Pirate party for adults and children

The pirate party is an enjoyable party. Here you will find many options for quickly creating a pirate costume and accessories. Learn how to quickly set up a pirate banquet table. For a pirate party to go well, you need to plan it properly. To do this: you need to create costumes, decorate the house properly, prepare everything you need to hold competitions for a pirate party, and set the table.

How to sew a pirate costume for an adult?

You can sew a pirate costume or make one from what is available.

To do this you need:

  • A striped vest or shirt;
  • Shorts or jeans;
  • Red or black fabric.

Everything is clear with the first two clothes and the material of the third is necessary to sew the bands. This headwear is made very simply. Lay the material with an angle towards you, measure 2 equal parts from it, and cut out the triangle that forms. Pick up the edges, postpone. Tie the bandages over your head.

If you want, cut your eyes out of black leather or thick fabric. Then the pirate costume will be very reliable and you will create one in just 30-40 minutes.

If this is an adult pirate party, you can change women’s costumes. Make some scissors and this is what you get.

But first, look in stock for an unnecessary shirt or a bluish-white striped dress. Pirate Day will be great if everyone dresses appropriately. If you want your outfit to be the best, then you do not have to renovate the old one, but sew a dress for the party.

To do this you need:

  • White fabric with blue or black stripes;
  • Thin leather or black satin;
  • Red cloth;
  • Red satin ribbon;
  • 2 solid straight cocktail tubes;
  • Metal hinges;
  • Thin elastic band.

If you do not have a striped fabric, sew it on the blue or black and white table horizontally.

To sew a pirate costume, or rather a charming pirate, first go to the measurements and cut the body.

  • Use a tape measure to measure the volume above and below the chest.
  • Multiply each value obtained by 1, 5. This is necessary to collect the bodice.
  • If you are going to sew a dress with sleeves, determine the circumference of the upper arm and multiply this number by 1, 5.
  • Sew the body so that the seam is on the back. Draw an armhole on this part, and cut it out.
  • Sew the sleeves, attach them to the body and sew them at the bottom of his armpit (armhole).
  • The hem is at the top of the shirt. After retracting from here 2 cm, parallel to the top, sew the elastic with a zigzag seam from the inside and stretch it. The elastic runs along the neckline – through the shirt and on top of the sleeves. At the top, you have beautiful little edges.
  • Also, decorate the bottom of the sleeves with elastic.

If you have a corset, the pirate costume for the woman will turn it on, if not, then cut a 10 cm wide speech from the leather. This is the middle part of the vest. Side walls need to be sewn into it. In height, they should be 1.5 times the desired height of the product. This is necessary to assemble the corset, as shown in the picture. On the width, make this part with a small margin to fasten to the right and left, sew and put here on the straw.

Insert a small strip of leather into each metal ring. When sewing the side walls to the middle part, immediately insert both ends of these leather strips here. Pass the tape through the metal rings to attach the corset afterward.

Skirt – the sun flared up, sewn to the bottom of the corset. If you want to sew lingerie, use transparent material for it. Do not forget about pirate accessories for ladies: bracelets, earrings, bandanas with a skull.

If you have a corset, high boots, or over-the-knee boots, then the equipment for a pirate party will be ready immediately. Wear a sweater with puffy sleeves under the corset; you can replace the hat with a scarf. Tight pants and bright makeup will enhance the look of harmful pirates.

We make pirate-style clothes for children

Such an outfit is useful not only for a party, themed birthday. You can dress a child in a pirate costume for a pregnant woman in an orphanage, on Halloween.

For the younger generation, you can also take a vest as a base. In this case, the pirate costume is created very quickly.

It consists of:

  • vest;
  • Belts;
  • Jeans;
  • Striped golf courses;

You can buy a scarf with the image of a skull for a party or, if you have it at home, take it, as well as souvenirs.

And here’s another version of the boy’s pirate costume.

  • Change the white shirt with a curly collar and ruffles on the sleeves.
  • To create pants, pants that have become short for the child are suitable. Cut the bottom a little more, turn it 2 times, sew off, and insert elastic.
  • You need to belt your pants with a red brim. It will be completely replaced by a scarf of this color.
  • Striped leggings will help a lot. If they are not available, then it will not be difficult to buy. In addition, all other items are restored from the old ones.
  • To make the costumes of the pirate party as genuine as possible, add them with a hat, and cardboard binoculars. These features of the equipment will be discussed below.

In the meantime, see how you can dress your child if you are invited to a pirate’s birthday.

Trim the sleeves of an old white roll collar in a zigzag pattern. Do the same with the bottom of the trousers. Cut out the triangle for the bands on their pirate-themed fabrics. Sew from it a sleeveless jacket and a bag from the remnants of the canvas. You can put your child’s personal belongings or a birthday present in it.

Of course, girls will also be invited to the pirates’ birthday party. For them, you can complain about making such clothes.

  • To sew a dress without a pattern, or, in this case, a jacket and skirt, put a T-shirt on the fabric folded across the fabric, which is only for a child, but not tight. If there is nothing, then use a blouse girl instead of such a pattern. If it has sleeves, fold them in like a collar.
  • Draw sides, neck, and armpits on the fabric. Cut by adding 7 mm to the seams. Make sure the neckline is deep enough. Make it V-shaped, and then the girl will be comfortable taking off and putting on her clothes.
  • Sew the sweater to the sides, and work from the neckline.
  • Sew a white lace braid to the armhole and pull it up so that the sleeves are hairy.
  • For skirts you need a rectangle of fabric, cut out with a margin, sew it to the side, and gather it on top with elastic.

How to make a hat, how to tie a scarf to pirates beautifully?

To make the pirates look real, do not forget to make the following features of the costume, these are:

  • Hat;
  • For girl’s scarf;
  • Eyelids;
  • Cardboard saber;

You can also make a box out of cardboard and fill it with gold coins, which you can make yourself or buy in a gift shop. Here you will also put artificial pearls and various women’s jewelry.

To tie a scarf, first, fold it diagonally. Attach to the head, turn 2 opposite corners back, and tie a knot from them over the third. Then tie one or two more and shake the ends of the scarf under them and pull up.

The costume is added to the pirates’ hat. It is easy to make from cardboard or thick paper.

Here’s what you need to have for this:

  • White cardboard;
  • Black velvet paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Glue;

Then continue according to this plan:

  • Enlarge the template, put it in cardboard, and cut it out. Attach the template to black velvet paper, outline cut 2 identical gaps.
  • Measure the rounded part of the hat, and multiply the image formed by 2. Cut a length of white paper. Its width is 3.5 cm. Fold the “accordion” strip together, while at the same time two paired edges go towards each other.
  • Cover the bottom of each strip with glue and attach it to the top of the hat.
  • Draw the skull and bones on white paper, and cut them out. Glue this pirate badge on the front of the hat.
  • Glue the 2 gaps of the hat together and leave the bottom loose. Through it, they put on headgear for a pirate party.

And here’s how to quickly make a hat for a girl. For it is used:

  • Dad;
  • Black paper;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Long pencil or wooden stick;
  • White paper;
  • Glue;

Production instructions are as follows:

  • Draw on a cardboard piece a pirate’s headdress with a rounded top and sharp edges. Cut the exact same blank out of black paper. Attach it to the cardboard.
  • Cut the bones and the skull painted on white paper, glue in the middle of the headgear.
  • Attach a wooden stick or pencil to the wrong side of the workpiece using two strips of tape.

The pirate hat is ready. If you want to sew it, this is also no problem. Only the fabric should be tight, you can take the felt.

To get a solid and beautiful pirate hat, take:

  • Black felt;
  • White cloth;
  • Scissors;
  • Black and white threads;
  • Pencil;
  • Glue;
  • Graph paper or ordinary textbook in a box and ruler.

If you are using a notebook, fold out a large sheet of paper, and paste another with it. Using a pen or pencil, draw horizontal and vertical lines with 10 squares in between.

They will help to draw the details of the pirate hat. It:

  • Botn;
  • Fields;

As you can see, the bottom diameter is 18 cm. The cases of the other two parts are also given. Cut them out and attach them to the fabric. Please note that the bottom is 1 part, the crown is 2 with a fold and for the edges, 4 parts with a fold are needed.

  • Sew both edges of the crown. You will get an oval shape. Fold the top edge of the crown with the bottom, sewing this information incorrectly.
  • Sew both border details to the sides to give all these gaps a closed shape.
  • Fold the lower edge of the crown with the edge so that the crown is between the two edges. Sew.
  • Turn the pirate hat over your face and cut the edge with a white ribbon or cut from fabric.
  • Glue the pirate’s logo cut from the light canvas.

You can decorate the headdress in another way. Sew ribbons, braids from threads, braids down to the bottom of the hat, and then you get a pirate hat, almost like the famous Jack Sparrow.

Pirate party

Pirate party

Spyglass, cardboard hook, pirate party boots

These are also important features of a pirate costume. If you have toilet paper rolls, do not throw them away. Such cardboard packaging will be a great material for creativity.

To make a telescope you need:

  • 3 toilet paper rolls;
  • Roller to remove pellets from clothing;
  • Colored paper;
  • Scissors;

If you have artificial leather, then you can make a spyglass from it – you need a piece of red and black.

If you have artificial leather, cut two rectangles out of the red. The first is large, 10×9 cm in size, and the second is slightly smaller – 8×9 cm. From black leather too – 8×9 cm. Roll each rectangle in a tube, gluing the edges.

For small black and red tubes, you need to cut another small rectangle to roll each into a small tube, placing each of these gaps underneath, gluing.

Now glue the rounded inserts with glue, and put the first small ones, different in color, in the big tube. Then in the second and third. Put leather over the remaining roll of hand tools used to remove the tapes from clothing. Insert the end of the triple tube into it and glue it.

If you do not have artificial leather, you can use cardboard sleeves to make a punch for a pirate party. Cover them with colored paper. Cut out small pieces of cardboard, roll them up, and glue the edges. Also, fit the small tubes into the larger ones. Assemble the pipe using the method recently described.

Instead of bushings and rollers, you can use cardboard. You need to cut it into 4 rectangular pieces, roll each in a tube, put one in one, and fasten the elements to each other with glue.

Thick paper will help to make another feature of a pirate party – a hook.

 Used for him:

  • Empty cardboard cup;
  • Film;
  • Wire;
  • Black or red markings;

Use a marker to paint the cup black or red. Put a wire on a piece of foil, put it in it, and leave a small piece on the edge. It is necessary to pierce the glass inside and wrap the wire here in the form of a loop to attach it to the container.

Bend the opposite end of the wire in the form of a question mark. Thus, cardboard packaging became the property of a formidable pirate.

And if you want to know how to make your boots out of fuzzy rubber boots, read about it now.

For them you need:

  • Black rubber boots;
  • Red braid;
  • 6 large artificial beads or as many buttons on the foot;
  • Wide black elastic band;
  • 2 buckles;
  • Pieces of dense fabric (fleece, cloth);
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • Yarn;
  • Thread with a needle.

We have started making shoes for the pirate party. First glue tape around the edge of the boots. For the boots of the boots, cut out two rectangles, and glue yarn around their edges. Attach these elements to the boots, glue them and fasten them from the outside with decorative buttons and sew on them.

Measure the ankles of the boots, and cut out a wide elastic band of this length. Slide the buckle through it. Sew both ends of the elastic.

The pattern on vest, vest, pirate pants

If you want to sew a pirate costume for a teenager, a slim man of 42 American sizes, then use the patterns presented. If your photo is 1-2 times larger, add 1–1.5 cm to the edge for each half of the shelf, the back of the vest, and the shirt.

Do not rush to transfer the pattern to the material, try it for yourself first, and see if the details are small? If so, add a little more from the sides.

As you can see, the western pattern consists of two parts: the front and the back, which are cut out with folds.

 And for the vest you need to cut out:

  • 1 piece of the backrest with folds;
  • 2 sleeves;
  • 2 parts at the front with folding.

If you do not want to sew a vest, use a loose white shirt. Then there will be a pirate costume with a vest, trousers, and shirt like this.

Now you have the perfect set – a costume for a pirate party and accessories for it. It’s time to start the holiday by holding competitions on the subject, inviting guests to a table that is decorated appropriately.

How to decorate a pirate banquet table?

To not waste a lot of time and money on this, see how to decorate your meal quickly so that it looks great.

Draw a skull and bones on a piece of white cardboard or what man paper, cut out. Using this template, you can create a few more of these elements that are laid out on albums. Roll the napkins in a small bag and place them with a thin edge in the mouth opening. Put a chest in the middle of the table, you can put spices and toothpicks in it.

Slices and sandwiches are also easy to arrange based on the theme of the evening. Draw or glue a skull with bones on a light-colored cardboard rectangle. If you are using dark cardboard, paste these pirate utensils cut from a white paper on them.

Puncture decorated cardboard rectangles in two places with the sharp edges of the wooden spears. Attach the flag to the top. To do this, you need to cut out triangular pieces of cardboard, draw stripes on them, and glue them on top of each spear in pairs.

And of course, what is the birthday of a pirate without a cake? Experienced chefs will be able to create one. The hull of the ship is made from baked cakes, sandwiched with cream. Its sides, as well as the figures of pirates, the details are made of mastic.

But even novice housewives can bake such a cake and have it on the menu of the pirate party.

You need two cookies for that. Spread them with chocolate buttercream on the outside and sides, garnish with colored draggers, and cool until solid.

Now take part of the puree from one cake with a spoon. Do not throw it away, but mix it with the remaining chocolate cream, shape it into circles, and put it on gold paper. Let it be the wealth of the pirates.

Put it in the bottom cake with the pulp removed, and on top are candy beads, and chocolate medals, which turn into money. Place the second cake on top; combine the two cakes on one side with cream.

Put the cake back in the fridge, after which it is ready to serve.

Now we know how to decorate a table and create costumes, and features for a happy holiday. Learn how to sew a pirate costume to look like Jack Sparrow.



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