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All Saints’ Eve has become a part of our festive calendar. The holiday has Celtic roots, it found its usual form in America, but we celebrate it because we liked it. Still: it’s almost a Halloween party like New Year’s Eve or other parties.

In the west, they have already figured out how to properly decorate a house for a terrible holiday: carved pumpkins, a web with toy spiders, ornaments from leaves and apples, and sweets in the form of spiders, bats, and monsters. We have not yet developed a tradition, but it doesn’t matter – you can come up with something of your own, something original, and something … geeky. We tell you about Halloween Party, the Perfect Place for our ideas in this regard.

Intelligent Lighting System Nano leaf Light Panels

. Set of 9 panels

. Compatible with smart home

. Easy to install and configure

How do you create a mysterious, eerie atmosphere in an ordinary apartment suitable for a Halloween party? With bright lighting, Nano leaf Light Panels is a matter of a couple of taps on your smartphone. Set the colors or theme you want, and you don’t even have to think about the perfect place for the décor – ordinary furniture, lit in a mysterious blue or dark red, will start to look like a haunted house setting with London Escorts.

The panels are assembled, like a Lego constructor, in random order London Escorts. They are connected to the power supply. Then the panel must be glued to the wall with double-sided tape. Are you renting an apartment? No problem, the panels can be removed without pieces of wallpaper and will not damage the wall.

The Nano leaf system then connects to the smartphone and home Wi-Fi network, after which it is configured in detail through the app. You can animate the colors so that the panels depict fire in a witch’s heart, the light of swaying candles, or flicker in an enchanted forest. Looks Halloween impressive! If nine were not enough for you, I could add additional panels to the set and a sound sensor that will make the light dance to the Halloween Party music.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Wooden 3d- Light Shepelevsky

. A detailed copy of an actual lighthouse

. Assembles without unnecessary difficulties

. The functional thing works like a night light or a backlight

Great idea: have a sea-themed Halloween Party with pirates and mermaids and decorate it with your lighthouse.

3D- Light Shepelevsky is an exact copy of the lighthouse of the same name, standing on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. A beautiful wooden toy is assembled in a couple of hours without glue and unnecessary tools. Everything you need, including paint, is already in the box.

The beacon is equipped with electric candles so that the finished model will light up your Halloween party. Place the model on the table – between fish appetizers, breadcrumbs, and rum. The guests will not remain indifferent, and you will remember how you had a great time all year round.

Levitating Plant Pot Leplant Wood

. The most unusual pot

. Powered by mains

. Made of oak wood

Magnetic levitation looks like magic, but it’s just the laws of physics in action. And they are put into practice in the Lelant Wood plant pot. Nice decoration for a Halloween party, steampunk party, – or “haunted house”.

Everything works: the pot has a magnetic base, and it hovers over the electromagnetic stand when it is turned on. Levitation does not harm the plant inside the jar. On the contrary, Lelant Wood rotates slowly around its axis and is thus evenly illuminated from all directions.

The diameter of the pot is 11.5 centimeters. A small plant will fit there; Ficus or bonsai will look especially good.

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffuser with Battery Capsule Set

. The pleasant smell of the party

. Customizable for personal preferences

. Compatible with smart home place

Add an extra dimension to your Halloween party with the smart Moodo scent diffuser. You can change the music playlist and what scent your guests inhale.

The smart gadget works with four replaceable cartridges, the contents of which are mixed and sprayed using coolers. The speed of operation, the intensity of smells, and the aroma composition are adjustable using the app. The device connects via Wi-Fi to a smart home to be synchronized with lighting and sound.

Will the Halloween party smell like roses, sandalwood, or oranges? You decide.

Interior Puzzle Mimi World Map Wall Decoration

. Minimalistic world map

. Made of durable HDF

. “Royal” size 180 x 108 cm

Dress up with your friends as supervillains and develop another plan to take over the world this Halloween with the MiMi World Map Wall Decoration. It is assembled from separate pieces and glued to the wall. The result is a minimalistic decoration.

To decide how you will divide spheres of influence, labels are attached to the map. The card is collected in half an hour.

Look for even more geeky ideas for Halloween Party in the Perfect Place.

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