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In this article, I will tell you about different Parties, Celebrations, festivals, events, and Tour suggestions throughout WorldWorld, and that is worth witnessing.

I love these posts where many people intervene because they allow multiple and varied experiences to be brought together in one place. Full of subjectivity, which is something that, over time, I learned to appreciate?

One repeats like a parrot in the variety is the taste. But it is so real! Is there something richer than sharing the experiences of people from different places who tell us about these special occasions that they had the opportunity to witness?

In some cases, the events aim to claim some right, in others to praise gods or ancient heroes, and sometimes it is simply a matter of “celebrations” events.

They all have in common to bring together many people to participate in the celebrations in question.

Without giving any further, here, I present this excellent article the Parties, Celebrations, festivals, Events, and Tour suggestion in the WorldWorld chosen by travelers with many kilometers in their passport.

Clarification: To order the parties and celebrations, I was guided by the arrival of the collaboration.

Gay Pride Day – New York

The second time we traveled to the Big Apple, we were lucky enough to coincide with Gay Pride Day in New York, an annual celebration in which different events take place, although the best known is The March, the parade in which the collective LGTB takes to the streets to fight and demand tolerance and equality.

The parade can be seen from several points, although it is best to do it on Fifth Avenue or in Greenwich Village, where it ends.

It is a perfect day to fight and support this WorldWorld in which we live to be much more accessible and, above all, tolerant and fair. Love is Love. No more.

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Hindu New Year Celebrations parties – Diwali

Diwali was an intense experience (like all when traveling to India).

Also known as Deepavali, or “festivals of lights.” It is about the Hindu New Year.

We live in India, but we also experience part of it in Nepal as it lasts 5 full days.

The Hindu New Year follows the lunar calendar, typically between mid-October and mid-November.

The most characteristic thing is that all the doors of any city are filled with mandalas and candles to clean the house spiritually (and physically too, many of them take the opportunity to paint and repair everything).

Metaphorically, it represents the hope of man to advance towards the light to obtain the victory of the Dharma.

Festivities of San Fermín – Pamplona

Suppose I had to choose parties to connect Spain and Australia that would undoubtedly be the Fiestas de San Fermín—known worldwide for its street bullfights and essential parties status.

Year after year, Pamplona is filled with thousands of Australian tourists searching for euphoria and lack of control, but this does not have to be the objective of your visit if you do not want to…

San famines are also good celebrations to enjoy with your family or children. I give you several examples so you can see that I am not lying to you:

* The tremendous fair area, with hundreds of travel attractions or “barracks”, is how they are known there.

* Streets and more streets full of markets where you can see or buy things and crafts of all kinds.

* Family banquets in the middle of the cobbled streets of the city’s historic center.

* Giants, big heads, and kilikis every day as fun and entertainment for the little ones.

I would have liked to discover Australian celebrations with you, but it made me sad to forget about my country of origin.

Tour Suggestion visits in Pamplona.

Guided tour of Pamplona: the San Fermín festivities are indeed the most famous in the capital of Navarra. Still, you can also walk through its streets with this tour and discover a key city on the Camino de Santiago.

Excursion to the Monastery of Leyre and the Castle of Javier: Since you are in Pamplona, ​​you will be able to visit the essentials of the city of Navarra in a single day. A monastery of the Benedictine order founded in the middle Ages and the fortress of Xavier from the 10th century, the birthplace of the patron saint of Navarre, which has many secrets and historical legends. I love getting the most out of a city, do you too?

Valencia Fallas – Valencia

Hello everyone, I am Esther Mayor. I define myself as a mother, traveler, and communicator. My passion for travel was paralyzed for a time due to my motherhood and finances until I decided to reactivate it. Today, I try to live on the road with my family, discovering the WorldWorld through my daughters’ eyes.

But this time, I didn’t have to go very far to discover these beautiful festivals. I was born in Valencia, art, fire, and gunpowder run through my veins, which are the three most representative aspects of this festival.

The Fallas in Valencia is held every year from March 15 to 19 Valencia. Over time it has been spreading, and many towns in the community also celebrate these days.

These festivals have become a significant tourist attraction since, in addition to being classified as a festival of International Tourist Interest, in November 2016, Unesco inscribed them on its

Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Since the end of the 19th century, bonfires were lit on the eve of Saint Joseph’s Day to purify and renew, families burned old junk, in the carpentry workshops, did the cleaning, and everything that was no longer useful was burned.

Currently, Fallas artists design and build throughout the year a monument called Falla or Falla monument, which ironically represents the current political, social, economic, etc. … of the moment, from the 14th for At night the whole city is paralyzed for 5 days, one of these monuments are built on each corner, and the festivities start throughout the city.

Each falla has behind a group of fallers, the residents of each street or neighborhood, who during those 5 days organize parties, concerts, games, paella contests, and unleash gunpowder throughout the city.

Castles and mascletás are the two busiest and most spectacular acts these days.

The culmination is the night of the 19th. In honor of San José, all the Fallas are set on fire, On the night of the Cremá, the city lights up with fire, and the festivities say goodbye with joy parties and sadness until the following year.

If you do not know them, I recommend a visit on these dates, Valencia is a bright city full of life and sun, and these days the joy, the magic of gunpowder, the art in its streets, and fun are served.

We await you all

Esther Mayor



Songkran Celebration – Thai New Year

Do you remember what it was like to wait for the festivities in your town throughout the year? Well, at my age, the same thing is happening to me, waiting every year for Songkran,

the water festivals to celebrate the Thai New Year.

I have celebrated my third Songkran, the second since I live in Thailand, and it has lived up to the previous ones.

In mid-April, Songkran is celebrated uniquely in places like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Pattaya, coinciding with the hottest season in Thailand. For this reason, people go out to parties for the Thai New Year in the most refreshing way: by soaking in water.

In traditional Songkran it consists of soaking the Buddha statues with water, symbolizing purification and avoiding bad luck. Traditionally, the feet of older adults and relatives are also washed as a sign of respect in addition to the reasons mentioned above. In the past, people would go out with water and sprinkle water with their fingers between people to cool off.

Today, for better or for worse, it has gone from sparkling water to whole buckets of water and pitched battles with squirt guns, all accompanied by clothing full of flowers and colors.

Although there is always some mad alcoholic past that borders on rudeness and hooliganism, Songkran is characterized as festivals full of laughter and good vibes among all attendees, and festivals that I highly recommend that you live at least once. In the life

Family Farewell – Philippines

In this case, it is not typical festival of a country, but celebrations to say goodbye to several family members. It was a unique family, Filipinos who had immigrated to the United States many years ago and who had decided to stay there while their mother returned to her homeland.

It happened in the Philippines, on some little-known islands north of Cebu, there we met a Filipino family with whom we struck up a conversation, and they invited us to their home. They came to visit, and their vacations were over, so they asked us to say goodbye to their land to return to the United States the next day.

That day I had the pleasure of trying homemade recipes typical of the Camotes Islands and north of Cebu.

In the USA, I found it curious that we cut the ham leg at the table, and the Filipinos cut the whole pork directly.

After lunch, we went to dances, with San Miguel beer everywhere, sweltering heat, and young Filipinos dancing to electronic music like there was no tomorrow.

I think I have never danced with so much enthusiasm and energy. Without a doubt, the excitement, warmth, and joy infected me.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival – Tampa, Florida

I was in Tampa the day the Gasparilla Pirate Festivals were held.

I was unaware of its existence, but I participated in it being there. I enjoyed it all day, as I breathed the happy and festive spirit in all the city center streets.

It is one of the most famous annual celebrations in the Tampa Bay area. According to Wikipedia, so much so that it is considered the third most important festival in the United States.

This celebration dates back to a pirate named José Gaspar (who called himself Gasparilla). Together with his gang, they robbed ships off the west coast of Florida between the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Willing to end the robberies and enjoy parties with the wealth obtained, they decided to attack one last ship.

But they were tremendously surprised to discover that it was one of the United States Army. The truth is that the bloody battle unleashed ended the life of the dreaded Gasparilla.

In 1904, the city of Tampa decided to create these festivals to commemorate that victory over the legendary pirate.

The pirate parade takes place on the last Saturday in January. The show begins with a simulated invasion of a pirate ship, which enters Tampa Bay and is surrounded by yachts that seek to attack it. Then instead of attacking him, they join him and perform an all-out attack.

Where is everyone heading the onslaught? They dock at the Tampa Convention Center. There they meet with the mayor of the city, who finds no other option than to hand over the keys to the city to such a pirate gang.

Throughout the day, caravans of boats pass through the streets, distributing the loot to the massive crowd of people who strive to snatch the colorful necklaces that the respective crews throw as they pass.

San Sebastián Street Festivities – San Juan, Puerto Rico

It is said that Puerto Rico celebrates “the longest Christmases in the world”, and it seems to me that this is not a lie! The Thanksgiving weekend officially begins to be observed, the Christmas bonus masses in advance of December 25, Kings Day on January 6, and the third weekend of January. They are celebrated in the old town of the capital, San Sebastián.

On Thursday, the beginning of these colorful and traditional festivals is marked by a mass in honor of the martyr, San Sebastián.

The rest of the weekend, a series of activities are carried out that include the parade of the Comparsa de Los Cabezudos, where historical moments are recreated, and typical characters of Puerto Rico are represented.

There are handicrafts (hammocks, typical sweets, and shirts), dances and songs parties in the narrow cobbled streets of the capital city, and food and drinks. The atmosphere is very Carnival and happy, where much national pride is expressed.

The festivals are said to date from the 19th century. However, what is well known from more recent history is that in 1954 Father Juan Manuel Madrazo, parish priest of the Iglesia San José was the manager of the idea to raise funds to restore the street and help the parish.

When Father Madrazo was moved to another parish outside San Juan, the San Sebastián Street Festivities stopped being celebrated. For a while…

In the mid-1970s, the historian, Don Ricardo Alegría, asked Rafaela Balladares de Brito to restart the festivities. Thanks to her, it rescued this religious and cultural tradition, which has helped preserve Puerto Rican traditions for generations.

Boricua, who respects himself, has been to a San Sebastián Street Parties!

If you plan to visit as a tourist and want to stay in the historic center of Old San Juan, I recommend you book a hotel 6 months or more in advance. Next year they will take place from January 17 to 20.

You will enjoy typical parties, tambourine music, songs and dances in the streets and I guarantee that you will have a great time … as you can only happen on the longest Christmases in the WorldWorld!

Easter celebration – Greece

Greek Easter changes its date every year according to the Orthodox calendar and is considered the most important holiday in the Greek Orthodox calendar. Its festivals are full of religious symbols and meanings and family gatherings and gatherings.

We had the opportunity to be part of this Orthodox Easter route through Athens. April 2018.

We enjoyed staying with Mata, a very kind Greek lady who invited us to spend these parties with her and her family to experience it like locals.

The celebrations are divided into 4 parts:

. Lent

. Good Friday

. Preparation Saturday

. Easter Sunday

We have participated since Good Friday, but the most impressive thing, for us, was on Saturday since around midnight all the families go out in their best clothes to the church with white candles to listen to the Resurrection Mass, which is the most important of all the masses of the year.

Shortly before midnight, everything goes dark because the church lights go out, and the priest carries with him the candle of the eternal flame and announces the resurrection of Christ. With that same flame, he lights the people’s candles close to him, which in turn burns those of other people.

This flame comes especially from Jerusalem, transported in a military plane. It is distributed to all the priests of the country, who spread it that night to all the parishioners present during the mass.

At the same time that the priest announces the resurrection, the bells begin to ring, fireworks light up the night, people embrace, and good wishes are exchanged.

Tonight you will enjoy parties and a decadent family dinner accompanied by the traditional red-dyed eggs; another symbol of Easter in Greece, the red color represents the blood of Christ, as well as the “new life” that begins, the resurrection, and the return to the “light”.

The next day, Sunday, we enjoyed delicious lamb, the main dish of the Easter meal.

  1. Patrick’s Day I – Dublin

It is one of the most emblematic and well-known festivals in WorldWorld. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to parade in the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin, being the first to march.

Like every March 17, these festivals are celebrated in the capital of Ireland in honor of its patron saint, which began as religious festivals on the Emerald Isle today. It is an international festival celebrated all over the WorldWorld, from Chicago to Australia.

New Year in New York I – Times Square

New York is one of my favorite cities (I can easily see myself living there), where I always had a dream of experiencing New Year’s celebrations in Times Square.

Yes, just like you see on television surrounded by millions of people. The experience was strong: waiting for hours standing, enduring the cold, and mingling with the crowd, but in the end, it was a great experience.

I should do it only once in a lifetime!

Tour Suggestion: Work and Travel anywhere

Contrasts of New York: It is the most complete and famous excursion in New York. Tour the areas of Harlem, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn for 4 hours on a tour that will make it easier for you to get to know these emblematic places of the city.

Helicopter ride: Would you dare to tour the skyscrapers of Manhattan from above? An unforgettable memory! You can choose between a 15 and 20-minute trip, but both of them fly over the Statue of Liberty!

New Year in New York II – Times Square

Celebrations of the New Year in New York are one of the best ways to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new.

I lived in Toronto in Canada and had to take advantage of the short distance between the two countries.

During those moments, I knew that there were several points in the city where they launched fireworks: Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square.

The most typical – and the one you see on television – is the latter, so it was the place chosen.

The big drawback is the weather because it is the middle of winter and being out in the open – waiting for 24 hours – makes you feel freezing, and if it snows, the cold is even worse.

However, it is a travel experience that you always remember.

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Celebration of a Funeral – Bali

Without a doubt, the celebrations that have surprised us the most in our travels have been attending a funeral on the island of Bali.

Bali is the only Hindu Indonesian Island, so its inhabitants believe in reincarnation. Because of this, when a person dies, celebrations are held in style to celebrate that person’s passage to a new life. The festivities usually last… a month!! And you can find everything at parties: authentic feasts of food, dances, rituals, etc. …

One of the traditions is to create figures in the shape of various mythological animals, into which the body of the deceased is put to later incinerate. This figure walks through the town’s streets, and some brave ones climb it while they are shaken from one place to another.

We were amazed that there were no tears or sadness there. Quite the contrary, the people were pleased, and the happy music filled all the space in which we were.

  1. Patrick’s Day II – Dublin

Ireland is one of the beautiful countries where I have had the opportunity to live. In 2015 I lived in its capital Dublin and discovered that this magical island is full of kind and friendly people.

It is a country of many festivals and traditions that I could tell you about, but I promised Florence that I would focus only on one of them; the feast of Saint Patrick.

I suppose you recognize the name, and quite possibly, images of big parties, alcohol, and crowds of people will come to mind.

And yes, St. Patrick’s Day does have that, but it has a much more significant meaning for the Irish.

Traditionally these celebrations began very early when the whole family attended church. It is a religious holiday in a primarily Catholic country, contrary to what you imagine. The tradition was to meet as a family and, after attending church, return home and celebrate in honor of their heritage and culture.

It is only about 50 years that the feast of Saint Patrick includes the city parade, public concerts, and of course, the famous green beer of the festivals.

Since then, the family tradition has changed a bit. It consists of being in the front row at the beginning of the grand parade of the city and, after that, celebrating with the family without neglecting the visit to the church.

If you want to visit Ireland, March is a great month.

But yes, allow you to live more than the great parties of March 17 and attend the cultural events that accompany those dates. That includes visiting other cities, attending concerts in different parts of the island, and being in the front row on the day of the national parade.

Live the full parties experience, and you will not regret it.

To say goodbye, I share with you one of the most popular Irish blessings to accompany you throughout this day: “I wish the sun to shine all day, that everything goes well and nothing wrong. I hope that those you love will bring you to love back, and I also want that all your wishes come true. ”

Flower Fair – Medellín

Medellín is the city of eternal spring, I lived there for more than four years, and I had the opportunity to enjoy four times one of the most important celebrations and parties with international recognition, such as The Flower Fair.

Every year Medellín opens its doors during the first week of August to show off to the WorldWorld why it has the fame of spring. For more than nine days, many Colombians converge in this city, and international spectators converge in this city do not miss out on these celebrations.

The city dressed in flowers and silleteros from Santa Elena goes down to Medellín to walk their skillets in one of the most beautiful floral marches on the American continent. Still, this parade is not the only one. The flower fair carries the parade of old cars, a horse parade, musical stages, and a delicious parties atmosphere that makes the city shine for more than a week.

Wherever you go, the flowers are part of the context, the avenues are adorned, and the shopping centers carpet their main squares with the most colorful flowers in the region.

If you like flowers, coming to Medellín on these dates should be on your travel schedule.

The city undoubtedly flourishes, and the energy of its inhabitants is felt much more than any other time of the year. Still, it does not matter on what date you visit Medellín, because its residents have a habit of being exaggeratedly friendly and making you feel like one of their people.

Not in vain did I write a farewell letter to this city that gave me so much and to which I intend to return to live in it for another long season.

Horse Racing – Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Events of international tourist interest take place in Cádiz, Spain.

During August, at dusk and always playing with the tides, the beach becomes a makeshift racetrack where thoroughbred horses compete to be the first to reach the finish line.

Free events that you can enjoy parties on the beach, with the Doñana National Park in the background and a stately city steeped in history, emblematic corners, and rich gastronomy.

If you want to know more about Sanlúcar de Barrameda, I invite you to visit my blog, where you will not only be able to learn how to cook typical local recipes, but you will also be able to discover all the charm that Cádiz has.

Waitangi Day festivities – New Zealand

I will tell you about one of the great parties in New Zealand, especially for the Maori. It is about Waitangi Day, celebrated on February 6 of each year.

The Waitangi commemorates the Treaty of Waitangi, the country’s founding document as we know it today. On February 6, 1840, English and Maori met to sign an agreement that accepted, by both parties, the peaceful coexistence of settlers and natives in the new lands of New Zealand.

This treaty had a controversial point since the two versions, in English and Maori, differed in one of their most important concepts: in the Maori version it put

kāwanatanga, the government of the new inhabitants (the English) over the island and the Maori people in exchange for its protection, while in the English it put

total sovereignty for the English Crown. Some believed they had signed a government agreement; the others signed their right to colonize a new land.

In any case, that treaty is celebrated today with festivals throughout New Zealand. Among the Maori people, it is usually marked by making a hāngi, a way of preparing food in which products (generally meat, vegetables, and stuffing)

buried under the ground in the so-called earth oven are steamed after placing volcanic stones heated over a fire.

It has great social importance for the community life of each Maori tribe, where everyone collaborates in the production (for a whole morning from dawn) of the product.

I participated in making the hāngi, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my three-month trip to New Zealand.

International Air Festival – Sierra de Segura

When Florencia asked me to talk about parties or celebrations, it was hard to choose what. But, I realized that I had the opportunity to unveil something a little different.

In this case, it is the International Air Festivals, the Helmet, held every year in the Sierra de Segura, Andalusia. I was lucky enough to enjoy it about 5 years ago, and it was a real experience.

These festivals combine competitions and aerial exhibitions, photography contests, gastronomy, and concerts to liven up the night. When you are a lover of nature and sports, living an adventure like this on the weekend is 10.

It arose out of the blue, and we signed up as we went. Some friends told us about it, and we decided to see it with our own eyes. We took the sleeping bags, the bikes, and the van, and there we planted ourselves.

Three days where we combine, the occasional bath in the camping pool. The ascent by mountain bike (to see closely how the Paragliders took off and did wild things in the air), some concert and delicious food at night, and a cannoning the afternoon we returned home.

If you like adventure, adrenaline, nature, and physical activity, this is an experience that is worth at least once in your life. There is always time to do things for the first time.

And if it is getting on a paraglider, much better!!!

Celebrations of Hindu traditions – Malaysia

I met a Hindu family in Kuala Lumpur on my first trip to Asia. With them, I experienced all that are their religious rituals for the first time. I was in several of its temples, at mass and until the beginning of a marriage, because indeed it lasts all day and even, depending on which family, it can last more than a day.

We were at celebrations that made me very curious. It takes place in mid-November, and although I don’t remember if it had a specific name, I can tell you what it consisted of.

For several days, they did a ritual in different houses of the community.

In this house, they create an altar at its entrance, where they make offerings to all their gods.

So, the first one would go to the average mass in the Community temple. There he prayed, according to their traditions, and after that, one had to go to the house chosen that day for the ceremony.

This ceremony lasted almost an hour, or maybe more, and in it, they made the blessing of the five elements, they sang, and in the end, it was like parties.

Because after praying, blessing and offering, there was free food for all those present and those who passed by and wanted to stay, no matter what religion they were. It is a beautiful ritual, and the experience was impressive.

I am left with the idea that the Hindus are a magnificent culture. They are attentive, friendly, curious, and eager to help you and make you feel part of their WorldWorld.

If you have the possibility, when you walk through Asia, go to a Hindu mass, meet people of this religion, and if you are lucky, enjoy their rituals firsthand. You will not regret the experience.

Carnival Festivities – Venice

We fulfilled one of our dreams, attending the famous Venice Carnival. I had always wanted to participate because I had heard that it was unique because of its atmosphere, costumes, and history.

We found it very intriguing and mysterious to see all the people dressed up in those traditional and majestic costumes and masks that only allow a glimpse of the eyes.

The origin of these festivals is in the Bacchanalia and Saturnalia festivities of the Roman Empire, where the popular debauchery required masks to enjoy parties with greater freedom without the fear of being recognized.

Both the members of the nobility and the ordinary people were disguised.

Hence the importance of masks and costumes, the main thing was to be anonymous; in this way, class divisions disappeared, and those who participated could have fun without limitations.

In those times, the prohibition of the use of lace and expensive clothes disappeared. The behavior of the Venetian women scandalized foreigners!

Since 1797 Napoleon, who had occupied Venice, prohibited the Carnival festivities from favoring conspiracies. But in 1979, Carnival was once again officially celebrated.

Unfortunately, since 2018 they have put several restrictions on entering Piazza San Marco due to the multitude of tourists who gather during this date.


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