be to use a unique tint tonic.

These products help you experiment with different techniques and colors without damaging your hair. In addition, if the result is not satisfactory, the tonic is quickly washed off, and the original shade of the strands returns. The main advantage of using a mixture is that the hair’s color will last about 2-3 weeks.

High tonic properties

Tonic is a cosmetic product used to color strands in several shades. Thanks to the use of this product, the hair gets a slightly different tone, but it does not allow it to change the color of the curls completely.

After applying the tonic, the strands are quickly colored, but there is no destruction of the structure of the hair. The product contains natural ingredients that add extra shine to the strands. The tone contains oils that surround the hair from all sides and provide it with reliable protection, making combing and styling easier.

Most hair tonic manufacturers use more fragrance components. Therefore, the strands get a light and pleasant aroma after using this product.

It should bear in mind that the tonic is only used for coloring strands within the original shade. Using the product on dark hair does not allow for shiny blonde hair. To date, a relatively wide selection of hair tonics is presented, enabling you to choose the perfect color for yourself and give brightness to the image. To radically change the image, you first need to lighten the strands, then use ointments and tints.

To understand how to dye your hair correctly with a tonic, you first need to understand the principle of this remedy. Filaments are hair shafts consisting of cortex and cuticle.

Modern tonics are semi-permanent dyes with a surface effect. After the product reaches the hair’s surface, its molecules stick to the cuticles and settle on them. But they do not penetrate deep into the hair, so the paint washes off quickly.

What is the difference between tonic and hair dye?

Hair dye and tonic are two completely different cosmetics with different properties and characteristics:

  • Tonics and dyes have other effects on the structure of the hair. The tonic only has a superficial impact on the hair shaft. Still, the dye penetrates the hair and changes its color. After applying the tonic, there is no drastic change in hair color as they only acquire a different color.
  • You can use tonic to color hair every two weeks; after coloring, it is not recommended to re-color for a long time.
  • The tonic does not contain ammonia and other aggressive substances, so the hair does not lighten. In addition, most modern paints contain ammonia in various concentrations.
  • The hair tonic is quickly washed off, it is enough to wash the hair a few times, and the original hair color will soon return. Typically, the tonic will last for 2-7 weeks.
  • Suppose you do not like the resulting color after using the paint. In that case, you will have to put up with it or use an ammonia product again to dye the strands in a different shade. All this will hurt the health and appearance of the hair. Not only does the toner wash off quickly, but there are a few ways to speed up this process.
  • The color of the strands has a very aggressive effect, but the tonic cares for the hair gently. Therefore, the tonic helps to make the curls solid and healthy and restore the shiny shine and silkiness of the hair.

What types of hair strength are there?

Today, many manufacturers offer various hair tonics, which differ not only in color but also in composition. It is the most popular tonic in America as it has a softer effect on the hair during coloring.

Before choosing a tonic, you should familiarize yourself with various types of this remedy, as the final result will depend on this. All kinds of hair tones are divided into several groups, taking into account the effect on the strands:

  • Light tonic. The composition of these funds allows a new shade to be on the hair for several weeks, but no longer than a month.
  • Gentle tonic. These funds are the safest, as they have the slightest effect on the hair shaft. The result will last for several weeks on the hair.
  • Deep action tonic. If these products are used to color the hair, the results will last approximately 8 weeks. This effect is achieved because tonic molecules penetrate deep into the hair shaft. As a rule, a small amount of ammonia is added to their composition.

The combination of hair tones may vary by manufacturer. Some products contain small amounts of ammonia, natural substances, vitamins, and dyes. After the product has been applied to the strands, the entire length of the hair shaft is covered with a thin film of pigments. Thanks to this, the curls are colored.

By composition, tonics are divided into several groups:

  • Tonics, shampoos, ointments, and foams. These cosmetics may contain small amounts of ammonia in their composition. These tonics allow for gentle coloring, and the effect will last for about 2-3 weeks. These products are the most popular because they make it possible to color the hair in several shades without damaging it.
  • Ammonia-free tonics and paints. These products have a more profound effect on the hair and allow you to get bright colors. Tonics are as close to simple dyes as possible but cause less damage to the hair. The result will last about two months, in some cases longer.

Today, a wide variety of products on sale have different names but one purpose. The most popular are bleach and shampoo.

  • Tonic – is a special dye that allows you to dye your hair in several shades, but it does not entirely change the color of the strands. When the hair is washed with shampoo, the color is gradually washed off.
  • Color ointment – is the gentlest remedy, thanks to which the hair not only gets a new color but also becomes softer, silky, and a beautiful shine returns. This result is obtained because the molecules of the balm do not penetrate the hair, and therefore they are quickly washed off. If you dye the threads with such a balm and get stuck in the rain, there is a risk that it will get stuck in the paint, where it will simply wash off.
  • Tinted shampoos – these products contain fragrances, cleaning agents, as well as chemicals, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. Chemical dyes are in small amounts, so when you wash your hair, you can slightly change the color of your hair.

Advantages of hair tonic

Just like any other modern cosmetic protection, hair dyes have not only positive but also harmful properties. Benefits of hair tones include:

  • The threads have a mild effect, and the structure of the hair is not disturbed, as the product does not penetrate deep into the shaft;
  • The product can be used both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding without fear of harming the baby;
  • To use hair tonics is allowed very often – once every 14 days;
  • Today you can buy products that give the strands a new shade, as well as accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss;
  • As a rule, tonics do not contain ammonia, which has a positive effect on the beauty of the hair – the curls become shiny and perfectly smooth, and even the split ends look good;
  • You can also use high-quality tonics to bleach your hair without damaging its structure;
  • The toners contain a large number of vitamins and natural ingredients that moisturize and care for the hair;
  • Tonic is quickly washed off the hair, so you can often change your image and at the same time not harm curls;
  • You can buy a good tonic in almost any cosmetic store;
  • The process of dyeing strands takes no more than 30 minutes;
  • The palette of tonic sunglasses is very diverse. Still, you can switch several colors simultaneously and make your image unique, stylish, and bright.
Hair tonic

Hair tonic

Disadvantages of hair tonic

  • The tonic does not completely color the hair; it only changes the color.
  • The effect does not last, and the hair gradually returns to its original color with each shampoo.
  • Tonics will not help to paint over gray hair, so it is better to use persistent paints that contain ammonia.
  • Too frequent use of toner can lead to deterioration of the condition of the hair, resulting in the strands becoming dull and lifeless.

Even though hair tonic is an entirely safe remedy, you need to know about some contraindications before using them:

  • This remedy is not recommended if hair straightening has recently been done, so it is better to wait a bit.
  • After curling, you cannot immediately dye your hair with a tonic, which may be far from what was expected.
  • It is forbidden to use these funds if there is an allergy or individual intolerance to the individual components that make up the tonic.

How to dye hair with tonic yourself?

To quickly dye your hair with a tonic at home, you should use the following tips:

  • First, all the tools and equipment needed during the procedure are prepared – gloves, glass or plastic containers, towels, brushes, and tonic.
  • To avoid staining the skin, it is recommended to apply a small amount of fat cream on the forehead, cheeks, and ears before coloring.
  • It is better to apply the toner on damp hair, but it is not necessary to wash it before coloring. The tonic molecules will give the desired shade much faster if the strands are wet.
  • Stir the tonic well in a container and wet a brush, after which you can proceed directly to the coloring procedure.
  • You need to start coloring the strands from the roots and gradually move to the ends, distributing the tonic evenly with a comb.
  • The tonic is left on the hair for a specific time specified in the instructions.
  • If you use bright sunglasses for coloring, washing your hair for several days after the procedure is not recommended. Thanks to this, the pigment color is better adapted.
  • The result does not always meet expectations, so we must repeat the staining procedure.

High toner helps to give the strands a new shade that lasts for several weeks. This tool can be used independently at home without fear of causing severe hair damage.

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