Lip patches: How to use lip patches correctly?

Lip Patches and what are lipsticks, properties, and coverage. Useful property and potential damage. How to use patch lip patches correctly, real reviews.

Spare spots are a mask in the form of a running pillow that follows their outline and is saturated with a nutrient mixture. The cosmetic corrects some imperfections in this area, nourishes and cares for the skin, and slows down or reverses aging. The patches promote the visual expansion of products, eliminate dryness and flaking, and speed up regeneration. The cosmetic is very easy to use. There are almost no contraindications to this and in order to get the maximum effect, it is important to study useful suggestions on the use of patches.

What are lipsticks?

Hydrogel patches are a kind of flexible sticky mask that is made in the peculiar shape that accompanies their shape. Literally translated from English, “patch” means “patch”, which in some way corresponds to reality, where the soft cushions are glued to the lips. The Koreans were the first to come up with such interesting masks.

The bags are impregnated with a confirmed composition – a kind of cocktail of nutrients. It includes hyaluronic acid, oils, vitamins, peptides, and collagen. To increase the effect of inflammation, extracts of cayenne pepper and menthol are added to the patches: they promote blood flow so that the lips gain more volume.

Due to their rich composition and special shape, heat masks work very quickly. The bags are glued, under them is a “greenhouse effect”, and the cells “open”, ready to take all the benefits of the pillows. A cocktail of vitamins, peptides, and other substances immediately penetrates the skin. Therefore, the appearance changes immediately after use.

It is convenient to have the product in this form on hand in an emergency. You can keep the patch pack in your bag for use in the car, on the plane, for an important meeting, or an important event.

Most often, beauticians talk about the regular use of patches – when you need to change immediately. But some experts advise following the procedures of the courses, and then there will be cumulative effects.

Note! Patches are recognized as an effective first aid for lips, as they are especially useful if you urgently need to improve your appearance.

Useful properties of lip patches

Korean lipsticks are moisturizing, nourishing, sleek, and soft lipstick designed with the needs of modern women in mind. They soften dry skin that suffers from cosmetics, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy environmental conditions, and stress.

The exact effect will depend on the composition of a particular agent. The most common projections with the following components:

  • Hyaluronic acid … Delivers softness, and suppleness, and activates cell regeneration to heal wounds and microcracks quickly. The construction of this material penetrates, binds to water molecules, and causes increased moisture. Due to this, there is a lifting effect, wrinkles disappear, and lips look full and alive.
  • Amino acids … are a kind of building block for proteins. The latter act as building blocks for fabrics. By applying patches, you can provide the cells in the product area with these most valuable elements that help them recover, and restore a healthy color and volume.
  • Glycerol … Moisturizing, creates a barrier against external harmful effects, eliminates wrinkles, promotes healing of wounds, and smoothes out irregularities.
  • Collagen … It is a fiber protein, the amount decreases gradually with age. Products with collagen after 30 are especially recommended. By providing such a substance, you can stop the aging process, tightening the skin in this area.
  • Fruit acids … Recognized as an anti-aging agent, topical for the lips. They cleanse the skin of dead cells, facilitate the penetration of valuable substances inside, stimulate the renewal of the epidermis and increase its elasticity, reduce wrinkles and moisturize well.
  • Witch hazel extracts … Soothes and tones, disinfects the skin, and removes irritation. Promotes the strengthening of blood vessels and capillaries, and accelerates the microcirculation of blood. Similarly, such Korean lipsticks slow down the action of free radicals and prevent aging. It also activates cell regeneration and promotes regeneration.
  • Strawberry extract … Tasty berry gives the products the most valuable ingredients in their composition. It dries gently and helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. At the same time, it activates the rejuvenation of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, and restores elasticity in the lips.

Contraindications and damage to lipsticks

Basically, beauticians say that lipsticks are only useful. However, if the person is sensitive to allergies, caution will not hurt.

It is not recommended to use cosmetics if there are noticeable areas of inflammation on the lips and severe damage to the skin! Better to wait until the inflammation subsides. The same goes for skin diseases: in the active phase, you should not use hydrogel masks for beauty.

Some experts respond with caution regarding patches. They advise using them accurately as a means of expression without overusing them. First, such caution is due to the special composition of the gel. Minerals and preservatives are added to provide a suitable base for vitamins and minerals, other elements of a valuable cocktail. Accordingly, in theory, such additives can cause harm. At the very least, you should not overdo it and use too many patches.

It is very important to strictly follow the rules of use of the product. Manufacturers write on the packaging how to use lip patches, under what conditions they should be stored, and how long the properties of the pads last after the package has been opened. All these recommendations must be strictly followed. Because if you violate the principles, you can not only harm beauty, but also health! For example, along with old-fashioned patches, you can get an infection.

The best lipsticks

After getting acquainted with such an interesting product, you should not rush to buy patchwork without knowing which one is considered the best. The wider the selection, the harder it is to choose! Therefore, it is useful to pay attention to a list of ways that many women have been able to try on themselves and respond positively to them:

  • Bioaqua Pink Collagen Lip Mask Care Gel Membrane Moisture Anti-Aging Lip Patches … This is a product from Korea with all kinds of useful components. It includes hyaluronic acid, collagen, fruit acids, and vitamin E. All of these ingredients in the complexion help to smooth relief, moisturize with volume return, heal microscopic injuries and reduce irritation.
  • Beauugreen lipsticks … Another Korean product that has a rich and rich composition. It contains collagen, vitamin E, glycerin, honey, rose, and other plant extracts. Masks moisturize lips, increase their softness and increase volume. Such patches can be purchased in packs of 20
  • VENZEN moisturizing lipsticks … These are masks enriched with hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract, and Irish moss. The manufacturer recommends them for long-term care and promises to prolong youth and restore beauty and charm. VENZEN patches are relatively inexpensive.
  • Berrisom SOS lipsticks! Essence Lip Patch … Development of a Korean brand that has enriched its product to the maximum. It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen, peptides and glycerin, vitamin E, as well as jojoba oil, honey, and aloe vera extract. All these complex nutrient promotes nutrition, hydration, and tissue regeneration. Berrisom lipsticks are also sold in large packages.
  • Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patches … This is a product from the Korean brand Tony Moly. It contains collagen, rosehip, blueberry, strawberry, and blueberry extracts. The product moisturizes and smoothes the skin of the lips, eliminating imperfections prematurely.
 use lip patches correctly

use lip patches correctly

Cherry Jelly Lip Patches Vitalizing

… The hydrogel mask contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and cherry extract, thanks to which it nourishes and moisturizes the sensitive skin of the products, and activates regeneration. At the same time, it has a cooling effect.

  • Hyaluronic Acid & Peach Lip Patch by Images … A product that accelerates skin rejuvenation, moisturizes, and soothes irritating areas. Thanks to blood flow, the lips get a bright, rich color. Patches are sold in 10 packs.
  • Mbeauty Gold Hydrogel Lip Patch … They stimulate the skin to regenerate, ensure its elasticity, help smooth out wrinkles, retain moisture in the cells and restore firmness and elasticity to the epidermis. In addition to gold particles, the product contains collagen, adenosine, and plant extracts.

How to use lipsticks?

Although each manufacturer usually provides instructions on how to use patches, it is helpful to learn how to apply patches. There are usually no difficulties, especially since the mask is specially made in a shape that mimics products. With the difference that the size of the “patch” is much larger. It covers not only the lips but also a large area around them.

Before using lipsticks, you need to research the procedure for the operation:

  • The first step is to prepare the skin. The make-up is rinsed off, the epidermis is cleansed. It should not only be clean, but also dry!
  • Before applying lipsticks, you can also use a special scrub. Thanks to this, the effect will still be noticeable. This will help to prepare the skin even better by removing the skin layer.
  • Next, they open the package, take out and smooth the mask, first glue it to the lips, and level them in all directions.
  • After passing the allotted time (the manufacturer indicates this on the packaging, but on average the procedure usually takes 10 minutes), the product is carefully removed.
  • A layer of nutrients that have been released from the patch will remain on the products, they do not need to be washed off. It is best to spread with your fingertips and leave until completely absorbed.

The combination of patches for nourishing, moisturizing, and augmented lips is usually chosen in such a way that the product does not leave any glue or discomfort. Therefore, there is no need for cleaning after the operation.

Actual reviews about Lip Patches

Not only do beauticians treat such a miracle cure in a different way, but critics of lip patches from women are the complete opposite. First of all, you should not immediately set out that this is a great solution that changes your look with magic and immediately returns to your youth – you do not have to be disappointed, if not initially fascinated. Secondly, it is important to choose the right product taking into account the appearance problems, the condition of the skin, and the age. Then the effect of the lipsticks will be noticeable.

Angela, 37 years old

In my nature, the lips are rather thin, but there appears a very fine inflammation. And it is also important that such tenderness and softness suddenly came up, maybe once it was like this in childhood or adolescence, but I just forgot such feelings!

Dina, 41 years old

I use patches from time to time. Until I stop by a brand, I experiment and try what works best for me. I can clearly see the effect: the lips are smooth, and they become fuller and brighter. And very interesting emotions – as the web comes to life. Recommended.

Larisa, 26 years old

I took them only out of curiosity. So the sponges seem to suit everyone but I struggle with drought all the time. Well, when I’m fighting – I use perfume all the time. And then I tried such masks. I’m very happy! Looks like my lips need now. I went to classes, several times a week for a month. I almost forgot the ointment. The first day after use it is usually perfect, I do not even lubricate the lips with anything and then the effect disappears.


In some cases, lipsticks save the day, which does not deny a common approach to their use. As regular support for beauty and youth, the product is ideal. Do not forget that the pads themselves are very fragile, so you should handle them carefully so that they do not break. When researching the price of lip patches, it is important to build on both your own problems and the manufacturer’s reputation. The main thing in the search for cheapness is not to hurt you.


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