kanekalon: What is high kanekalon?

Kanekalon, what is? Learn how to weave kanekalon right into your hair and braid options. Kanekalon braid ideas for short, medium, and long hair. Recently, more and more often, you can find young girls with bright braids in which artificial strings, called kanekalon, are woven. Thanks to them, you can get a stylish, original, and individual image. Suppose you want to change your look with bright threads. In that case, you need to know how to weave them correctly and the qualities of choosing a high-quality kanekalon.

Hair kanekalon: what is it?

Kanekalon is artificial strands that are as close to natural hair as possible in structure. They are entirely harmless to the human body. In most cases, kanekalon is painted in various bright colors, but you can also choose natural shades. It all depends on personal preferences.

Kanekalon began to gain popularity in Japan and quickly conquered the world. For producing artificial trees, quality material is used, i.e., seaweed. They contain valuable organic matter, thanks to which the material becomes natural.

At the same time, the hairstyles that kanekalon is used for are not like natural hair, and you can notice differences in the short term. It is not only a natural kanekalon but also artificial analogs, which are much inferior in quality and significantly low in braiding and heat treatment of the threads.

You can not only weave kanekalon into braids but also use it to get big curls or increase styling speed. This material easily withstands hot styles, but the threads not only look natural but retain their shape for a long time. The quality does not decrease, even with frequent treatment with curling irons or irons.

This material versatility is possible with a special heat treatment before kanekalon hits store shelves. It dramatically simplifies the braiding process with kanekalon, as the threads do not tangle and do not break with prolonged use.

Recently, among young girls, the most popular color, kanekalon, has bright shades of green, red and turquoise, including the yellow-brown effect. French and African braids and dreadlocks look promising, exciting, and original. Among the advantages of such braids is not only their appearance but also the fact that it is not necessary to perform additional coloring of your hair with chemical dyes. At the same time, you can change the image almost every day.

Stylists suggest not only weaving kanekalon into braids but also using it on short hair – for example, to enhance styling or as a bang if there is no desire to cut the hair. Kanekalon is attached to natural hair with tiny knots or woven into it. However, the hair should be at least 5-7 cm.

Types of kanekalon

Traditional kanekalon differs not only in colors but also in curling techniques. There are some exciting variations of threads – for example, “fluorine” under neon lighting starts to glow. When the sun’s rays hit the “chameleon,” it changes color.

When choosing a kanekalon, you need to consider all the pros and cons because only in this case can you decide whether this will be an exciting addition to create a bright and unusual image or just unnecessary accessories.

The main advantages of the kanekalon braid are:

  • You can lengthen natural hair.
  • The material has almost no electricity and does not stick to the installation.
  • The fibers contain only safe components that maintain hygiene, even if used for a long time.
  • No need to change the hairstyle or length of the hair significantly.
  • You can experiment with new colors daily and create bright, original images.

However, there are also some disadvantages:

  • When wet, the artificial strands become very heavy, resulting in natural hair being exceptionally pulled down, which is harmful to them.
  • Kanekalon needs to be changed often as the color disappears quickly.
  • Even if the shade of the artificial strands is as close as possible to the color of natural hair, kanekalon will stand out.
  • To attach kanekalon securely, it must be firmly woven into the hair, leading to injury to natural strands.

How to distinguish fake and real kanekalon?

Kanekalon has recently become very popular, so that you can buy it online and in other retail stores. However, before you buy this stylish accessory, it is worth considering the quality of the material, as there is an opportunity to purchase fakes at the original price.

It is worth paying attention to the most famous hairdressing shops, as well as the websites of official representatives of the manufacturer kanekalon. Only buy artificial trees from reputable sellers who must provide each buyer with a quality certificate. You can also purchase kanekalon on the Aliexpress site, but first, you need to read the seller’s reviews and ratings on the site and keep an eye on the price.

The higher the quality of the algae strings, the higher the cost. Prices can also rise from the brand and the popularity of the store. Natural ingredients have a higher cost, so if you are unsure if you like kanekalon, get the cheaper option first.

On the outside, artificial and natural kanekalon is almost no different. You need to look carefully as the synthetic fibers become more fluffy and corrugated cardboard. The synthetic material is much heavier and flows quickly from natural hair. Therefore, it is necessary to make a more substantial knot and weave more fiber into the hair, causing severe damage to natural strands.

You can determine the actual kanekalon with a simple test – a small string is taken and poured over with boiling water. If the thread is entirely smooth and looks like natural hair after such treatment, then this is the original kanekalon.

However, suppose the hair is the same as the boiling water treatment. In that case, this is a synthetic material, the cost of which should be much lower. Often the ends of such strings are ignited, and as a result, they turn into a rather hard seal. With constant friction, artificial kanekalon spoils clothing and can cause severe skin irritation.

When braids are braided with kanekalon, their ends are treated with boiling water but then cut. Thanks to this, the strands look more natural and are almost no different from the hair. Be sure to notice the inscriptions on the product packaging – on natural products. The description is “KANEKALON 100%”.




How to weave kanekalon yourself in your hair?

To change your hairstyle with kanekalon, you do not have to go to a beauty salon. You can do everything yourself at home. First, you only buy high-quality materials and immediately decide the image you want to get. Then start choosing a hairdresser.

Today, bright strands are the most popular. Still, you can also buy kanekalon and natural sunglasses close to your hair color or with a few shades. Stylists advise combining threads of pastel and bright colors. The most important thing is that the selected colors match your image perfectly and do not look rude.

In addition, you need to use a styling product to fix the hairstyle. It would help if you had gel or matte clay paste to style unruly hair when you braid it. Use a solid varnish to select the style.

Buy a thin elastic band that should be completely transparent or matches the threads to fasten the braids. You can attach kanekalon with a hair spray; use a fine comb to separate the hair strands.

To braid kanekalon, follow these tips:

  • First, wash your hair with shampoo without conditioner or ointment. Do not use oils, as the hair does not have to be perfectly smooth. Otherwise, the artificial strands will slip off.
  • Dry your hair, comb carefully, apply the styling product, and spread it evenly over the entire length.
  • Divide natural hair according to the number of braids. If this is your first time using kanekalon, braid two braids first, starting with clicks that can be left or braided into your hair.
  • Gently attach the strands to the roots of natural hair with a simple knot with a hair clip or a tie with a tight knot. You can braid the fake strands through several rows in your natural hair if you want.
  • Wrap the braid to the end. If necessary, use more colored threads. Secure the braid with a thin elastic band and fold it inside the ponytail. Apply hair spray with a strong attachment and pay special attention to the areas near the hairline. Use a natural brush to brush, which will also help smooth short hair.

If you cannot braid your braids with kanekalon, seek an experienced hairdresser’s help. Depending on the material used, the complexity of the weaving, and the length of the hair, the cost of the service is determined.

Kanekalon, woven into boxing braids, is one of the most popular hairstyles today. In this case, 2 to 4 braids are made, which must braid over the entire head from the front area. In this case, the minimum hair length should be at least 15 cm. The following rule must be followed – the shorter the natural hair. The more braids are made.

The “boxing braids” hairstyle is almost in perfect condition for up to 5 days. However, if you undo the braids, kanekalon will be fluffy and lose its original appearance. The hairstyle will keep its attractive appearance much longer if you sleep in a bandana or scarf. Thanks to this small taste, the friction of the hair on the pillow at night is significantly reduced.

Kanekalon can only be wrapped in dry and clean hair. However, if your hair is very curly, apply a styling or gel first. In this case, please pay special attention to short hair; otherwise, it will look ugly in the hairstyle. To do this, apply a little glue on the natural brush and straighten your hair. Then divide into curls and curls, depending on how many braids you plan to make.

Several threads are made from each area before the braid, to which colored fibers are attached. To fasten, you can use a knot tied around your hair. If the knot is not too narrow, use an additional pin to secure it.

Kanekalon is gradually added as the braid lengthens and begins to weave French braid using upward technology. Then fasten the end of the braid with an elastic band or hair pieces. Attach the finished hairstyle with varnish.

Braids look exciting and unusual, using various weaving techniques. For example, the main braid can be voluminous, braided openwork, and a simple thin braid is nearby.

No need to braid braids to the end. You can secure the braid to the back of your head with a hairpin or hair clip so that the ends are loose. Can roll the rest of the hair on a curling iron because the original kanekalon easily withstands heat treatment.

You can braid thick braids; a loose braid for French braids also looks very interesting, but the hair and kanekalon are pulled slightly out of the braid, giving the hairstyle extra volume. However, this hairstyle will last only a few days and soon lose its attractive look.


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