Ombre manicure: How to do an ombre manicure?

Ombre manicure is an original nail art that has not lost its relevance in recent years. And the fact that it remains at the top of the nail industry is further proof that it is cost-effective. This solution is used both in everyday life and on special occasions. But nails always change radically and acquire a unique magnetism and attraction.

What is an ombre manicure? What does it take to have an expressive and beautiful effect? How to create nails with fashionable nail art?

What is an ombre manicure?

Ombre nails are something incredibly beautiful and delicate, regardless of color combination. After all, the key to the technology is a smooth flow from shadow to shadow.

The ombre effect is not only used by cosmetics. The hair dyed with a change from a dark shade to a light shade or vice versa is still in fashion. Moreover, even wardrobe items are manufactured in this technique. And the first thing the effect is related to is femininity. Depending on the chosen base color, the nails can look completely romantic and touching or daring, but they definitely cannot be denied in this capacity.

At first glance, an inexperienced woman will think that she should not even try to undertake such advanced nail art, try to repeat the ombre blue manicure or in another color. But this feeling is deceiving: there are no technical difficulties that even a beginner could not cope with.

Key Points:

  • Preparation of necessary materials and equipment;
  • Perform all operations step by step.

Ombre manicure ideas captivate women of all ages, regardless of status. Since it is possible to use any color – from pastel to rich, bright, the effect is completely different. Only if you want to play with contrasts is it better to put lighter colors at the cuticles and slide to the dark ones towards the end of the nail. When cutting nails short, it is generally worth doing vertical stripes, not horizontal ones. Because of this, the plates visually stretch.

Surprisingly, every woman can really afford such nail art – both a young girl and a respectable lady. It is a solution that combines uniqueness with versatility. In addition, you can definitely play with different shapes and lengths of nails. Of course, think about what shades are better to use, depending on the initial data.

When choosing ombre gel and varnish for a manicure, it is better not to experiment with products with a chameleon effect. In this case, it is almost impossible to predict what the outcome will be.

Both matte and glossy products are used in the work. Only in the first case, it is better to use a sponge, gently combining shades on the palette. But for glossy varnishes, repeated coatings with a fastener are recommended so that they retain a noble shine for a long time.

Materials and tools for manicure

Ombre manicure with varnish or gel is performed on any nail – both “native” and lengthened. And there are different ways to reach the level. Beginners should arm themselves with a standard sponge that is divided into several parts. You should get pieces that go just beyond the edges of the nail plate in width. Even a regular kitchen sponge will do that. But if you want to achieve an ideal smooth transition from color combination to color combination, then it is better to buy a special – with fine grains.

Of course, it is tempting to immediately work with gel polish so that the fingers remain so beautiful and magnificent for a long time. However, it is better for novice craftswomen to try to master the technique of acetone mixture. After fixing the gel polish, it will be more difficult to remove it afterward if it does not work as you wanted somewhere.

Nevertheless, if you want to do an ombre-style manicure.

You must prepare the following priorities and tools:

  • Sponge;
  • Manicure scissors;
  • Nail files – for cutting and polishing;
  • Acetone composition or gel polish for the base;
  • Basic coverage;
  • Film;
  • Multi-colored varnish;
  • Fixer;
  • Nail polish remover (if acetone is used);
  • Cotton pads;
  • Napkins;

But you also need additional equipment, depending on the method chosen. It is better to start with the simplest – using a sponge.

Real benefits know how to combine almost all the colors of the rainbow on the nails. It is worth starting experiments by combining two shades. After all, the most important thing is to be able to move insignificantly and smoothly from tone to tone. Otherwise, all the joy of this technology will disappear.

The same can be said about color selection for the first experiments. They better be close to each other. You can play with opposites later by filling your hand.

If you want to make an ombre red manicure with different bright and expressive shades, then you have to work especially on the border. The fact is that the bolder the color combination, the worse the combination appears when the points of contact between the colors are not shaded well enough. It’s hard to avoid the feeling that your nails are just dirty in places.

Prepare nails for a manicure

Manicure with an ombre design, like any other, should look neat. Therefore, it is necessary to start the procedure with the processing and preparation of the plates and the fingers as a whole. It is best to prepare the workplace so that it is clean and comfortable. And we still have to take care of good lighting.

If there is no special device at home then a hygienic manicure is enough:

  • First remove the old varnish, if it has been applied. Even if it was not there, it is better to dry the fat plate.
  • After that, the excess length is removed if the nails have grown too much.
  • Register the disc and give it the necessary shape. It is important to move the nail shoot all the time in one direction, otherwise, the nails will “nail”, cracks will quickly appear and fasteners will form. It is also worth remembering that this procedure is performed with completely dry hands, not after a shower or washing dishes.
  • A polishing file is sent along each edge. This is to prevent an explanation that will ruin the most perfect French ombre manicure. However, there is no need to achieve a mirror shine: the layer cannot hold too smooth nails.
  • Now they remove the cuticles in the usual way.
  • It is essential to inspect each finger for burrs and trim them if found.
  • Your favorite cream is applied to your hands. After processing them, you have to wait for the product to be absorbed.
  • The nails are dried with nail polish cleaner to get a good weight after the cream.
  • The foundation is applied.

How to do an ombre manicure?

There are several ways to do ombre manicures on short nails, as well as on the long elongated plates. The staircase is painted with a sponge, brush, and airbrush.

To achieve the desired effect in the simplest way, they arm themselves with a sponge and perform an ombre manicure step by step in the following sequence:

  • Background varnish is applied to the base.
  • On a piece of film, drawings are made with colored varnish – they are used to draw stripes closer to each other.
  • A very important point is to shade between shades.
  • The sponge is moistened in water and squeezed well, dipped in the prepared colorful mixture.
  • The colors are transferred to the nail by patting it lightly with a sponge.
  • Residues around the edges are removed with a napkin.
  • If gel polishes are used, they are cured in a lamp. Conventional acetone compounds need to be given to dry – from a quarter of an hour, no more, no less.
  • It remains to apply a top coat to the ombre trendy manicure.

If you manage to shade the colors well, then the difference is just perfect – smooth, barely noticeable.

Working with a brush requires more dexterity and precision. Therefore, after mastering the sponge, they resort to it. To perform a delicate ombre manicure, you need to buy a special flat brush. All preliminary steps are performed in the same order. Only the colors are attached directly to the nail. Feather between them, work with a brush. When choosing this method, it is better to use a gel pad. Just don’t let them dry without perfect results.

When you create a manicure with ombre gel polish, an airbrush can make the work much easier. The point is to get to grips with it. A special device is designed to spray the skin. If you can master the airbrush, you can do more than just tilt. It will not be difficult to create incredible original images.

It is best to practice on a regular paper first. The key element in this work is pressure control. It depends on whether you can achieve a smooth transition.

 Ombre manicure

Ombre manicure

The best ombre manicure ideas

A beautiful ombre manicure is almost always obtained when a smooth transition from color to color can be ensured. Of course, shade harmony is also important. But you can use the most unexpected solutions, experiment, and let your imagination run wild. This is a great advantage of technology – with it you can implement any idea.

The best nail art options:

  • Sequins … Ombre white manicure with soft and delicate complementary colors comes to life and looks playful and romantic when you add sparkles. It is recommended to apply a glossy coating on the bottom. Then nail art will definitely look perfect.
  • French manicure … No matter how trends change, women don’t stop loving it. You can take it as a base by experimenting with gradients. In this case, the pens come to life and become more expressive and stylish. It is best to do french ombre manicure pink or other delicate shades without resorting to too bold color combinations. The transition from note to note should be perfect to maintain the charm of this technique.
  • Ombre manicure with sparkling and rhinestones … It looks charming. This decision can hardly be called daily. Even if you have restrained colors, you can make a similar option for each day. But of course, this is a real discovery for a special occasion. For example, for a magnificent celebration, for a wedding.
  • Moon manicure … Another option for a nail design that belongs to the win-win category. It looks very sophisticated and sophisticated if you choose beautiful semi-blurry shades. But in its own way, an ombre black manicure in this style will be spectacular. With just a few strokes, you can give it any sound – from dramatic to deliberately glamorous. For example, if the holes are completely covered with rhinestones.
  • Lace … Light ombre manicure covered with a lace pattern looks amazing. This is a very sophisticated design that will appeal to girls who are ready to declare their own vulnerability and vulnerability.
  • Math … Ombre manicure with geometric pattern is the hit of the season. Various shapes add design to the power. Accordingly, purposeful active ladies can and should choose a solution. But the appearance will be predetermined by the color scheme. The softer and softer they are, the softer the effect will be.
  • Ombre manicure with rub … This is an option for all occasions. Is still in fashion and this is not surprising. On the one hand, massage gives originality and joy. On the other hand, it does not change a radical image. You can cover individual nails this way.
  • Corner option … Surely young girls will love it. Placing colors at a certain angle turns out to bring novelty to the image, but without weighing down the nails.
  • Gradient … This is an amazing technique. It is enough to show your imagination, only use it, without additional decor, as the view changes radically. For example, nails look amazing where colors run from the center. But rhinestones will complement such an ombre manicure quite harmoniously if they are decorated only moderately – just a few accents.

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