Lifting makeup – advantages, disadvantages, techniques

Lifting makeup is a way to apply decorative cosmetics that allows you to make your face look younger visually. Professional makeup artists can use it, or you can master the technique yourself. Makeup lifts must follow specific rules and features to achieve the desired results.

Features and rules for using lifting makeup. Pros and cons. Step-by-step instructions and effects of anti-aging makeup.

What is lifting makeup?

Over time, specific changes occur in human skin. They are related to biochemical processes. In old age, the production of elastin and collagen decreases significantly. These substances, or the fibers they are a part of, provide firmness, elasticity, a healthy sheen, and rapid skin renewal. If they decrease, the result is “on the face.”

With age-related changes, the skin becomes drier, slacker, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes, and folds appear in the most mobile areas during facial expressions. Once fuller cheeks look flabby—all of the above help to hide age-related lifting makeup.

For the makeup to be more natural, not to create a mask effect on the face, it is necessary to choose cosmetics of specific shades and colors. They must be tailored to each skin type, face shape, and color characteristic.

Rules for choosing colors for decorative cosmetics:

  • Makeup base … It is recommended to use a command, lifting serum, or nourishing cream as a base for cosmetics. It fills in small wrinkles and folds on the skin, so the makeup is applied evenly.
  • Concealer … It is preferable to use it rather than a regular corrector. It has a delicate liquid texture, which is much healthier for the skin. The concealer should be beige with a hint of orange. You can use it to hide dark circles under the eyes, age spots, and couperose mesh, which often appears with age.
  • Toner … The choice of tone depends directly on the color of the skin. It should ideally fit under it; you can even choose a product that is half a tone lighter. There are special lifting toners that work best. The product shouldn’t be darker than the true complexion. The resulting “tan” will only make your skin look older.
  • Powder … It is recommended to use a light beige mineral powder, but not more lightweight than the previously used foundation. Otherwise, I will cover the face in chalk.
  • Redness … Their color should be a balance between too light and dark brown. It is best to use a beige-pink or peach-orange blush. If the skin is naturally tanned or dark-skinned, bronzer is better than without many glitters.
  • Eye shadow base … It is optional, but with its use, eye shadow falls quickly on the eyelids and does not roll down after a while. The foundation should contain reflective particles, which is especially important for the inner part of the upper eyelids. If there is no special primer, you can use a thin layer of primer.
  • Shades … Their colors should represent the entire range of brown tones, up to light beige. It is not recommended to use gray or black shadows because with them, the eyelid will appear overhanging, and the eye itself will become narrower.
  • Contact lens … It should have a liquid texture with a comfortable fine brush for application. It would help if you chose greyish, ash yellow, brown, blue, or purple shades of contact lenses. The saturated black color is not suitable for lifting makeup. You only need to apply a contact lens to the upper eyelid.
  • Mascara … Unlike eyeliner, the color should be as dark and saturated as possible. It is advisable to choose mascara with the effect of lengthening and curling the eyelashes. It would help if you also ensured that the brush is thick and covers all the hairs well.
  • Eye shadow or eyebrow pencil … Everyone chooses the device that is more convenient and normal for them. Eye shadow or pencil should match the hair. However, brunettes should not pursue rich blacks. Gray tones suit them better—similar nuances for blonde women. Shadows or pencils for their eyebrows should not give off a red color.
  • Lip pencil … It creates an outline that makes it easier to apply gloss or lipstick. The color of the pencil should match the shade of the chosen lip product. If desired, it can be one tone darker.
  • Gloss or lipstick … When using lifting makeup, it is preferable to use a glossy shine. If the choice still fell on lipstick, it should be shiny and polished, but in no case matte. Matte colors will only emphasize the wrinkles on the lips, but the gloss will make them more visible and softer. The color of the product chosen should be moderately bright so that the lips stand out beautifully against fair skin.

The peculiarity of lifting makeup is that cosmetics should not be pearly or matte colors. In the first case, wrinkles and small folds on the face will only stand out, and in the second, the skin will look older than it is. Choose balanced tones. In addition, the techniques of all cosmetics should be as close to the natural skin color as possible.

Benefits of lifting makeup

It is a particular procedure for every woman, with many advantages over other makeup.

The benefits of anti-aging makeup are as follows:

  • It only includes cosmetic products without the beautician injecting themselves with anti-aging.
  • The constant use of an anti-aging cream, which at the same time can act as a base for makeup, allows you to achieve a long-lasting anti-aging effect.
  • The makeup lifting technique is quite simple. Almost every woman can master it. The main thing is to train and fill the hand, after which the makeup will be perfect in 5-10 minutes.
  • Makeup lifters are inexpensive and come in many cosmetic bags.
  • This makeup gives the face the most natural look.
Lifting makeup

Lifting makeup

Disadvantages of lifting makeup

The disadvantages of lifting makeup do not outweigh the benefits.

The disadvantages of this regeneration method are as follows:

  • A makeup lift only gives a temporary visual effect, unlike cosmetic products, which only need to be repeated once every few months.
  • Daily makeup is not recommended because it can worsen the skin’s condition and contaminate its pores.
  • Some women may be allergic to certain cosmetics, making it impossible to wear makeup.
  • Not everyone can do beautiful makeup on their own. In this case, you have to contact a makeup artist, but her services cost a lot.

See also how to choose a makeup brush.

How to do lifting makeup?

The step-by-step instructions for lifting makeup are pretty simple. The primary condition is a specific sequence of application of all the products in a thin layer so that a mask-like effect is not created on the face. But first, you need to prepare it for the procedure correctly.

Preparing the skin for the upcoming use of decorative cosmetics:

  • Before painting, you need to clean the face with a foam or gel of a delicate structure.
  • After washing, you must dry the skin with a cotton pad and tonic. It allows you to maintain an optimal acid-base balance in your skin.
  • Next, you need to use a moisturizer, preferably with an anti-aging lifting effect. It tightens the look a little on the skin throughout the day and thus increases the impact of the makeup.

Step-by-step makeup technique:

  • First, you need to wash your face with a cleanser, dry it with toner and use a moisturizer (preferably anti-aging).
  • Next, a makeup base is applied, focusing on the areas with deep wrinkles, folds, and a lot of skin laxity. Primer works best.
  • On top of the foundation, according to makeup biotech, you need to use concealer. With its help, the area under the eyes is best highlighted, as well as the nasolabial triangle and chin.
  • After concealer, apply a thin layer of foundation. It should not be used by hand but with a special sponge.
  • The powder is applied on top of the foundation. It eliminates possible excess shine, which is especially typical for oily skin.
  • Should apply blush to the cheeks. To highlight the cheekbones correctly, it is necessary to draw the cheeks and draw with a brush from the bottom upwards in the direction from the corners of the mouth to the temples.
  • Keep your eyes peeled. First, applying the foundation under the shadow and paying close attention to the inner corner of the eye is recommended.
  • Next, shadows are applied. We should use darker, more saturated colors for the outer corner of the eyes, which will create a subtle smoky effect. Light clouds work well on the inner edge of the upper eyelid. It will make the look fresher and slightly slanted.
  • After that, you need to use the contact lens. For her, shadows serve as a good foundation. The eyeliner should be applied from the inner edge of the upper eyelid, gradually drawing a line a little higher and working towards the outer edge. Its outline should be smooth but not thick. The arrow at the outer edge must be directed outwards and diagonally upwards, continuing the lower eyelid’s travel line. This way, it will be possible to hide the overhanging upper eyelid.
  • It is necessary to curl the eyelashes with a curling cream, thanks to which they will look more alive and thick, and the appearance will be open and youthful. To do this, gently squeeze them between the branches and hold them in this position for about 10 seconds.
  • Next, mascara should be applied to the eyelashes and painted as much as possible along the entire length.
  • It is necessary to comb the eyebrows with a special brush. If you want, you can apply some fixing gel to them.
  • Then on the eyebrows, you need to apply shadows or emphasize them with a pencil. You should carefully draw all the contours of the eyebrow without dropping its edge too low. Particular emphasis should be placed on the upper edge so that the gaze is open and the effect of overhanging eyelids disappears.
  • Must lubricate lips with a thin layer of moisturizing balm, so the lipstick or gloss falls evenly on them.
  • With a pencil, you should emphasize the contours of the lips. The corners of the mouth should lift slightly. Then, with light strokes, it is worth drawing the entire surface of the lips.
  • Next, lipstick or gloss is applied. It is recommended to use a thicker layer to the center of the upper and lower lips and emphasize their outer edges.

You should get a fantastic result if you do the lifting makeup step by step and follow all the instructions and tips.

Attention! When using decorative cosmetics, by the rules of lifting makeup, all lines should be directed from the bottom to the top. It is essential in the area of ​​the cheeks and cheekbones. With the proper use of cosmetics, they will look firm and toned again.

Makeup lifting effect

If the technique is correct, the lifting effect of the makeup will impress. A woman is getting younger, at least 5 years.

The complexion becomes fresher and brighter; the cheeks appear rosy and toned. At the same time, the cheekbones are defined to the proper extent. Wrinkles on the forehead and along the edges of the nasolabial triangle will be much less noticeable. At the same time, the lips become oilier than usual due to the moist gloss or glossy lipstick on them.

Curled eyelashes, dark mascara, and smoky eye makeup create a dull look.

Before you start applying makeup yourself, it’s better to look at the picture of the makeup lifter or how your face looks before and after you use it.


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