How to Dress For A Vintage-Themed Party

Whether you’re throwing a vintage-style tea party at your home or attending a through-the-decades-themed get-together, nothing will get you in the mood for it all like a head-to-toe vintage ensemble. With numerous decades of styles to choose from, there’s a look for everyone! You can even mix and match trends from one era to another.

Unsure how to go about building your vintage get-up? We’ve got you covered! Read on below for our guide on how to dress for a vintage-themed party. 

Settle On The Decades You Like 

If the party you’re attending has a more general approach to what decade you should wear, it’s best to be clear on the eras you like. Mixing everything you see is a common error when looking into trends throughout the years. Fusion styles can be glamorous when executed well, but they can also look like a hot mess. 

Into the roaring twenties vibe? It’s time to invest in good vintage Great Gatsby-style dresses and a cloche hat. Maybe you’re more of a bright minidress kind of gal! Then look into the trends of the 60s instead.

The important thing here is to do some research on vintage fashion before making any purchases to see which eras best reflect your unique style. Remember: you can ignore the time period if you’re not feeling it!

Build A Mood Board

There’s nothing quite like a mood board to get you excited about building your ensemble! 

Head to Pinterest and create a board filled with style elements that match your aesthetic. Once you start gathering your pins, you’ll usually begin to see a pattern of outfits you like. This can give you ideas on what to look for when browsing vintage clothing stores.

Check The Quality Of Your Outfit 

Vintage parties are fun but can be tricky if you’re wearing something a little too fragile. Just imagine walking around the venue with a little rip that keeps getting bigger and bigger! 

Make sure that all the vintage pieces you purchase are made of high-quality materials. Before settling on any vintage clothing, look at the tag to see what materials were used to make them.

Higher-quality materials can endure numerous cleanings and hold up well over time. Cotton, silk, and wool are some examples. On the other hand, synthetic materials are acceptable for statement-making pieces or special events. However, if you plan on wearing your vintage finds every day, stay away from them! 

Find A Tailor 

Vintage pieces are hard to come by, so you might need to adjust the clothing to flatter your body shape better. Find a trustworthy local tailor or seamstress by doing some research. You don’t want inexperienced tailors working on vintage clothing as they’ll be hard to replace! 

Mix & Match 

If you’re confident in experimenting with styles from different decades, now’s the best time to do so! This will definitely take some trial and error, but the result can be a memorable look that everyone will ask you about.

Try not to focus on perfection when experimenting with various mix-and-match vintage looks. Occasionally, you can combine clashing styles to create the most creative and original looks!

Why not try: 

  • For a perfectly imperfect and mismatched look, why not pair a mid-20th century high-waist skirt with a 1990s rocker shirt? If you’re feeling daring, go for a printed skirt with a floral or leopard print.
  • Try pairing a timeless item from one era with a bold accessory from another, like a sequined cardigan from the 1980s with a little black dress from the 1960s.
  • Looking for a more effortless look to pull off? An intricate collar necklace or chandelier earrings from the 19th or early 20th century are ideal standout pieces to go with a 1980s silk blouse. Don’t Forget Your Accessories and Makeup! 

A vintage ensemble wouldn’t be complete without adding some jewelry and other vintage-inspired accessories! So now’s your chance to bust out those treasured accessories that your mom passed down to you. 

You can go for something simple, like wearing some vintage chunky gemstones or pearls and a beautiful brooch. On the other hand, you can also go for the more glamorous approach with a jaw-dropping headpiece or a stunning vintage beaded evening purse. Finally, don’t forget your footwear! A pair of evening heels or dazzled flats will do. 

As for your hair and makeup, classic styling is always a safe bet. Go for a timeless and effortless look with a nude lipstick that’ll go well with any vintage ensemble. 

How to Dress For A Vintage

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Take Your Comfort Into Account 

At the end of the day, if you don’t feel entirely at ease in what you’re wearing, you will not be in a partying mood. So make sure your clothes and accessories aren’t bothering you one bit! 

You deserve to have the time of your life at the party, so don’t settle for something that will itch all night long. 

Ready For That Vintage Party! 

Vintage-themed parties involve a lot of dancing! With the tips listed above, we’re sure you’ll create a stunning vintage ensemble without compromising comfort. Don’t forget to have fun! 

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